Vampire Diaries: 25 Wicked Things The Salvatore Brothers Did Before Season One

The beginning of Fall 2009 meant a needed break from the hot summer, into a season of oversized sweaters, scarves, blanket burritos, change of scenery and the takeover of apple and pumpkin flavors. This, of course, meant goodbye to sandals, shorts, and tank tops, and hello to sweaters, jeans, and boots. Movie nights with friends increased as a result, and they were treated to the premiere of Vampire Diaries, a romantic thriller series that focused on the love triangle between Damon, Elena and Stefan, and their lives around the mysterious happenings in Mystic Falls, their home.

In the pilot episode, fans were quickly introduced to the main cast and the backbone of the storyline.  It was a few months after Elena and Jeremy Gilbert’s parents were taken out in a tragic road crash, with only Elena surviving the crash. As it was later revealed, it was Stefan, a vampire, and who was unknown to her, who saved her life. The siblings were busy coping with their grief but still attended school. At school is where Elena found herself drawn to a new handsome and mysterious student, Stefan Salvatore, unaware that he was a 162-year old vampire. Stefan was therefore introduced to fans as a charming, sweet and handsome vampire.

Producers also used the pilot episode to introduce us to the second Salvatore, Damon. His first appearance was scary, portraying him as a vampire with the ability to attract crows, appearing from thin air, and producing fog. Fans were petrified by him. While they made interesting appearances in season one, the Salvatore brothers had a life before then, and part of it was down-right wicked.

Here are 25 Wicked Things The Salvatore Brothers Did Before Season One.

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25 They Fell In Love With The Same Girl

In 1864, Stefan was a normal human being living with father Giuseppe Salvatore and his older brother Damon Salvatore. One day, while fixing a broken carriage, a man riding a carriage carrying Emily Bennet and Katherine Pierce stopped to talk to him. Immediately he was struck by her beauty, and fell deeply in love with her.

Older brother Damon also fell in love with Katherine, but the younger Salvatore was the favorite lover, as it is he who Katherine invited to the Founder’s Ball. This love triangle pitted the once-bestie brothers into jealous competitors, fueling sibling rivalry that would span centuries.

24 Damon Willingly Drank Vampire Blood

Damon Drinks Katherines Blood

Stefan’s and Katherine’s romance got them between the sheets, and it was one time, during their passionate encounters that Katherine revealed that she was a vampire. Stefan was confused and in denial, and also frightened of her. He had seen his father deal with vampires, so he knew exactly what they were and meant.

Afraid to lose her love, Katherine compelled him to resist fear and also not tell anyone. She also compelled him to drink her blood. Damon on the other side, willingly drank Katherine’s blood, to fulfill his desire for immortal life and spend it with her.

23 Stefan Told His Father About Katherine

Stefan and Katherine

On a night of passion, Katherine bit Stefan, who woke the next morning with a wound on his neck. The details of the night slowly came back to him and he immediately became frightened of Katherine, stating that her face resembled a demon’s. Katherine compelled him not to be afraid, and his new courage and desire to protect her caused him to unintentionally sell her out to his dad.

Stefan told his dad that vampires were not as bad as they thought and hinted to his father that he knew one. His dad then spiked his drink with vervain and waited for Katherine to feed on Stefan, during their usual meet. Katherine became weak and Giuseppe then sent Stefan to the Sheriff to inform him of Katherine.

22 They Attempted To Save Katherine

As Katherine was incapacitated, Giuseppe set in motion the plan to capture her, doing a vampire round-up in town. He ended up with 27 vampires. Damon then heard what happened and was infuriated by Stefan’s actions, because he had made Stefan promise that they would never tell their dad about Katherine.

Although Stefan unintentionally handed over Katherine to Giuseppe, Damon blamed him. The subsequent guilt then caused Stefan to help Damon save Katherine from being buried in the tomb when they were eliminated in the process. They were humans, willing to save a blood-sucking vampire for love, going against their dad and the Founding Families.

21 Stefan eliminated His Father

Stefan Kills His Father Giuseppe

In 1864, Stefan, who was a 17-year old human in love with a vampire, Katherine Pierce. Katherine used to compel Stefan to drink her blood for weeks, hence he had vampire blood in his system. When his father Giuseppe realized that Katherine was a vampire, he organized for her capture during the roundup of the 27 vampires. Damon and Stefan, who unintentionally helped with Katherine’s capture, planned on rescuing Katherine, when they were both eliminated during their mission, with vampire blood in their systems.

Stefan woke up with heightened senses. He went to his father’s house to inform him that he would not complete the transition and let himself pass away. Shocked to see his son alive, Giuseppe tried to stake Stefan, who responded by throwing him against the wall, eliminating him. Stefan had underestimated his new found strength.

