Veep: 10 Selina Meyer Quotes That Represent All Of Us

2019 has seen many popular shows end their run this year, anherd one of the casualties was Veep. The series was an enormous success, and its award-winning pedigree is likely to go unmatched in the near future.

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The only reason for its accomplishments was the lead character, and it is her that people will remember from the show. Selina Meyer’s unlikable (yet also likable) characterization made her someone you only see on television every decade or so, and we’ll be missing her loud mouth coming up with new and hilarious material to insult people. The reason why we loved to hear her was because quite a lot could be applicable in our lives as well, and here are 10 of those to remind us why Selina Meyer was a legend.

10 "I need that stuff that junkies use. You know, when it takes a cop 15 bullets to put him down."

In a Season 2 episode, Selina feels bogged down by her hefty schedule, and has a long day of interviews to dread when this scene comes up. Gary has her back, and offers her protein bars among other things, but Selina is too tired to consider those, and asks him if he can get her some of the strong stuff.

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We don’t condone doing any kinds of substances, but it is understandable when you think how great it would be to “cheat” and be attentive in something you really don’t want to do. And if what Selina thinks is right, then that’s some powerful stuff, since fifteen bullets is a heck of a lot to put someone down.

9 "I came in third, Amy, OK? Even the Nazis came in second."

In the third season finale, Selina is wracked with worry over the results of the New Hampshire Primary polls, and the result isn’t good – she doesn’t even place second. While it’s little comfort she only lost by 1% for the runners-up spot, her staff attempts to make her feel proud about it.

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Selina hits back with a very superb contextual response that pretty much shuts up any arguments against her. When even the losers of World War II only came in second, then third place really doesn’t come across as something to be proud of, does it? Sorry to burst your bubble if you happened to be feeling happy about your third place prize.

8 "I, as President of the United States, have actually achieved something. Which is virtually unheard of."

Of course, none of us are the President of the United States (and if you are, then why are you here reading this list?), but we can understand what Selina meant when she said she was proud of being the first president to actually achieve anything.

Even those who live outside of the US have their qualms about their presidents, and most people come up with the consensus that the President of USA doesn’t really do much of anything during however years they were at the helm. Had we had Selina as president in real life, then we could’ve had the first Commander in Chief to have had made an accomplishment.

7 "And you know why? Because they're ignorant and they're dumb as s**t. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is democracy."

It looks like season finales aren’t really the best time for Selina, as she usually experiences a blowout as far as her emotions are concerned. In the Season 4 finale, Selina’s prospects in the election weren’t looking the best, and she said something you really shouldn’t say if you’re in politics.

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But if you’re being true to yourself, you would agree that people would be better off listening to you rather than making up their own minds; with Selina, not being on her side meant those people were stupid. And that’s democracy for you: anyone can be voted in, especially if the voters are “stupid”.

6 "Why Don't You Put Your Running Shoes On And Get To The Point?"

Selina didn’t exactly have what you would call a nice temper, and she was prone to taking out her frustrations on those around her. In this particular scene, Selina wasn’t having any of Jonah’s dilly-dallying, and shot at him to get to the point. The winning word of this quote has been edited out, as it’s too colorful to put here, but if you go and check it out yourself, you’ll see the delivery of the insult was gold.

This quote is so relatable due to how annoying it is when you want to know something, and the person who’s supposed to be relaying the message to you takes forever to get the freakin’ point.

5 "I've got to get out of here before I set fire to one of these nerds."

Thins didn’t go Selina’s way most of the time, which was why she was usually on edge. After another instance where she found out she’d remain stuck in the same position, Selina knew she had to get out of there lest there be some burning of nerds incoming.

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It doesn’t take long for one to recall how frustrating it is to be stuck in a rut, and to have that situation be worsened by being surrounded by a bunch of people you don’t even want to be around. Since we’re in a civilized society, the only option is to get out of there, since burning nerds isn’t allowed. We still feel you on this one, Selina.

4 "With your face, when you attempt to come across as charming, it really does come off as evil."

The funniest thing about Selina was how blunt she was. This was something that carried over from Julia-Louis Dreyfuss’ performance in Seinfeld as Elaine Benes, and we’re very glad it was so. As Selina is the best when it comes to insults, we got one of the best here in an episode of Season 2.

If only we could be like Selina, we’d be able to speak out minds, and it would be quite freeing to tell someone they aren’t charming at all as they think themselves to be. Some people just have that kind of face that can’t be interpreted as friendly, and Selina is the person for the job to tell them how it is.

3 "Do People Not Use Sentences Anymore?"

While the rest of the world might be moving further toward fewer words and far more pictures, some of us appreciate speaking more than others. Selina, being the product of an older generation, wasn’t very fond of newer inventions that diminished the English Language. When presented with a word cloud, she shot back that it was ridiculous, and that we should be talking like normal people.

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Who knows what the future has in store for us, but we can guarantee all of the generations (except perhaps the current one) will be feeling left out. Even now, a majority of viewers understood exactly what Selina meant.

2 "I need you to make me not have said that."

Even for someone who doesn’t normally have a filter on their mouth like Selina, there are times when you’ve said way too much that’s going to cost you a lot. Selina also realized that in this scene, and would freak out by asking everyone around her to make her not have said that.

Of course, no one on Earth has the power to undo something that’s already been said and heard, but each one of us knows exactly how it feels when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, and hope there’s a way to go back before you opened your loud mouth.

1 "I think I want to hear an 'Okie dokie annie oakley'."

Finally, the best quality Selina has displayed is her ability to break down anyone who stands in her way. The most brutal example of this was seen in a Season 5 episode, where Selina proceeded to verbally destroy Congresswoman Nickerson so Selina could have her vote. She did to such degree, that Nickerson was forced to repeat this ridiculous line.

No matter how nice of a person you are, you’re bound to have a few people you just want to have admitting defeat to you. If you’re lucky enough to tastes success, then remember to make them say this exact line to make your victory all the sweeter.

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