Venom 2 Features Spider-Man Villain Shriek (As Well As Carnage)

Shriek and Carnage in Marvel Comics Venom

Sony's Venom 2 will include fellow Spider-Man villain Shriek in addition to Carnage. The studio officially kicked off Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (SUMC) with Venom last year, starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and directed by Ruben Fleischer. Though the film wasn't a resounding hit with critics - despite some positive Venom reviews - it struck a chord with audiences and earned $856 million at the worldwide box office. As a result, Venom 2 was given the green light, with Hardy returning and Andy Serkis set to direct.

Little is known about the plot of Venom 2 since the movie is so early in pre-production, though it's expected to follow through on the Venom post-credits scene that introduced Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), who becomes the antagonist Carnage in the comics. Now, however, it appears Carnage won't be the only Spider-Man villain to appear in Venom 2.

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Today, Deadline is reporting that Sony's Venom 2 will also include the villain Shriek, who is depicted in the Marvel Comics as being the love interest of Cletus Kasady/Carnage. Casting is currently underway for the role, with Deadline's sources stating the production is "looking mostly at unknowns right now." It's unclear how Shriek will be incorporated into the story of Venom 2, and Sony declined to comment on Deadline's report, stating the movie's still too early in development to confirm Shriek's involvement. Venom 2 is reportedly set to begin filming early next year ahead of the, as yet unconfirmed, October 2020 release date (Sony's set the date aside, but hasn't confirmed it's for Venom 2).

Shriek Marvel Comics

Shriek was introduced to the Marvel Comics in 1993 as a Spider-Man villainess, created by writers Tom DeFalco, Mike W. Barr and Terry Kavanagh and artists Ron Lim, Jerry Bingham and Mark Bagley. She's a criminally insane mutant with the ability to manipulate sound who becomes romantically involved with the deranged serial killer Cletus Kasady/villainous symbiote Carnage. Since the movie is still being developed, it's unclear how Shriek will be included in Venom 2. However, it seems incredibly likely her romantic relationship with Cletus Kasady will come into play considering Harrelson confirmed his return as Carnage in Venom 2. And since Carnage is expected to be the main villain, it's possible Shriek will serve as a secondary villain/sidekick to Harrelson's character.

What's unclear is how Venom 2 will explain Shriek's powers or if the filmmakers will change her origin so that she's not a mutant. After all, Marvel Studios now owns the rights to Marvel's mutants, after acquiring Fox's film and TV assets, and Sony may not be able to adapt that aspect of Shriek's character. Instead, she could be a symbiote as well, like the secondary villains of the first Venom movie, before Riot was introduced as the main antagonist. Or Venom 2 could expand the world of the SUMC to include mutant-like people, even if the aren't officially Marvel's mutants.

How Venom 2 incorporates Shriek and who will be cast in the role - if it remains part of the film as production continues - remains to be seen. But with filming set to kick off next year, fans are sure to learn more about the sequel ahead of the release of Venom 2.

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Source: Deadline

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