Van Helsing Season 2 Trailer: Time to Slay All Day

Van Helsing Season 1 Kelly Overton

Syfy has released the official trailer for season 2 of the post-apocalyptic vampire series, Van Helsing. The trailer teases loose ends from the season 1 finale, new enemies, and a change in direction for certain characters.

A different trailer for the show was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2017, but without dialogue. However, the new trailer gives fans a better idea of what to expect in terms of the season's story.

The trailer immediately lets fans know that the upcoming season will feature "stronger, more powerful vampires," though Vanessa (Kelly Overton) doesn't seem worried about it. Vanessa, the show's protagonist, appears to be more confident than ever, as the events of the first season have allowed her to evolve into the vampire killer that she was born to be.

Two other characters also appear to have evolved. Julius (Aleks Paunovic), the evil, high-ranking vampire from the previous season, is shown to be walking around in the daylight and working alongside Vanessa, which suggests that the villain will soon be cured and will join Vanessa's group.

Van Helsing Season 1 Kelly Overton

Another character is continuing down a darker road. Serial killer Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl), who was bitten by a vampire, appears to be embracing his recent transformation.

The trailer also gives fans a look at Vanessa as she makes a surprising move and bites Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) on the neck, a mysterious new enemy wearing a mask, and Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) in peril. Fans have been waiting for Axel's return to the show ever since the character was left to die by Doc (Rukiya Bernard) in the ninth episode, "Help Out." The character was revealed to be alive, but as a vampire, in a brief scene in the finale.

The highlight of the trailer is the appearance of Dylan (Hannah Cheramy), Vanessa's daughter. Vanessa spent last season looking for her missing daughter, only to witness the heartbreaking sight of her daughter as a vampire. It was revealed at SDCC that Vanessa's relationship with Dylan would be the focus of the season. The importance of this relationship is strongly suggested in the trailer as we see Vanessa refuse to kill Dylan because she's her daughter. It also appears that Dylan will be special like her mother, which becomes clear when Vanessa notices that the light of the sun doesn't burn her.

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With a 13-episode order, season 2 of Van Helsing will premiere on Syfy in the fall of this year.

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