16 Secrets From Vanderpump Rules You Had No Idea About

Bravo's hit Vanderpump Rules is on its sixth season, and, thankfully, the cast is still up to their old tricks. Scheana Marie's on the outs with Stassi, Katie, and Kristen once more; Jax is still trying and failing at monogamy; and birthday parties are still black holes of misery and humiliation that should be avoided at all costs.

Even though many cast members have moved onto different stages in relationships and careers, we can always trust that when the alcohol flows, so will the confrontation. Take the season 6 premiere for example: Sur server and recurring cast member Faith Stowers accused Jax Taylor of cheating on his girlfriend Brittany Cartwright, claiming they'd hooked up a few months before. In typical fashion, Jax denied it, but copped to it by the end of the episode.

To celebrate the return of this undeniably trashy and undeniably fun show, we've gathered some juicy, little-known facts about a group of people who literally could not be worse at keeping secrets. It took some serious sleuthing skills, but we found a least a few things they haven't spilled on the show... yet.

Here are 16 Dark Secrets From Vanderpump Rules You Had No Idea About



Stassi's no stranger to reality TV. In 2005, she appeared on The Amazing Race: Family Edition with her father, stepmother, and brother. While her hair's a totally different shade, it's still the same old Stassi, high drama and all. During their elimination episode, the Schroeders wound up driving far off course and Stassi can be seen weeping and wailing that "one minute makes a difference." She was right, and the Schroeder family was eliminated in their hometown later that episode.

In 2008 she also appeared on The N's Queen Bees, a show designed to reform young women with histories of treating others with serious disrespect. The girl who reformed the most would win $25,000. You will not be surprised to learn that Stassi did not emerge victorious.



Scheana Marie's certainly no stranger to dating prominent men. Her first appearance on Bravo was as Eddie Cibrian's mistress, making her party to Brandi Glanville's divorce. After her relationship with Cibrian ended and before she started dating her current ex Shay, she had a brief romance with singer, Jon Mayer after meeting him at the Polo Lounge.

Unfortunately, the reason it was so brief was apparently due to an interview she gave to the website Young Hollywood, in which she revealed the two were dating. While she stopped short of saying they were official, the attention clearly didn't sit well with Mayer, who reportedly cut off contact with her after the interview hit the internet.

That said, given Mayer's romantic reputation at the time, we're not totally certain she didn't dodge a bullet.


Remember Laura Leigh, Jax's season 1 rebound from his relationship with Stassi? They hooked up in the bathroom of a downtown sushi restaurant and then Stassi made her life a living hell. If you remembered that, you'll also recall that Laura Leigh left in a blaze of glory when she booked a role in a feature film, We're the Millers, and got to quit her serving job.

Since then, the self-admitted former meth head that everyone liked to call crazy has created a very impressive career -- compared to any of the other "actors" on the show.

Laura Leigh has booked several feature films since her turn in We're the Millers, and she was even a series regular for one season on Jennifer Love-Hewitt's short-lived, The Client List. Her name may not be in lights and she might not be a household name just yet, but she's definitely further along than anyone expected.


Ever wonder how Team Sur can drink as much as they do and still maintain consciousness enough to have their epic blowouts? Yeah, us, too. Stassi appeared on Brandi Glanville's podcast and admitted to using Adderall to stay alert, and she also implied she wasn't the only one. Her comments provoked questions, which she later addressed on her own podcast:

"Just to like clarify, did not name names, no one would ever know who and I was one of them. …It’s the worst drug I’ve ever taken, I swear to God... you get so addicted to it because it’s a pill and so you think it’s okay. But it made me absolutely psycho and it made me depressed all the time."


Since her debut in season 4, Lala Kent's had tongues wagging about her relationship status. She's made it clear she has a boyfriend, though she's tried very hard to dispel rumors that he was a married sugar daddy, insisting that the expensive car she drove and shoes she wore were purchased using her Sur paycheck. No one believed her, especially not Katie Maloney-Schwartz, who got into numerous confrontations with the hostess.

