Venom 2: The Most Obvious Way To Introduce Carnage

Carnage may be the villain of Venom 2, so here is one of the easiest ways for Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson) to undergo this transformation. Sony found surprising success last year when they released Venom into theaters last year. Starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, the film divided critics and general audiences, but still grossed over $800 million worldwide - making a sequel inevitable.

While exact details on Venom 2 are still scarce, one key piece of sequel set-up happened at the end of the last film. The post-credits scene saw Harrelson debut as the serial killer Cletus Kasady, a man who becomes a host for a symbiote in Marvel Comics and is transformed into the villain known as Carnage. The evil red symbiote creature is one of Venom's greatest foes, and the tease of his existence in this world was clearly intended to establish him as the main villain of Venom 2.

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Now that Venom 2 is starting to move forward with Andy Serkis directing, confirmation that Carnage will be the villain may not be too far away. Hardy is currently helping write the script with Venom co-writer Kelly Marcel. If Carnage is part of their plans for Venom 2's story, then they'll need to figure out how to make this transformation happen. As highlighted in a new Screen Rant video, Marvel Comics has laid out an easy and obvious route for Carnage's debut in Venom 2.

Carnage in Venom vs Carnage comic and Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock

In the comics, Eddie and Cletus are prison cellmates, and the Venom symbiote leaves a bit of itself behind when Eddie and Venom break out of it. This leads to the small amount of symbiote latching onto Cletus and calling him its new host, transforming him into Carnage. Filled with more power than he's ever had before, Kasady uses his new abilities for murder and mass destruction until Venom has to stop him.

For Venom 2, this would be a reasonably easy storyline to adapt and stick with the continuity of the first film. Instead of sending Eddie to prison, the sequel could pick up with him visiting Kasady once again in prison. It could be revealed that Eddie's piece on Cletus is substantial and requires multiple interviews between the two. But the Venom symbiote could also be sick during the film, leading to it leaving a part of itself behind during one of these sessions. This would lead to Kasady bonding with the symbiote and breaking out of prison, while leaving Eddie to question if the symbiote is trying to betray him. Carnage could be brought into Venom 2's story in several different ways, but it wouldn't be too surprising if the movie ultimately follows the comics' origin story.

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