• 20 Crazy Things About Venom’s Body

    Over the past 30 years, Venom has become a fan-favorite. As a larger-than-life character with various comic book series and animated/live action representations, Venom comes from humble beginnings.

    Marvel was considering changing Spider-Man’s costume to black in order to update the character to match the '80 tren. They opened it up to fans  and found a submission that worked well.

    Randy Schueller came up with the idea and submitted a proposed story line along with his design. Marvel accepted the idea and offered Schueller $220 and the chance to write a script.

    Though Schueller wrote a few version about his idea, the script didn't work out. Instead, Shueller believed that his idea had been shelved.

    However, an issue of Secret Wars where Spider-Man first encounters the symbiote and acquires the black suit was released a year later.

    The sentient, alien symbiote has an array of powers and abilities that make Venom one of the most unique entities in the Marvel Universe. Constantly evolving and adapting, Venom’s body, or substance, is capable of many extraordinary things.

    Through the years, Venom has displayed an array of talents that have not only made him a formidable foe and ally, but also a fan-favorite character.

    Here are the 20 Crazy Things About Venom’s Body!

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    It Can Breath Underwater
    Venom Spider-Man 3

    In order to survive, the symbiote needs a host. The symbiote cannot use a deceased host, so it will do whatever it has to in order to survive.

    This results in some creative adaptions in order to keep the host alive. For example, it can breathe underwater.

    In one of the many battles with Spider-Man, Venom gets the upper hand. In an effort to escape, Spider-Man dives into the Hudson river, hoping to elude him. To his surprise, Venom not only plunges in after him, but he is also able to breathe underwater.

    How this is achieved has never really been explained. Perhaps it is able to synthesize air from the water molecules or maybe there are air ducts inside the symbiote. Some fans have also wondered whether or not he grows gills.

    Regardless, it demonstrates the reliance of the symbiote and how quickly it can adapt its body to survive.

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    It Can Surf The Web

    This is perhaps the strangest ability that a symbiote possesses. After the success of the Maximum Carnage SNES game, Marvel decided to capitalize on the video game idea in the comics.

    Carnage Unleashed was a '90s story arc that saw Carnage go on a rampage while traveling through the internet.

    Venom then uploaded himself onto the internet and battled Carnage in the digital realm.

    How? This absurd idea could only work in the '90s, when the internet was still a mystical landscape that people didn’t really understand.

    However, two slimy alien monsters duking it out on the waves of the internet makes for some good entertainment.

    In any case, this is certainly one of the wackiest things that Venom can do.

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    Its Hosts Cannot Get Sick
    Venom menaces in comic book art

    When bonded with a host, the symbiote has a couple of priorities. Firstly, it will immediately absorb the powers of the host, and secondly, it must keep the host alive.

    Self-preservation is key. This means that, if needed, the symbiote will try and repair the host if it is damaged or sick.

    In the case of Eddie Brock, the symbiote was able to deactivate his terminal cancer. While bonded, the cancer would have no effect on Brock’s body and would not continue to grow.

    However, if the symbiote found a stronger host, it would abandon Brock and the cancer would return.

    This gives Brock a compelling reason to stay bonded with the symbiote.

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    It Can Regrow Severed Limbs

    The instinct to protect its host can compel the symbiote to do some amazing things. When Flash Thompson bonded with the symbiote and became Agent Venom, the symbiote immediately repaired something that Thompson was missing: his legs.

    Having served in the Iraq war, Thompson was injured while trying to save the lives of his fellow soldiers. Both of his legs were amputated and he received the Medal of Honor.

    Once bonded, Thompson’s legs grew back in order for the symbiote to be more efficient. This is an ability that has never been displayed before.

    This prompts the question: what else can the symbiote do that we don’t know about? Maybe Curt Connors should have been studying Klyntar physiology instead of lizards.

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    It Can Replicate Any Fabric

    Beyond transforming its host into a slimy, nightmarish creatures, the symbiote can also imitate any form of clothing, from tactical gear to latest run way fashion.

    This has proven helpful in the professional and personal lives of the hosts. After all, they must save a lot of time and money since they no longer have to buy clothes.

    The ability to match any texture and color pattern helps the symbiote hide in plain sight.

    It would become too dangerous and conspicuous if a giant, black monster was walking down the street in broad daylight.

    This is also helpful in battle when Venom needs to blend into his surroundings.

    However, many fans have wondered why Venom looks the way it does. After all, if Venom can look like anything, why does it continue to look like the black, lurid version of Spider-Man?

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    It Can Blend In And Become Invisibile

    Taking the ability to imitate clothing to the next level, Venom can also blend into its surroundings, making it invisible to the naked eye.

    Coupled with its immunity to the spidy sense, this makes it a lot easier for the symbiote to sneak up on the web-head. (It is amazing that it has not defeated Spider-Man by now, considering all that Venom can do.)

