Venom 2 Needs To Embrace The 'Symbrock' Romance

How Venom 2 Can Incorporate Symbrock

It’s unlikely Venom 2 will go completely psychosexual with the Eddie/Brock relationship. This franchise, like the MCU, is tied to the PG-13 rating in order to appeal to the biggest audiences possible (as well as to allow for potential future cross-overs with Marvel Studios). However, that shouldn’t mean there’s no room for the franchise to explore the relationship in ways that go beyond jokey subtext. The first film works best as a buddy comedy so the sequel can build on that foundation and take the dynamic to the next step.

The emotional and psychological journey that binds Eddie and Venom together is the sort of dynamic that we haven't really seen explored in the current era of superhero cinema. Sam Raimi's version of the characters, as seen in Spider-Man 3, proved uncompelling and wasted a lot of its potential. The marketing for Venom leaned heavily on an anti-hero angle the film didn't end up tackling, but a sequel would give more breathing room to the relationship and how it tears the pair between good deeds and bad. Now that the origin story has been dealt with, the complexities of the pairing can be properly explored, and the comedic elements can bleed more into the serious mental strain of Symbrock.

Sony wish to differentiate their franchise from their major competitors in part because many still feel that a Spider-Man villain universe must justify its own existence. It’s not enough to replicate the format or style of the MCU or DCEU because then the studio risk questions over what uniqueness they can bring to the table. The parts of Venom that don’t work are those that are there seemingly to give the franchise freedom to join the MCU should the possibility occur.

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Yet Venom offers the Spider-verse something nobody else is doing with the Symbrock relationship. As evidenced by Tumblr, this is exactly the kind of thing fans like and they’re rushing to it because nobody else in blockbuster filmmaking is doing it. The power dynamics alone are worthy of exploration, with the strange dominant-submissive co-dependence of the pair offering a multitude of creative possibilities. The relationship could also take a stranger turn in the sequel if the film chooses to follow up on the She-Venom hints. The almost-threesome kiss between Eddie, Venom and Anne Weying in the movie is one of the reasons Symbrock is so beloved in fandom now.

Venom and Eddie Brock

It’s unlikely Sony or any major studio would delve into the psychosexual queerness of Venom and Eddie’s relationship in the way the comic books do. It’s just too weird and too adult for any PG-13 family-friendly franchise to delve into. However, there’s no reason Sony can’t embrace the fandom excitement around the pair and give it more screen-time in the sequel. It wouldn’t just be good business: It would be great storytelling with its roots in the source material.

Venom is weird and the films should embrace that. This isn't just fandom fantasies. Venom 2 could make a lot of fans happy if Eddie and Brock get their twisted happy ever after.

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