15 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Lines From The Vampire Diaries

The story of the Salvatore brothers ended last year, but for the fans, it feels like it just happened yesterday. While The Vampire Diaries spinoff, The Originals, still provides people with a vampire fix, it’s just not the same as watching Stefan and Damon as they fight for Elena’s love.

Through it’s eight seasons, it would seem like the show covered everything it needed to, from love triangles to alternate planes of existence. However, even a beloved series like The Vampire Diaries has it’s issues.

The show is notorious for abandoning plot lines, suddenly ignoring character development, and quickly explaining away strange plot holes in ways that don’t quite add up. Small, overlooked moments eventually turned into big problems.

Fans have a love/hate relationship with the show. Most agree that the quality of the show slowly declines in its final seasons. Regardless, fans still stood by it until the very end.

The Vampire Diaries may be over, but the unresolved plot lines it left have continued to haunt fans. People have dedicated blogs to the subject. There are still so many unanswered questions, even after the finale.

Without further ado, here are 15 Unresolved Mysteries and Plot Lines From The Vampire Diaries.


15 Damon Assaults Caroline

Damon becomes so charming and heroic in later seasons that it’s easy for fans to look into his dreamy eyes and forget he essentially abused and assaulted Caroline in season one.

When Damon first appears in Mystic Falls, he’s evil and out to destroy Stefan. Eventually, of course, he falls in love with Elena and his bad boy ways aren’t as prevalent.

However, before becoming more of a good guy, he compels Caroline to let him feed on her, date him, and even sleep with him. His control over her keeps her from being able to consent.

Later in the show, it’s all swept under the rug, even after Caroline had made it clear that Damon made her uncomfortable. Elena still falls for Damon knowing that he abused her best friend.

While Damon’s character developed drastically as the show progressed, his creepy control over Caroline is something that many fans have brought back up.  

14 Damon Can Control The Weather


One of the most prevalent plot holes in The Vampire Diaries is the fog that Damon makes appear in the pilot episode. It’s used a few times and then never shown again.

In the novels, Damon can make the fog incredibly dense in order to make his victims feel confused and scared, and he uses it quite a bit. In the show, however, he only uses it in the first few episodes.

He covers the cemetery that Elena is in in a light fog and makes a crow appear, freaking her out. The fog also appears when he attacks some of his victims, like Vicky.

Fans still wonder why they would show the fog if they weren’t going to use it again. You would think that with all the vampire villains shown throughout the run of the show, one of them would use the disorienting fog.

13 Jenna Never Appears On The Other Side

Jenna Sommers, Elena’s aunt, is a main character in the first two season of The Vampire Diaries. She was a mother figure for both Elena and Jeremy, and seemed really important. She had a relationship with Alaric, and received a lot of screentime.  

That’s why it’s strange that after her death at the end of season two, she’s never shown again. Plenty of other beloved characters are shown after their deaths in one way or another. When the show brought in the concept of "the other side," fans expected to get a glimpse of Aunt Jenna again.

Despite the fact that she died a vampire, she did not appear on “the other side” with all of the other supernatural creatures. So where did she end up? 

12 Blood Sharing

In season four, Elena is a vampire but for some reason she can’t keep blood down. She tries different methods of feeding, from animal blood to blood bags, but nothing seems to work. Damon finally decides to let her drink from him.

Unknown to Elena, blood sharing among vampires is a very intimate thing. Apparently, it’s only supposed to be shared with the vampire you love. It’s essentially like sleeping together, as strange as it sounds. So when Elena is drinking from Damon, she’s essentially cheating on Stefan, which is why he became so angry when he found out.

After this particular episode, the intimate blood sharing is never shown again. After such a detailed vampire experience was mentioned, fans expected it to resurface, but it never did.

11 Vervain Is Supposed To Be Rare

Throughout the show, the availability of vervain fluctuated greatly. When the anti-vampire plant is first mentioned, it’s said to be fairly hard to find. The Mystic Falls council even guards the supply that the town does have.

In the past, Zach Salvatore was the sole supplier of vervain for the entire town. He grew it himself. As the show went on, suddenly everyone was able to get their hands on vervain. Eventually it even made its way into the water supply after Bonnie’s father became mayor.

In the final seasons, it seemed like everyone was spiking drinks with vervain or wearing it on a necklace. How did they get their hands on it? It’s never fully explained how exactly people find the supposedly rare plant.

10 The Diaries Aren't Relevant


With the word “diaries” in the title, it would seem like the actual diaries of the characters would be a major part of the plot. In the early part of the show, Elena and Stefan's journaling helped narrate the show.

In the pilot episode, Elena loses her journal and Stefan returns it to her, saying he also has a diary. The moment seems significant and helps introduce the two characters. She starts to document her experiences in the journal, and the audience often hears the narration of her writing.

In the later seasons, her journaling becomes less and less important. The show could get by without her diary altogether, making the original importance of her writing seem insignificant. It just seemed like the diaries would be more prevalent to The Vampire Diaries.

9 Vampires In The Sunlight

Another consistency problem in The Vampire Diaries is the varying amount of time a vampire can stay in the sunlight without bursting into flames. Throughout the show it changed greatly.

Unless vampires wear their daylight rings, which seem strangely common, they catch on fire in the sun. While villains seem to burn within seconds in the sun, such as Elena’s biological mother, Isobel,  Damon, Elena, Caroline, and Stefan are somehow able to withstand a lot of sunlight without their daylight rings on before they start to catch fire.

Wouldn’t all vampires burn in the sun at the same rate? There are so many different variations of when vampires sizzle, steam, or straight up burst into flames it’s hard to keep straight. It’s another mystery that the show never clarified.

