Van Helsing Season 3 Ending Explained

Warning: This article contains SPOILERS for Van Helsing season 3

Syfy's Van Helsing season 3 concluded with the deaths of two major characters and Vanessa (Kelly Overton) reaching the end of her mission to find the Four Elders. After spending an entire season hunting down the remaining vampire lords, Vanessa, Scarlett (Missy Peregrym), and Axel (Jonathan Scare) reunited for an encounter with the Fourth Elder.

Throughout Van Helsing season 3, the main cast of characters have been scattered, resulting in a number of various storylines that have yet to converge. While the main plot is centered on Vanessa, Scarlett, and Axel, other main characters are involved in their own struggles. In Denver, Doc (Rukiya Bernard) is working on uncovering the secrets of vampire blood, while Flesh (Vincent Gale) is determined to find his wife in a prison called Loveland, not to mention the Sisterhood launching an attack on the humans.

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In the Van Helsing season 3 premiere, Vanessa and Scarlett discovered that the only way to end the vampire menace was to destroy their master, the Dark One. However, the Dark One had been imprisoned for quite some time. While the original idea was to make sure the Dark One never escaped, Vanessa instead decided that she would rather free the Dark One so that he can finally be killed. To accomplish this, they had to find the totems of the Four Elders and combine them to open his cage. Over the course of Van Helsing season 3, Vanessa and Scarlett have killed three Elders and acquired their totems. Only the Fourth Elder remains.

Sam Becomes The Fourth Elder

Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl) has been a thorn in Vanessa's side since he was revealed to be an insane serial killer way back in Van Helsing season 1. After becoming a vampire, Sam became even more a threat. In Van Helsing season 3, Sam decided to become something more. He learned that, in order to fulfill his destiny, he would have to kill the person that he loved, who happened to be his former best friend, Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro).

When Vanessa goes to find the Fourth Elder, she comes across Sam and tries to kill him. However, their fight is interrupted by a mysterious female vampire, who explains that there was never a Fourth Elder and that this person must be created. Apparently, this was Sam's destiny all along. Vanessa tries to stop Sam from becoming the Elder but the woman's powers render her helpless. Sam is finally able to empty his heart of love by murdering Mohamad. After this is done, Sam is transformed into the Fourth Elder and given a devil-like appearance.

It's strange that there would be three Elders who've existed for centuries while the Fourth Elder, and arguably most powerful one of the bunch, is someone who hasn't existed until now. But it's also a twist that coincides with Vanessa's destiny, as she's forced to defeat someone she once knew and perhaps thought of as a friend. It brings her story full circle, now that she's not hunting seemingly random vampires but must defeat a vampire that knows her better than most. It brings the show down-to-earth for a more familial affair.

Scarlett Dies To Save Vanessa's Soul

Vanessa's sister, Scarlett, has been a key part of the show since she first appeared in Van Helsing season 2. So far, Scarlett has been instrumental in fighting the vampires. After being told that only one of them would survive through the end of their journey, Vanessa trapped Scarlett on a deserted island and set off to kill the Fourth Elder alone.

After finding a way off the island in Van Helsing season 3's penultimate episode, Scarlett found Axel and caught up to Vanessa while she was talking with Sam and the vampire woman. Knowing that Vanessa is dealing with a growing darkness inside of her, Scarlett suddenly decides that the only way for them to win is for Vanessa to overcome the darkness. Scarlett believes that doing what Sam was told to do, to kill a person he loved, would have the opposite effect on Vanessa. She hoped it would allow to Vanessa to do the right thing. She forces Vanessa to kill her, which upsets Axel to a point where he vows to kill Vanessa if they ever meet again.

Scarlett's death has been foreshadowed for the last few episodes of Van Helsing season 3. As fans of Van Helsing may have seen her death coming, in part due to the fact that the actress playing the character, Missy Peregrym, is now playing the lead character on the new CBS series FBI. Plus, it's difficult - if not nearly impossible - for a show to kill off its main character, especially if that character's name is in the show's title.

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