Vanderpump Rules: 5 Couples Fans Loved (& 5 That Were A Disaster)

Everyone knows Bravo's Vanderpump Rules has no shortage of drama shoved into each hour-long episode. We've watched as this group of immature restaurant and bar staff working under Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, transition into (slightly) more mature 30-year-olds with business dreams of their own.

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One of the best aspects of the show is the cast/couples! Working in the same restaurant for years forced this cast to all end up dating one another as they deal with the trials and tribulations of living in West Hollywood. Each couple has their own combined personality, and some of them are great. On the other hand, others have been less than stable albeit still fun to watch.

Here are the 5 best and worst couples from Vanderpump.

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10 Best: Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor

Jax was always known as the bad boy of Vanderpump. He had a slew of relationships which never lasted either due to his anger problems or infidelity. All of this changed when Jax met southern belle Brittany from Kentucky.

It is safe to say that Brittany helped completely turn Jax from a stereotypical bachelor into a loving fiancé. Although Jax did have one slip up during their relationship, Brittany took him back and revamped their relationship into an extremely healthy one.

9 Worst: Scheana Marie & Michael Shay

This couple really used to have it all. They were married and had a more constant presence on the show than any other relationship. However, this all ended when Michael finally admitted to having a substance abuse problem in season four.

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Michael wanted to get sober and Scheana supported her husband's goal to become healthy; however, she ultimately confessed to not viewing him the same when he was completely sober. Sadly, the couple ended up getting a divorce, which was probably the best decision seeing as how they had grown apart in the midst of Shay's issues.

8 Best: Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd

Who could forget about these two? Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are the owners of restaurant SUR and huge animal lovers. Not only are they the bosses, but they serve as the parental figures for their staff, doling out life advice when need be.

While they may not be the main focus of the show, they are the reason it exists, and not to mention they're so cute! There is a reason "Vanderpump" is in the title, even if Lisa and Ken are secondary performers.

7 Worst: Scheana Marie & Adam Spott

What is even going on with this couple? Nobody is quite sure if they are friends, friends with benefits, dating, or something in the realm of exclusive. All we know is that they do hook up occasionally and act like they are dating but they simply will not put a label on it.

This is all fine and dandy, aside from the fact that both of them like to hook up/be seen with other people in order to fuel the jealousy in their relationship. Doesn't seem all that healthy.

6 Best: Katie Maloney & Tom Schwartz

Katie and Tom are the only married couple of SUR's current staff. While they have had their fair share of issues, they still come out as one of the favorite couples of the show. It was revealed that Tom was unfaithful and made out with a couple of other girls in season three, but the couple made it past these hard times and eventually got married in season five.

They are one of the more solid couples on the show and have been getting along better than ever since tying the knot.

5 Worst: Kristen Doute & Tom Sandoval

It is safe to say that these two were in no way built to last. During their shockingly long six-year relationship, they both cheated on each other multiple times. Kristin never trusted Tom and the same held true in reverse. They were in a constant state of worry, just waiting for the other to drop another bombshell cheating scandal.

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Somehow they stuck it out for six years, but everyone at SUR knew they wouldn't make it, plus Tom had eyes for Ariana as soon as she joined the cast full time in season two.

4 Best: Stassi Schroeder & Beau Clark

Oh, Stassi. We have seen this girl been put through the wringer since the very beginning of the show. Previous boyfriends have been downright cruel to her, as everyone secretly hopes she can find the one. Stassi has a hard time opening up to people, and past traumas in relationships have caused her to really shut down and lash out at boyfriends.

Beau has introduced the world to a whole different side to Stassi. They fit together so well, and Beau is able to deal with Stassi's breakouts and handle them in a mature and loving way. Beau is definitely the one for her!

3 Worst: Stassi Schroeder & Jax Taylor

As one of the first couples on the show, it was inevitable that these two had super strong chemistry. As we know, Jax used to have major problems with anger and cheating; conversely, Stassi had zero self-confidence. This combination was lethal to the relationship, especially after Jax cheated on her.

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Their fights were both frequent and explosive, while their two dominant personalities were just never made for each other. In the most recent reunion of Vanderpump Rules, they both agreed that they traded up in their current relationships.

2 Best: Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval

Ariana and Tom's relationship started as a bit of a cheating scandal when Tom made the moves on Ariana while he was still dating Kristen Doute. It may seem like this start would lead to a rocky relationship, but these two have had one of the best relationships.

They have the same sense of humor, they are good communicators, and they don't play games. They are honest and they really just click! Everyone is just waiting for them to get married!

1 Worst: Kristen Doute & James Kennedy

This is one of the most talked about couples of the entire series. Kristen hooked up with James pretty soon after her break up with Tom Sandoval, and that one hook up quickly spiraled into the most toxic relationship the show has seen. They both had huge ego problems when they started dating, and many of the SUR staff members though James was only with Kristen to get more camera time.

There may have been a point where he cared for her, and vice versa, but it was clear early on that they had one too many issues to overcome. James struggled with alcohol abuse and was quite emotionally abusive toward Kristen when under the influence. Kristen also had major anger issues and would physically harm James. No surprise they were the worst couple on the show.

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