Ed Brubaker's Velvet Comic Book is Becoming a TV Series

The Image comic series Velvet by Ed Brubaker (with art from Steve Epting) is being adapted into a TV series for Paramount Television. Paramount Television is the network formally known as Spike TV. They are rebranding, with the new network launching in January 2018. Velvet will be the network's second show after The First Wives Club.

Velvet tells the story of a former spy named Velvet Templeton. However, most people in the agency where she works don't know about her past as an elite agent, they think she's just the secretary for the Director. It's basically what would happen if Moneypenny from the James Bond films was actually a spy - and better at her job than James himself. Velvet is dragged back into her spy life through a series of events that have a connection to her past and is forced to go on the run to uncover the truth.

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According to THR, Kyle Killen is adapting the graphic novel series for the small screen. He will write the script in addition to serving as executive producer alongside Brubaker. Epting will serve as a producer on the series as well. Killen previously created the series Lone Star, and both wrote and produced Mind Games on ABC starring Christian Slater.

With its action, adventure, and film noir style Velvet will make the perfect adaptation for the small screen. It reads like a combination of James BondJessica Jones, and Atomic Blonde (the film, not the graphic novel it was adapted from). The story of a spy investigating the secrets inside their own agency might not be a new one, but the protagonist is what makes this story stand out. Velvet is an older woman, something the show needs to consider when casting the adaptation. Her experience and years are what makes her character so compelling and it is rare we get to see an older action hero on screen (although Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde and Taraji P. Henson in Proud Mary are helping to change that).

While Velvet would be the perfect place to have a female showrunner and writer, hopefully Killen will take this into consideration and hire women to help him write and even direct. Brubaker and Epting did a wonderful job with the graphic novel, but it is important that women's perspectives are included in translating this vision to the screen.

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Velvet is still in development and does not yet have a release date.

Source: THR

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