Even Vatican City Has 'Simpsons' Fans

Yahoo! supplied some highlights from the article, entitled "Aristotle's Virtues and Homer's Doughnuts":

"...many today wouldn't know how to laugh [without the citizens of Springfield]... realistic and intelligent writing... excessively crude language... a mirror of the indifference and the need that modern man feels toward faith... Homer finds in God his last refuge, even though he sometimes gets His name sensationally wrong"

The Holy City: if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere.  Between regular church attendance (from some family members), a devout neighbor and the occasional deal with the devil over doughnuts (who could forget, "mmmm... sacrilicious"?), all things religious are a regular focus of the show.

Hats off to The Simpsons, one of the only shows ever made with the chutzpah to regularly poke fun at faith, and to L'Osservatore Romano, for graciously acknowledging the accomplishment of a humorous critic.

The Simpsons next three episodes air 1/3, 1/10 and 1/31 in 2010. And don't miss The Simpsons 20th anniversary special, which airs on Thursday, January 14th on Fox.

Source: TV Squad, Yahoo!

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Even Vatican City Has 'Simpsons' Fans