20 Stefan Tasted His Father’s Blood

After accidentally taking out his father Giuseppe, Stefan was unable to control his urge for blood, and he ended up tasting his own father’s blood. This marked his complete transition into a vampire. Fortunately for this father though, this was an opportunity to save his life. By drinking vampire blood, he would get healed.

Stefan offered to help Giuseppe by feeding him his blood, but he refused and passed. He clearly despised vampires. Struggling with his new love for human blood, Stefan attacked Alice, a barmaid, and took her to Damon.

19 Stefan Compelled A Young Woman To help transition damon

Vampire compulsion

After Stefan’s ordeal with his dad that led to his passing, he left to see Damon. He had left him at the quarry, where Emily Bennet had hidden them after being shot by their father. Damon and Stefan had agreed not to transition after Damon confirmed seeing Katherine getting dragged into Fell’s Church and set on fire by the townspeople. They didn’t have a reason for immortality with Katherine gone.

After Stefan accidentally completed his transition, however, he went back to Damon, after compelling her to go with him to Damon, telling him how amazing it felt to be a vampire, and that it was a gift since he would turn off his emotions including pain and guilt. Damon initially refused but eventually gave in, stating that Stefan was actually right.

18 Damon Promised Stefan An Eternity Of Misery

After Stefan’s relentless efforts for Damon to complete his transition into vampirism, Damon gave in and drank the girl’s blood, venturing into the whole new world of becoming a vampire. With this newfound interest, Stefan hoped that this meant the Salvatore brothers could be brothers and companions together forever, but he was shocked when Damon instead promised him an eternity of misery.

Damon’s transition meant immortality, which he desired but got only half the package. Thanks to Stefan, he would spend eternity without Katherine, and so opted to spend this time tormenting Stefan for indirectly eliminating his girlfriend.

17 Damon Was Jealous That Katherine Had Also Turned Stefan

Damon Jealous Of Stefan and Katherine

The love triangle between Damon, Katherine and Stefan was an interesting one. Stefan was the first to see Katherine, so essentially, he called dibs on her. Damon didn’t quite understand the bro code, and still went for his brother’s girlfriend, who enjoyed toying with the two brothers.

Stefan was the preferred boyfriend, proved by Katherine when he picked her as her escort for the Founder’s Ball, but Damon seemed to love her more than Stefan did. As a result, Damon got extremely jealous when he realized that Katherine also turned Stefan.

16 Stefan Went On A Rampage

Weeks after completing his transition into a vampire, Stefan could still not control his bloodlust, he went on a rampage, eliminating members of the Founding Families, as his form of revenge for what they did to his love, Katherine. One of the members what Jonathan Gilbert, who came back to life due to the Gilbert ring.

The Gilbert ring was one of the three inventions- including Gilbert Device and Gilbert Compass- by the Gilbert Family, created and used by Jonathan in 1864.  The ring protected its non-supernatural wearers from any passing that would be caused by supernatural beings. It was passed down the Gilbert bloodline.

15 Damon Salvatore got Revenge For Enzo

In 1953, Joseph Salvatore, Damon and Stefan’s distant nephew lured Damon to Mystic Falls to hand him over to Dr. Whitmore, who conducted research on vampires. Joseph injected Damon with vervain but Damon managed to defeat him, although Dr. Whitmore got into the room in time to deliver another dose of vervain.

Later, Damon was brought to a cell, where he met another vampire, Enzo, in the neighboring cell. They became good friends and planned their escape, which happened 5 years later. On the annual New Years Eve Party in 1958, Damon broke free, slaughtering every member of Augustine while he set the building ablaze, he, unfortunately, could not save Enzo as the prison bars were laced with vervain. The frustration sent Damon on a rampage, taking out all members of the Whitmore family, leaving one to carry on the family line and once they did, eliminated them.

14 Stefan Compelled Young Women

Even after eliminating the members of the Founding Families, Stefan could not deal with the pain and guilt of losing both his father and brother. He went on a blood-drinking spree, this time round compelling women to go home with him and toy with them. Well, as legends go, being with a vampire is explosive which could make some people think that these ladies were lucky to have a share of Stefan.

Well, there was more than junction action taking place, as Stefan fed on them. They were living blood banks that were happy to donate anytime. Gladly, Damon visited Stefan and was appalled by what he saw, compelling the women to leave and never come back.

13 Damon Went Back To Mystic Falls To Free Katherine

Sometime after his transition into vampirism, Damon received a daylight ring from Emily Bennet, Katherine’s witch friend. Emily revealed that Katherine was alive after she was able to spare the vampires in the church. Damon kept this a secret from Stefan, until 145 years later when he would be able to find a way to free Katherine from the church.

