Veep Final Season Trailer: Selina Sets Her Sights On The White House Again

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Veep Season 6 HBO

The first trailer for the final season of HBO’s Veep puts Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selina Meyer back on the campaign trail, as she makes one last bid to become president on her own terms. This first look quickly answers any lingering questions as to what former vice president and president would be up to following a season spent carousing in the private sector after a disappointing political maneuver ended with someone else in the White House. 

The last new episode of the series aired in June of 2017, but it’s clear from the new trailer that Veep hasn’t lost a step during its time away. The new trailer is chock full of bitter remarks and scathing criticisms of nearly everyone, as the show demonstrates time and again that no series gives American politics the level of respect it deserves quite like this one. And with Meyer once again eyeing the Oval Office, she’s in top form when it comes to leveling scorn at everyone from the American people to her daughter to members of her own (frequently inept) entourage. 

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The trailer doesn’t hold back at some of Selina’s best insults, particularly when she’s questioning who might’ve had the nerve to suggest the working environment in her campaign was anything less than a completely positive experience. The result is more of the show’s signature cutting lines that were honed to a fine point under former showrunner Armando Iannucci and continues under current showrunner David Mandel. Take a look at the full trailer below: 

Recently, Timothy Simons’s Jonah Ryan has been more than the aide everyone loves to hate; he’s instead become a disturbingly popular political force that mirrors the worst of American politics right now. And in the new trailer it’s clear that Jonah will be one of the biggest obstacles on Selina’s path toward being elected president. The rest of the obstacles will likely be members of Selina’s own staff and her penchant for putting her foot in her mouth. The latter would likely be the case if Gary (Tony Hale) had been able to publish Selina’s rant in which she proclaimed, “I was the game-changer. I took a dump on the glass ceiling!”

At any rate, it looks as though one of HBO’s most acclaimed comedies is ready to go out with a bang, and it will do so premiering the same night as season 2 of the premium channel’s newest Emmy winner, Barry. 

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Veep season 7 premieres Sunday, March 31 on HBO.

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