8 Vampires Age And Strength

The age of a vampire is supposed to affect their strength and abilities. The older the vampire, the more powerful they are. The type of blood they consume affects their powers as well, therefore Stefan should be weaker than Damon because he consumes animal blood rather than human.

However, on The Vampire Diaries, they contradict this principle all the time. There are many occasions when a younger vampire overpowers an elder one, or Stefan overpowers Damon despite his dietary choices. For example, although Damon is much older, Caroline is able to defeat him while trying to save her father in episode "Disturbing Behavior".

The inconsistency leads fans to wonder why they said older vampires are more powerful in the first place. Clearly, this isn’t true.

7 Bonnie Is A Miracle Worker

Bonnie has always been a powerful witch, but sometimes it seems like she is too powerful. When she’s able to miraculously do a spell she claimed she couldn’t every time, it begins to be a little unbelievable.

It seems like whenever things are really intense, Bonnie tells the group that she simply can’t do a spell because she isn’t powerful enough. After some coaxing from Damon or Elena, she’s able to pull off the spell she was saying she couldn’t do only moments before.

In season one, she did a spell with her grandmother that was so powerful, her grandmother died. Later on, Bonnie is able to do the same exact spell all on her own to trap Katherine. This seems impossible. Bonnie’s abilities fluctuate so much it’s hard to know what her limits ever are.

6 White Oak Tree And The Originals


The historical lore of the Originals has some inconsistencies. The White Oak Tree is what Esther called upon when turning her children, the Originals, into vampires. It’s the source of their immortality, making it tied to their life force. The only thing that can kill an Original is a stake made from the wood of the tree.

The tree was destroyed in a fire, and yet the Originals are still alive. If their lives were bound to the tree, wouldn’t they have perished when it burned down?

While pieces of wood from the tree still exist, the tree itself is dead. It just seems rational that when the source of their immortality was destroyed, they would be destroyed as well. The Vampire Diaries seem to gloss over that lapse in logic.

5 Bonnie Finding Her Mother

One of Bonnie’s most useful powers is her ability to use locator spells. Locator spells allow witches to find the location of a person or an object. The witch will receive a vision of whatever she is looking for.

After having a dream about her mother, Bonnie decides to try and find her. If she is able to use locator spells, why didn’t she use one to find her mother? It would have saved her a lot of time using a spell rather than looking up every Abby Bennett in the area individually.

If you’re a witch, wouldn’t you use your abilities to your benefit? Maybe the writer’s simply didn’t think of the idea, but Bonnie is smart enough to have used a spell. It just didn’t fit her character.

4 Siphoning Elena's Sleeping Spell

A major plot point in the final season of The Vampire Diaries was Elena’s sleeping spell. She wasn’t even in the show and it centered on all the other characters until she finally woke up. It was strange to experience a show with the main character missing.

Supposedly, if they found a loophole, both Elena and Bonnie would have died. However, what if they spell just ceased to exist? With the magic gone, both characters could be awake and living.

Alaric’s kids are siphons, so couldn’t they have sucked the sleeping spell out of Elena? They accidentally siphoned magic all the time and appeared to be powerful. Maybe that would have been too simple and the writers just wanted Elena to stay asleep for longer.

3 The Original Vampires Aren't The Original Immortals

When the Originals first appear on The Vampire Diaries, they are said to be the first immortals, more powerful and ancient than any other. The Originals consist of Kol, Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Kol, and Rebekah.

However, when Silas is introduced in season four, he is suddenly the oldest and most powerful immortal. He was a witch before drinking an immortality potion with his love, Amara. Although Silas technically isn’t a vampire, he is a thousand years older than Elijah and Klaus, making him the first world’s first immortal being.

At one point, Silas even says “I came first. Vampires are nothing more than a disgusting, perversion of me.” If he was really the “original” original, why wasn’t it brought up before? It seems like the Originals would have been aware of a being more powerful than themselves.

2 How Much Blood Can Vampires Drink?


Obviously, viewers saw vampires drink for their victims many times over the course of the show. Each time a victim was being drained of blood, the amount of time it took for them to die, pass out, or for the vampire to be full varied greatly.

Viewers never quite knew how much blood a vampire can drink from a human. When it was an important character, like Matt, is being drained of blood, it seems like they have an unlimited blood supply. Other nameless, random victims, however, like the people Damon often drank in seasons one, would be drained completely within seconds.

It seems like a minor inconsistency, but it’s something fans have certainly questioned. People expect their facts about their favorite vampire show to be accurate.

1 The Cure Rules Are Confusing

“The Cure” for vampirism was a really important plot point in the later seasons of The Vampire Diaries. The rules surrounding the cure changed frequently throughout the course of the show.

When it was first mentioned, it seemed clear the potion only had enough magic to cure one person of their immortality, and yet Damon and Elena seemed certain they could share it and both become human.

Not only that, but when an ancient vampire takes the cure, they often revert to whatever age they really are and die of old age. So how was Damon going to avoid that? Apparently if he drank from Elena, who was only 19, he wouldn't age much, but if someone then drained the cure from Damon, he would age rapidly and die.

It was also never clear if you had to drink the cure directly from the victim, or if it could be put in your bloodstream from a needle or syringe, like when Bonnie collected the cure from Elena.

The show somehow found loopholes to explain these inconsistencies away, but a lot of fans didn’t buy it. The rules just changed too often and it was hard to keep track.


Can you think of any other unresolved storylines or plot holes in The Vampire Diaries? Have your say and let us know in the comment section!

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