The Vampire Diaries Universe: 5 Strongest Friendships (& 5 Weakest)

The Vampire Diaries and its two spin-offs, The Originals and Legacies, have brought us interesting storylines, captivating characters, and epic romances. In addition, each show focused on family unity, complexity, and redemption.

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Everything is amplified with these supernatural and human beings: their loves, hates, hurts, and friendships. While there could be a long list of the friendships present in The Vampire Diaries Universe,  we narrowed it down to the top 5 strongest and the top 5 weakest.

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10 Strongest: Stefan and Lexi

We begin the list on an exceptionally strong note with The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Lexi. These two consider each other best friends and have known each other for decades. Stefan, a brooding character, lightens up with Lexi around.

In Season 1, Lexi is back in town for Stefan's birthday. With Lexi, Stefan smiles more, even entertains dancing around. They reminisce about a time when they met Bon Jovi. Stefan asks Lexi if Bon Jovi would remember them, and Lexi quips back, "We'll make him remember us." Apart from having a good time together, Lexi calls Stefan out. When she meets Elena and sees that she looks exactly like Stefan's former love, Katherine, she confronts him, "Are you out of your freaking mind." When Stefan dies, Lexi is waiting for him on the other side. There is no better friend than that.

9 Weakest: Elijah and Marcel

In The Originals, Marcel always seemed part of the family, but still apart from the original family of vampires. Klaus considered Marcel a son. For Rebekah, he was the most epic love of her life. Elijah, seemingly the most civil of his family, also loved Marcel.

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However, when a prophecy suggested that Marcel was going to kill Elijah's original family or at least mark the downfall, Elijah had no problem in killing Marcel. This shows that Elijah never really considered Marcel a part of the family. Luckily for us, Marcel came back. Their friendship did not.

8 Strongest: Elena and Bonnie

At one point when Katherine (Elena's doppelganger) had taken over Elena's body, she asked Matt to tell her which friend Elena liked best--Bonnie or Caroline. Matt tells her that Elena liked both equally.

However, we would disagree. Elena has the stronger bond with Bonnie. She confides in Bonnie in ways that she wouldn't confide in Caroline. Bonnie sacrifices a lot for Elena again and again. Their friendship may have changed a little throughout The Vampire Diaries, but these two are like those childhood friends that are almost family. No matter what, they will always care for each other.

7 Weakest: Alaric and Dorien

Although both characters are in the other shows, mainly The Vampire Diaries, their friendship can be more easily seen in Legacies.  Alaric serves as the headmaster of the school, and Dorien is the librarian. They are united in their desire to help the supernatural young students.

Both men respect each other, and Alaric frequently depends on Dorien, taking stock in Dorien's knowledge. However, in the end, due to both liking the same woman, they are no longer friends. For a friendship to be so easily broken, it would have to be a weak friendship to begin with. While they both care about the school, Dorien no longer respects or cares much for Alaric.

6 Strongest: Davina and Josh

Davina and Josh meet in Season 1 of The Originals. Davina, living alone in a church attic to protect her from other witches, develops a friend in Josh. She performs magic to help Josh get Klaus out of his mind (Klaus compelled Josh to do what he wanted). They bond while she helps him, and it takes time to remove Klaus from his mind.

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Their friendship continues throughout the series. Josh is probably one of the only vampires (besides Marcel) that Davina really trusts. In Season 3, when she decides to "die" in order to get some witch information from Kol (her witch/vampire dead boyfriend), she chooses Josh to be her lifeline. As he holds her hand, she tells him, "Whatever happens, don't let go. You're my link to the living." That loyalty, trust, and love equals a very strong friendship.

5 Weakest: Stefan and Klaus

As much as we may grow to love Klaus in The Originals, he is very much the villain in The Vampire Diaries. We find out that Klaus and Stefan had been friends during the 1920s when he had his humanity turned off and was a Ripper. Apparently, Klaus misses his old pal, and he forces Stefan to be a Ripper again.

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Friends are supposed to bring out the best in us, but Klaus encourages the worst in Stefan. He makes it seem that the only Stefan that Klaus really enjoys is the worst Stefan. Once Stefan is his better self, Klaus doesn't find him that interesting.

4 Strongest: Landon and Rafael

Although we don't know the full details of their history, it is clear that these two are tight. They regard each other as brothers. At first, Rafael (a werewolf) says that he won't stay at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted without Landon. Then Landon convinces Rafael to stay.

Later when people are against Landon, Rafael stands up for him and leaves the school to be with his brother. These two are tight, which is why the potential love triangle with Hope is especially dangerous. We hope that these two friends retain their close friendship in Season 2.

3 Weakest: Hayley and Tyler

Back in The Vampire Diaries, Hayley worked to help Tyler break the Klaus-hybrid sire bond. They were helping other werewolf-vampire hybrids do the same. Then Hayley makes a deal with Klaus. In exchange for information about her heritage, twelve hybrids are sacrificed. While Hayley did save Tyler from being one of those twelve, her betrayal showed that she wasn't a good friend.

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Later, in The Originals, Tyler kidnaps a very pregnant Hayley and jabs a syringe in her pregnant belly to gather blood from her hybrid baby in order to make a hybrid army against Klaus. Regardless to say, Tyler and Hayley may have been good friends to other characters in these two shows, but they weren't good friends to each other.

2 Strongest: Bonnie and Damon

While we are willing to call this a tie with Caroline and Stefan, Bonnie and Damon squeak ahead, partly due to their story. These two didn't start out as friends, and it is fair to say that Bonnie hated Damon. When they are stuck in the prisoner world together, they bond out of necessity. Damon gets back to the real world before Bonnie does. When she does return, she goes immediately to find Damon. Their reunion is joyous with Bonnie giving Damon a flying hug.

At the end of the 6th season, Bonnie's life was linked to Elena's by a spell, meaning that while Bonnie was alive, Elena was in a sleep state. While many thought that Damon would just kill Bonnie to get Elena back, Damon didn't. You could say that it was because he knew that Elena would be unhappy with him when she woke up, but really it was because Bonnie had become his best friend.

1 Weakest: Enzo and Damon

Damon's friendship with Enzo was when he was at his worst. In a flashback, we see that they met in a science lab where both vampires were being experimented upon in The Vampire Diaries. They worked together to think of an escape plan. When Damon gets out, he leaves Enzo, and Enzo remains experimented upon for years.

While Enzo still gives Damon another chance, we don't know if we would be as forgiving. At that time of his life, Damon had been one horrible friend. It took many series and a beautiful friendship with Bonnie (and Alaric) to redeem Damon.

The Vampire Diaries Universe, the epic stories, and the complex friendships continues in its last spin-off, Legacies. We are excited to see what other strong and weak friendships will be in it as the show enters Season 2.

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