Van Helsing Season 3 Ending Explained

Lily Returns In Van Helsing Season 3

Down in the same underground vampire lair where they encountered the female vampire, Sam, Vanessa, Axel, and Scarlett find the perfectly preserved body of Lily Van Helsing, one of Vanessa's ancestors, in the third episode of Van Helsing season 3.  She was supposedly killed after failing to destroy the Second Elder in the early 1900s. It was on her body that they found the First Elder's totem. Lily's body was seen again in the Van Helsing season 3 finale, just before the showdown with Sam.

In the closing minutes of the Van Helsing season 3 finale, Sam slashed his clawed hand across Vanessa's face, which caused her blood to splatter onto Lily's body. And it was the blood of a Van Helsing - which, in this case, is Vanessa - revived her. That's when Lily attacked Sam and told Vanessa that there was "another way" to win. According to Lily, they can succeed in defeating the vampires if they work together - but she doesn't explain anything beyond that. With the Van Helsing season 3 finale ending with the two standing together against Sam, Lily's plan is something that should be explained in Van Helsing season 4.

How Lily was suddenly revived is never explained, but being a Van Helsing, the answer could be found all the way back in the series premiere. The series began with Vanessa in a coma for several years until a vampire feasted on her blood. It's highly possible that Lily, like Vanessa, has somehow been comatose for over a century now, rather than actually dead. Vanessa and Lily share an interesting connection; in an earlier episode, Vanessa was sent back in time where she was forced to relive Lily's memories of 1900s Hong Kong. This experience has allowed Vanessa to develop a much deeper understanding of her ancestor than she ever would've had otherwise, and it's something that played into the Van Helsing season 3 finale.

What It Means For Van Helsing Season 4

Scarlett's death and Lily's return suggest a major shift in Van Helsing season 4. Since Van Helsing season 2, Scarlett has been fighting alongside Vanessa as an equal while also serving as Vanessa's most reliable ally. With her death, Lily could take up that role and help guide Vanessa as she fights to overcome the darkness within her. Vanessa's recent decision to murder an innocent man has shown how far her darkness has taken her, and it may take a knowledgeable and experienced Van Helsing like Lily to put Vanessa back on the right path. Plus, it brings Vanessa together with yet another member of the Helsing family. Perhaps this will be an indication of things to come in Van Helsing season 5 and onward, should the show continue on.

Scarlett's death alienated Axel in the Van Helsing season 3 finale, which means that Vanessa will have continue on her mission to defeat the Dark One without him. Sam's rise as the Fourth Elder also indicates that he may be the show's next big villain - which brings the series full circle as Sam has been a part of Van Helsing since the beginning - as well as the next major obstacle before Vanessa can face off with the Dark One. Sam may not be the only antagonist in Van Helsing season 4, though. The Van Helsing season 3 finale also introduced the head of Blak Tek, a human character played by Neal McDonough. He has plans that involve working with vampire blood, but what he wants from it isn't exactly clear. Of course, according to what's happened in countless other sci-fi shows, Blak Tek may either want to extract the healing properties from vampire's blood for themselves or figure out a better way to kill all the vampires at once; biological warfare would fall in-line with a shadowy organization such as Blak Tek.

Multiple storylines unfolded in the Van Helsing season 3 finale, but none were resolved. Aside from Vanessa's unfinished fight with Sam, Doc is on the run from Blak Tek and Flesh's search for his wife will continue into season 4, along with the coming battle between the humans and the Sisterhood. Julius is looking for revenge now that Scab, his former underling, has murdered his girlfriend. So, it's clear that Van Helsing season 4 has plenty of loose ends to tie up when the series returns in 2019.

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