    As Agent Venom, this adaptive camouflage proves to be a useful resource among its already extensive bundle of abilities.

    In actuality, it is just an aggressive and effective form of camouflage that gives him the ability to hide. It’s a lot like when the T-1000 disguised himself as a floor in Terminator 2. So, it is not technically invisibility, but it is pretty close.

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    It Acquirers The Abilities Of Any Host

    Superhero stories have a habit of showcasing an ability or piece of technology once that never gets used again. This is the case with Venom’s power cloning ability.

    When the symbiote bonds with a host, it absorbs their powers and keeps them. This is why, when Venom manifested itself in other host, it is able to have the same powers as Spider-Man. This is also why Venom is immune to the spidy sense.

    However, this is an ability that writers don’t reference very often.

    Spider-Man isn’t the only superpowered being who Venom has bonded with. Having bonded with Captain Marvel, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and various others, Venom should be the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe.

    However, the only powers that it constantly maintains are variations of Spider-Man’s abilities.

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    It Can Morph Body Into Weapons
    venom gun

    One of the benefits of being a sentient blob is the capability to turn your limbs into any weapon you can think of. Like the T-1000 in Terminator 2, Venom can morph his limbs into axes, sledge hammers, and even guns at will, which negates the necessity of carrying weapons.

    This makes any incarnation of Venom a formidable opponent in any combat situation.

    Venom is only limited by the imagination of the host when it comes to creating a weapon.

    In fact, that is how his iconic mouth came to be when Venom bonded with Eddie Brock.

    There was also a short period of time when Venom bonded with Deadpool. It would have been interesting to see what dark twisted weapons they both would have come up with together.

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    It Doesn't Need A Host To Create A Humanoid Form
    Spider man 3 venom

    After a Venom is able to visit his home world of Klyntar and is cured of its insanity, it gains new abilities.

    When not bonded with a host, Venom reverts back to its symbiote state of a pile of goo. However, after visiting its planet, Venom is able to take a humanoid form for several hours before melting back in to sentient Gak.

    Having the ability to form a body allows it to be more sentient and independent than before, even if it is temporary.

    In Venom: Space Knight, Venom and Flash Thompson are able to converse and speak face to face rather than physically. In a way, this makes their partnership more traditional, as they are able to physically work side by side.

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    It Can Bond With Anything

    The Venom symbiote has bonded with a lot of people and aliens. It is established early on that the symbiote can bond with any living creature.

    One of its more iconic bondings is with a T-rex in Old Man Logan. It is only for a few panels, but it showed off one of the many possibilities of things that Venom can bond with.

    However, one of the oddest and silliest things that Venom bonded with was a car.

    While Agent Venom was tracking down some baddies, he lost them as they drove off. Needing his own set of wheels, Agent Venom bonded with a car to catch up to the thugs.

    Complete with a personalized license plate reading "Agent Venom" and fancy decals, this was the most silly incarnations we have seen yet.

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    It Has Unlimited Biofluid Webbing

    The symbiote doesn’t seem to ever run out of substance, which allows him to do some interesting things. One of Venom's many abilities is the power to create its own form of webbing.

    This is one of the most famous additions to the black Spider-Man suit. Normally, Spider-Man has a pair of mechanical web shooters, as webbing is not part of his powers.

    However, the symbiote suit was able to fabricate its own webbing, which provided Spider-Man with an extra power. Creating its own webbing is similar to creating its own weapons - it is based on the imagination of the hose.

    Besides the obvious benefit of creating webbing without technological help, Venom's webbing also doesn’t run out.

    Somehow the symbiote can rapidly replicate its own substance with seemingly no end.

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    It is Immune to the Penance Stare Of Ghost Rider

    The Penance Stare of the Ghost Rider is one of his most powerful abilities. When he locks eyes with his victims, hell fire enters their body and burns their soul.

    No one is immune to this painful experience except for a few.

    Venom is one of the few who is immune to this abilitiy. Why? Because he doesn’t have eyes.

    The symbiote is a being devoid of a real form. It experiences the senses in a more holistic manner. The white splotches on his “head” are there to mimic humanoids. This means that they do not actually serve as eyes.

    Without eyes, Venom will always win a demonic staring contest. The flames can still hurt Venom a little, but overall the stare is ineffective.

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    It has Genetic Memory And Skills

    Beyond absorbing and cloning the powers of past hosts, the symbiote also acquires their memories. This is how Eddie Brock learned of Spider-Man’s true identity.

    After a few years of bonding with different hosts, Venom is able to gather the memories and intelligence of dozens of hosts.

    After Venom was able to connect with its planet’s hive mind, it abased a large amount of knowledge.

    However, this doesn’t prove extremely useful. There are times when this knowledge comes in to play, but overall, Venoom isn’t a super genius.