Well, it looks like Katie was right -- reports have surfaced that film producer Randyll Emmett is getting divorced from wife Ambyr Childers. Lala also referred to her love heading to Vegas for the World Series of Poker at the same time Emmett headed there. Emmett's also been the man the other VPR girls have accused Lala of seeing, so the dots appear to be connecting.



In the Jaxiest thing that has probably ever happened, he admitted to falling for his current flame, Brittany Cartwright, while on a date with someone else. He was in Las Vegas for Scheana's birthday, and while at dinner with another girl, Brittany caught his eye. She was enough of a head-turner to get Jax's attention away from his date, and the two have been seeing each other ever since.

If you watched their spin-off, Jax and Brittany Take Kentucky, the version he tells Brittany's Mawmaw is a very Disney-fied version of the truth. He explains that he was in Vegas and saw this beautiful girl out of the corner of his eye. According to him, he got her phone number and she moved to Los Angeles two weeks later. He carefully omitted the fact that he was with another woman at the time - not that we blame him.


Jax cheated on Brittany with another Sur server, Faith Stowers. Faith's been recurring for the last couple of seasons, but this year she's made a much bigger splash than ever before. She came to Scheana's birthday party and revealed that she and Jax shared an ill-advised night together at the home of an elderly woman for whom she was caretaker.

At first Jax denied the rumors, and everyone else appeared to have no knowledge of the encounter - including Britanny's friends, Ariana and Scheana. Faith, however, disputes their ignorance. She shared in a recent Instagram post that she'd told Scheana and Ariana about his advances, and they failed to say anything. She took this as evidence that Jax was telling the truth when he said that he and Brittany had already split, and he was free to sleep with other people.


If there's one thing the cast can't resist it's a good mystery. Kristen, Katie, and Stassi refused to believe Scheana didn't know Eddie Cibrian was married when they dated. Later, when Kristen and Tom were breaking up, the group was consumed with whether or not Tom had cheated with Ariana and whether or not Kristen and Jax had slept together.

When Lala Kent entered the scene in Season 4, the group became newly obsessed with her mysterious boyfriend and were convinced the NDAs she made James and others sign before partying with them were because the man was married. Not the case, according to her.

In an interview with Reality Tea, she revealed she had certain friends sign NDAs before hanging out with them because she wanted to make it impossible for anyone to film her and post it without her permission. Her boyfriend's name appeared nowhere on the document.


As per usual, Stassi's an open book about her life, specifically the fate of her on-again/off-again relationship with Patrick Meagher. After revealing in the Season 6 premiere of VPR, she and Patrick had reunited after eight months apart. However, in an interview with The Daily Dish, Stassi confirmed that she and Patrick broke up before an anniversary trip to Mexico and she wasn't excited about watching the demise of their relationship this season.

Another season 6 relationship fatality: Scheana Marie's new relationship with old flame, Rob Valetta. Despite raising eyebrows by jumping into a relationship with someone so soon after her divorce from Michael Shay, Scheana insisted their long history made this more than a rebound. But history wasn't enough, and Scheana confirmed their (amicable) breakup via Instagram in October of this year.



Tom and Ariana rose from the ashes of his failed relaitionship with Kristen Doute to become the closest thing Vanderpump Rules has to a supercouple. They're poster children for what's arguably the "healthiest" relationship on the show, and that's an image they're probably pretty invested in keeping up, considering how publicly they've derided everyone else's behavior despite the couple's semi-shady beginnings. According to Jax, however, there may be more there than meets the eye.

In an interview with Reality Tea, he said, “I think there’s a lot that goes on behind closed doors that we don’t see and it really pi--es me off.... Picking and choosing what you want to talk about on film really bothers me. That’s not what we signed up for." It might not be, but it's the smarter move if you want to control your image, which is something Tom and Ariana have become good at.


