Venom: 50 Shades of Grey Writer Penning Latest Script Draft

Fifty Shades Venom

Kelly Marcel, the writer who brought 50 Shades of Grey to the big screen is penning the latest script for Tom Hardy's VenomThe adaptation of the book series about reclusive billionaire Christian Grey and his love interest Anastasia Steele-Grey grossed $571 million at the box office and brought the popular romance novel further into popular culture. Fans of the series are still waiting for the third film in the trilogy to be released.

Marcel's work isn't limited to Christian Grey's red room of pain. The writer has also worked on the short-lived FOX series Terra Nova, as well as Saving Mr. Banks and the upcoming Emma Stone-led Cruella for Disney. Marcel's is certainly a unique resume (she also did uncredited script work on the Tom Hardy-led Bronson, from director Nicolas Winding Refn), and one that will become even more so, as she'll become one fo few women to actually pen a superhero story for the big screen. The fact that it's such an anticipated property with a stellar cast including Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams and the recently announced Jenny Slate makes this a film to watch for. With plans to develop a story drawing from John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, this could be an interesting film.

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The news comes from Variety's Justin Kroll, who reports that Marcel is Set to join Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer in bringing the symbiotic and its human host to the big screen. Venom looks to be a combination of talents, but the film's working title of Antidote may hit at a newer origin for the popular Marvel villain and sometimes antihero. Still, the production is operating within a tight timeframe, now that Sony has pushed back Venom's start date. With a planned release of October 5, 2018 Fleischer and co. have a little less than a year to film and finish what will presumably be extensive special effects.

While it's not uncommon for big-budget superhero films to undergo numerous script revisions -- prior to and even during filming -- news of Marcel's revisions might have some fans concerned. After all, 50 shades of Grey may have performed well at the box office but it did so amid criticisms of some poor storytelling, which, admittedly, might have more to do with the source material than anything else.

However, in a post-Wonder Woman world having a woman pen a dark horror story could be just what it needs to give the film a really special twist. Venom will formally introduce fans to Peter Parker's rogues' gallery and Marcel has experience with taking monsters and making them human, something a series like this needs.

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Source: Justin Kroll

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