Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw Ending Explained

What Does Velvet Buzzsaw's Final Scene Mean?

In Velvet Buzzsaw's final scene, Coco (Natalia Dyer) is fleeing back to Michigan after watching everyone she worked for in the LA art scene get brutally murdered. En route to LAX, she sees a homeless man selling Dease's paintings; a couple buys one for five dollars. The homeless man clearly got ahold of crates of Dease's work after Bryson died; it was mentioned earlier that the truck he crashed into an abandoned gas station was near camps of homeless people. Now they're selling Dease's work on the streets, the killings could continue since the paintings are now out in the world. However, it's unclear whether Dease was killing the characters in Velvet Buzzsaw because they were using the art for personal profit; it's possible the small amounts they're now being sold for could keep the buyers and sellers safe (unless Dease's spirit will simply kill anyone who buys or sells his work regardless).

The final shot of a Dease painting leaves the meaning of Velvet Buzzsaw ending open to interpretation. The painting is an idyllic image of a sunset over a valley with a little girl dancing as a shirtless boy builds a fire. This could symbolize Dease and his sister, who died along with his mother in a fire - possibly a fire a young Dease himself started? Fire plays a role in another prominent Dease painting that was hanging in Josephina's apartment of a family staring into a fire at night. It's also possible this final painting is Dease expressing a happy moment in his childhood before his life went awry - or that Dease himself may have lit the fuse that killed his mother and sister.

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What Was Going On In Velvet Buzzsaw's Closing Credits?

Velvet Buzzsaw's closing credits roll over one last bizarre sequence: Piers (John Malkovich) barefoot on a beach fancifully drawing circles in the sand as the waves wash his "art" away. Again left open to interpretation, this final coda sees the creatively-blocked Piers having escaped the fate Dease suffered as an artist and the grisly deaths that befell the people in the art community he knew (and disliked).

Piers believed his best days as an artist were when he was an alcoholic and that he was unable to produce the same results since he got sober. However, having also divorced himself from everything toxic in the art world, he now seems happier this way, even if he's not the artist he once was. The waves washing away his sand drawings show that he's now fully invested in the creation, not the lasting effect, symbolizing how fleeting it all ultimately is.

Velvet Buzzsaw's strange credits scene is left open to the viewer's subjective judgment, just like the rest of the film and art in general.

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Velvet Buzzsaw is available to stream now on Netflix.

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