    Instead,  Venom uses this ability to lear about how a past host works and understands their skill set. This is what made it such an effective villain against Spider-Man- Venom knew his every move already.

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    It's vulnerable To Sonic And Thermal Attacks
    Venom pain

    Every creature has its vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

    Venom cannot handle high heat or supersonic waves. Both of these elements can cause the symbiote and host to feel great pain and exhaustion when exposed.

    In some circumstances, this can even separate the host from the symbiote if the pain is too great.

    However, this goes against the needs of the symbiote so it would be rare that this would work, as Venom often prefers to stay bonded to its host.

    Those who have watched Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 will remember that Spider-Man used loud noises to pull Eddie Brock and the symbiote apart. By doing this, he stood a chance at defeating it.

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    It Has A Hive Mind And Voice Of The Cosmos

    After cleansing itself of insanity on its home world of Klyntar, Venom was able to hear the voice of the cosmos and connect to all of the other symbiotes.

    This gave it a connection to its past and history, which had previously been lost. It was also able to remember and learn about it’s planets history and how its own species operates.

    The voice of the cosmos was a little different in that it was more like an intergalactic emergency call. This voice would tell Venom where someone was in trouble in the galaxy and who needed its help.

    Along with Flash Thompson, Agent Venom traveled the cosmos saving anyone who needed help.

    Though this ability was temporary, it provided an interesting look at Venom’s mysterious origins.

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    It Has Venomous Fangs

    One of the most iconic features of Venom is his massive mouth, which is filled with sharp fangs and a long tongue.

    However, Venom's teeth are not just there to look cool and create a smile that might make the Joker cringe. After Eddie Brock bonded with the symbiote, he formed the iconic mouth to differentiate himself from Spider-Man so that there wouldn't be any confusion about who was who.

    However, Venom's teeth also make great weapons. After all, its name isn't Venom for no reason.

    Its indestructible teeth will not only take a chunk out of any enemy, but they can also pack a lethal does of poison into an enemy's system.

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    Its Power Fluctuates Based On Its Hatred Towards Spider-Man
    Venom Insomniac Spider-Man

    Venom hates Spider-Man. This is because Spider-Man dumped him. Venom is the worst and clingiest of exes.

    The symbiote felt so betrayed by Spider-Man because he didn't want its power and gifts that Venom soon sought revenge. If it couldn’t have Spider-Man then no one could.

    Because of this, Venom was fueled by hatred. However, when Venom bonded with Eddie Brock, it discovered that Brock hated Spider-Man as well.

    The two fed off of each other’s hatred, which in turn increased Venom's strength.

    When Venom bonds with others who don't hate Spider-Man, its power is significantly decreased.

    Though this is no longer the case, there was a time when Spider-Man was Venoms’ whole world and it couldn’t live with out him. It truly is a story of love, loss, and hate.

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    It's resistant to Telepathy

    Since the symbiote is not a humanoid life form with a body or centralized brain, telepathic attacks are mostly ineffective against it.

    This is due to it’s alien physiology and its innate telepathic abilities. A symbiote’s telepathy is limited to the connection between its host and itself, but this also helps to protect its mind against other telepaths.

    Stronger Omega level telepaths like Charles Xavier and Jean Grey probably wouldn’t have much trouble, but others might have a hard time getting through to the symbiote.

    Telepaths might also have a hard time influencing or attacking Venom because it has two minds that are melded together, creating more work for any mind reader.

    The only creature that can effectively control the minds of other symbiotes is Knull, an ancient symbiote of Klyntar.

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    It Can Survive In The Vacuum Of Space

    Venom can survive in space with or without a host. This is consistent with its ability to adapt and its need to keep its host alive.

    This also proves just how dangerous and powerful Venom actually is.

    This also shows off just how much the host is able to evolve and change while bonded with the symbiote. A host's very physiology is changed in order to allow them to be able to survive extreme environments that they otherwise could not.

    Traveling from planet to planet is therefore not an obstacle for the symbiote.

    For a time, Venom even joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, traveling with them through the universe.

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    It can Manipulate Mass And Form

    Since the symbiote is able to generate unlimited substance, it can change its size and mass at will. Nothing is too big or too small to assimilate.

    This means that Venom can increase its size to staggering heights.

    There have been times when Venom was as large as the Hulk and others when it was as slender and small as Spider-Man. 

    However, Venom doesn’t always use this ability to become more of a hulking beast. Instead, Venom occasionally shrinks down or takes on non-human forms.

    When the symbiote takes over a host, the host's entire physiology changes and becomes more fluid. This is what allowed Flash Thompson to flatten out and take over a car and allowed Brock to enter the internet.

    Venom can completely manipulate the body of any host.



    Can you think oo any other crazy facts about Venom's body? Sound off in the comments!

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