• Veep's 7th and final season includes a handful of celebrity cameos. 1 / 8

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus Veep Vertical
  • The cameos include William Fichtner as mega-donor Felix Wade. 2 / 8

    William Fichtner in Veep vertical
  • Keegan-Michael Key as South Carolina reverend Jordan Thomas Jr. 3 / 8

    Keegan-Michael Key in Don't Think Twice vertical
  • Andy Daly as Selina Meyer's new campaign manager Keith Quinn. 4 / 8

    Andy Daly in Review vertical
  • Rhea Seehorn as Tom Jones' chief of staff Michelle York. 5 / 8

    Rhea Seehorn and Hugh Laurie in Veep vertical
  • Michael McKean as the Governor of Iowa. 6 / 8

    Michael McKean in Better Call Saul vertical
  • And Dan Mintz (voice of Tina Belcher on Bob's Burgers) as a state fair vendor. 7 / 8

    Dan Mintz in The Goldbergs vertical
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