During the same episode of her podcast, Straight Up with Stassi in which she detailed her issues with Adderall, she credits her ex-boyfriend Patrick Meagher with helping her stop.

That's not the only life assistance he offered her, though. She also needed Patrick to help her land a place to live when she moved back to Los Angeles. Apparently she has terrible credit and needed him to co-sign for her -- when asked about why she wasn't getting her own place, she said, “We shall see. I need to use him for his credit though. Not use him as in 'use him' but I need his credit, to co-sign for me or something."

Just goes to show that the lives of the Sur servers can be exactly as glamorous as they look -- not very.


This one threw us for a loop, as well. Jax, eternal sufferer of Peter Pan complex, actually served in the military before moving to Los Angeles. After attending Michigan State University and community college he joined the Navy. He trained in Virginia before getting stationed to Kosovo and mustering out after three years.

It was after returning home to Michigan that he was discovered by a K-Mart scout looking for new faces to populate their weekend catalogs. From there, he moved to Chicago and worked on campaigns for other major retailers like Target and Old Navy. His career kept taking off and he eventually became an international model before settling in Los Angeles. The only thing that appears to remain from his career in the military is the Freedom tattoo on his back.


If it wasn't obvious from the fact that Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder are still on the show after getting fired from and quitting Sur, the cast is actually not required to work at the restaurant if they want to continue to appear on Vanderpump Rules.

However, it's safe to say no one new (with the exception of Brittany Cartwright) would be allowed to enter without having a connection to Sur, Pump, or Villa Blanca (Ariana Madix worked at Lisa Vanderpump's other location before moving to Sur and becoming a regular).

That said, acccording to Dame Vanderpump herself, if the cast does work at the restaurant, they have to actually work -- not just pretend to work for the cameras. "Part of the deal is if they're working at the restaurant on the show, they have to work there legitimately... If they're behind the bar, they have to really work."



If there's one thing Kristen Doute knows, it's how to spot a cheat. Well, not so much spot as laser in on them with the force of a heat-seeking missile. Now that she's happily dating Brian Carter, she's putting those talents to good use helping other women seek and destroy the liars in their lives.

In an interview with The Cut (with her very supportive boyfriend present), Doute explained, "I love a good stalking session, I love to investigate. It’s like my favorite thing, especially on social media, and I have a faithful boyfriend who does not fill that void.”

She plans to release a guide to internet stalking your partner in 2018. That may seem like encouraging unhealthy impulses, but given the amount of cheating Douted and her friends have engaged in, it's a necessary set of skills when dating in Hollywood.


In season 2, Tom famously took his vegetarian girlfriend to Park's BBQ, one of the best Korean BBQ places in Los Angeles. That incredibly awkward evening was one in a long line of awkward scenes between the two that implied their end was near. We watched them explosively break up over the course of that season and the next, and now both seem happier with different partners. Kristen's even started her own vegetarian lifestyle blog, Vegiholic.

The site is a mix of vegetarian tips, recipes and, our favorite part, rants. There's literally an entire section dedicated to whatever's irritating off Kristen at any given time -- foodwise, that is. She saves the people rants for Bravo, thank goodness. That's the kind of thing we want to see, not read.


Lisa and Ken Vanderpump have long-been advocates of the LGBT community, and when the Orlando shooting happened just before Los Angeles' gay pride parade, Vanderpump Rules, the show didn't shy away from depicting the cast's reactions. However, it wasn't a foregone conclusion that shooting would actually take place.

Speaking to Variety in her capacity as executive producer, Lisa Vanderpump explained she was nervous about the safety of the cast and crew given recent events and the high-profile nature of LA Pride, and she was conflicted about whether or not to shoot a "festive piece of entertainment" in the wake of tragedy.

The head of Evolution, their production company, allowed Vanderpump to make the call, and she decided to move forward despite the threat of further violence and the fact that an Indiana man, James Howell, was arrested that morning with multiple firearms in his car intending go to the parade.


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