Vampire Diaries: 10 Worst Episodes Ever, According To IMDB

The Vampire Diaries was a popular CW show that ran from 2009-2017. The series followed Elena as she learned to handle the discovery of vampires in the town of Mystic Falls. The series did so well that it spawned two spin-off shows on the same network. As the series went on, it became more and more of a cult program, earning a devoted—albeit small—following of adoring fans. According to IMDB, the show actually scores very well, with few episodes falling below a rank of 8.5. However, for all the good that resides within the show, there will, of course, be a few bad episodes that don’t quite measure up to the others. Here is our list of the 10 worst episodes of The Vampire Diaries according to IMDB.

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10 Friday Night Bites: S1E3

As the best of the worst, "Friday Night Bites" feels a lot like any other TV show with a focus on high schoolers. The episode is filled with typical teenage drama and seems to focus more on Stefan joining the football team than his role as a vampire. Bonnie also gives Elena reservations about starting a relationship with Stefan. Damon becomes all the more unlikeable at this point by making a move on Elena and killing Mr. Tanner. Overall, the episode tends to mimic a lot of tropes and feels a bit basic. Though season one of the series would be a rocky start, significantly better episodes would eventually follow.

9 Family Ties: S1E4

Another episode from the series’ early days, "Family Ties" is the immediate follow up to "Friday Night Bites." Like the episode before it, this installment of the show tends to mimic a lot of tropes. The drama is incredibly familiar, and the vampire aspects have been seen before. At this point, the series may start to come across as a rip-off of Twilight.

However, this is also the last bad episode of season one. "Family Ties" feels like the last establishing episode of the series, meaning that from this point on, all the exposition of the main story has been taken care of. While it is certainly a necessary rough step, everything that follows this episode would eventually make the series as great as it was.

8 We Have History Together: S8E8

Considering how everything else went during season 8, it is surprising that a single episode would find its way on this list. While the final season of The Vampire Diaries is arguably the best, "We Have History Together" is actually one of the worst. This episode sees Stefan and Damon hunt for their next victim at a support group while Sybil tries to manipulate Caroline. In comparison to other episodes from the season, "We Have History Together" just feels a bit more random. Though things happen that do progress the main plot of the season, this episode really doesn’t have anything else to offer.

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7 Somebody That I Used to Know: S7E19

As season 7 geared up for the finale, "Somebody That I Used to Know" focused very heavily on Bonnie and Enzo. There were of course interactions between other characters, but Bonnie especially held the spotlight in this episode. While it is definitely nice to see Bonnie and Enzo especially, the episode, unfortunately, doesn’t do much in terms of plot.

While it gives us some much-needed character development and some nice flashbacks—especially considering how far Bonnie has come as a character—the episode just focuses too much on Bonnie. Considering how close to the season finale the episode is, it certainly could have focused a bit more on what the other characters were doing.

6 Bring It On: S4E16

Following two seasons of greatness, "Bring It On" would prove to be the worst episode of the series’ 4th season, at least according to IMDb. Following the termination of her humanity, Elena seeks ways in which she might be able to get it back. So, she attempts to rejoin the cheerleading squad. In the meantime, Hayley and Klaus’ continue to look into the events of New Orleans. It is very likely that this episode was burdened by its attempt to go back to the “early days” of sorts.

However, considering how many episodes from season one are on this list, going back to basics may not have been the best idea, as evidenced by the reception to "Bring It On."

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5 Pilot: S1E1

Surprisingly enough, the show’s pilot episode is actually considered to be one of its worst episodes. As any Pilot does, the audience is first introduced to the series cast. Elena, Stefan, Damon, and more all make an appearance for the first time and set up the situations and relationship dynamics that will be explored throughout the rest of the series. Though the show has definitely had its share of stronger episodes, it is surprising to see such a low ranking for the episode that started it all.

4 What Lies Beneath: S5E8

The fifth season of The Vampire Diaries would see a few more rough spots than season four did. Firstly, episode eight, "What Lies Beneath," just doesn’t do much to really add to the series. The episode follows a lot of continuing plot points, but never really gives anyone any time to get farther in their own story. Secondly, the drama takes a significantly slower pace in relation to the rest of the season. There just seems to be a significant lack of any real threat in the episode. Overall,  "What Lies Beneath" can’t help but feel like a major filler episode for the series.

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3 Dead Man on Campus: S5E20

Unfortunately, like with  "What Lies Beneath", "Dead Man On Campus" feels a lot like a “filler” episode. However, being so close to the season finale, it makes a lot more sense that there would be a slower episode at this point.

During the episode, the girls throw a welcome back party for Bonnie, Damon ends up in an altercation with Matt, and Stefan learns to cope with the return of his memories. While a lot certainly gets accomplished in regards to drama, all of the payoff for the build-up comes in the following episodes. As a result, the episode ends up as one of the more lackluster episodes that the series has to offer.

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2 I’ll Remember: S6E1

After the shocking finale to season five, the premiere episode of season six definitely left a lot to be desired. Following the deaths of Damon and Bonnie, the characters are seen coping in different ways. Elena is in a depressed state, and we learn that enough time has passed that Stefan abandoned his search for a way to bring the two back.

"I’ll Remember" focused far too much on the characters themselves without actually setting things up for the rest of the season. The only clue to what would come next is in the final scene with Damon and Bonnie together in an unknown location. For the season premiere, the episode could have certainly done more than feel like just an epilogue to the finale of season five.

1 Night of the Comet: S1E2

According to IMDb, the absolute worst episode of The Vampire Diaries is the second episode ever. Granted, this makes a bit of sense; audiences are still getting to know these characters, there’s a lot of background drama that hasn’t unfolded yet, and the series certainly hadn’t found the footing that would make it unique from other vampire dramas. 

Judging by the first two episodes alone, it would have been easy to believe that The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t have succeeded to the extent that it did. Thankfully, though, by the end of the first season and onward, the series would drastically improve and greatly distinguish itself from other vampire-themed works.

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