In 2007, Damon was back to Mystic Falls, solely to free Katherine. This is when he found his brother Stefan who was falling in love with Elena Gilbert, who immaculately resembled Katherine. Damon began tormenting them, telling Elena that she was Stefan’s rebound.

12 Stefan Turned Into The Ripper

A ripper is an extremely violent vampire, who growls, hisses, snarls, and curls his lips back, flaunting his fangs when provoked.  His ultimate joy is hunting and terrorizing humans, viciously feeding on them and severing their limps with no regret or reluctance. This is what Stefan turned into after turning into a vampire, losing control when feeding, and tearing apart his victims.

Stefan and his mother Lillian perfectly lived the expression, like mother, like son. We later learned that when she also turned into a vampire, Lillian became a cruel, bloodthirsty vampire. She became a ripper, just like Stefan.

11 Damon Fed On His Great Nephew Zach’s Pregnant Girlfriend

In April 1994, Damon made a surprise visit to Stefan, showing up at his doorstep wanting to make amends. The owner of the house, Zach Salvatore, their great-nephew, was hesitant to let Damon in but did after Stefan promised to keep him in line. Stefan subsequently warned Damon to stay away from the couple, Zach and Gail, who was pregnant, as they were on vervain.

Stefan realizes that Damon fooled him when one day at a party when taking Zach’s and Gail’s photo, notices bite marks on Gail. He confronted Damon who confessed to switching the couple’s vervained coffee for "a little in-house feeding". Sadly, Damon eliminated Gail later on, after a fight with Stefan.

10 Stefan eliminated Marianna Lockwood

In 1912, after attending their half-nephew’s Zachariah’s funeral, Stefan and Damon caught up over drinks.  Later, at a boxing ring, Damon persuaded Stefan to drink human blood with him. Stefan hesitated but eventually gave in, with the two selecting Marianna Lockwood as their supplier.

Stefan and Damon lured Marianna away from the crowd, and Stefan viciously fed on her, losing control, inadvertently taking her head off. The Salvatore brothers were astonished and Stefan was immediately gripped with remorse and guilt, even trying to fix Marianna’s head back. Stefan was infuriated by Damon for convincing him to drink human blood and ran off into the woods.

9 Damon Never Got Along With His Father

Damon, Giuseppe and Katherine

Although he was the eldest son, Damon never got along with his father, Giuseppe Salvatore. Leaving the Confederacy only hurt their relationship further. They never had a good or close relationship, as his father frequently expressed extreme resentment and disappointment in Damon.

It is this malfunctioning relationship that made it easy for Giuseppe in the 1850s, when Damon was only 12 years old, to burn his hand with a cigarette during Thanksgiving dinner. He thought that Damon had stolen money from his bureau. Despite his rebellious reputation, Damon was innocent. It was his mother Lillian, who stole the money in order to run away from her abusive husband, carrying her two sons along.

8 Stefan Was The Ripper Of Monterey In 1917

In 1917, Stefan further bolstered his reputation as the ripper, after he massacred an entire migrant village in Monterey.  Klaus, an original vampire, revealed that Stefan had become notorious with his awful slaughter sprees, and his 1917 Monterey act earned him a new title among vampires, the “Ripper of Monterey”.

100 years later, in 2017, Stefan got more details of the attack from Arcadius, who revealed that Stefan attacked the village on Christmas Eve. Reluctant to believe the story at first, Stefan was convinced after Cade confirmed the story, showing him that Seline met him after the massacre.

7 Damon Was Rebellious And Irresponsible

As a young human adult, Damon was described as rebellious, impulsive, irresponsible, competitive, emotional, carefree, and lacked a sense of direction. Maybe his carefree attitude and deep emotions are what caused him to accept Katherine as a vampire and willingly drink her blood, and also fall insanely in love with her.

Not only did his father Giuseppe describe him this way, but also Mystic Falls residents. The main reason was Damon’s rebellion against his father’s and town’s wish by leaving the Confederacy on his own terms during the civil war. This act added ‘coward’ to his list of adjectives.

6 Stefan Fed On The War-Wounded In A Camp

Stefan and Lexi in Vampire Diaries

Stefan’s addiction and turned-off emotions made him feed on any human, shamelessly feeding on the war-wounded in a camp. One night he went to the camp, discreetly feeding on the wounded until he spotted a girl in the shadows. Stefan tried to attack and feed on her, only for her to drive him to the ground. She was an older vampire, Alexia Branson, whom we later fondly knew as Lexy, Stefan’s best friend.

Alexia needed a place to sleep, and Stefan took her to his home, where she found several bodies drained lying everywhere. It is at this point she named him ‘the ripper’ and began a journey that eventually transformed Stefan, who drank animal blood instead.

5 They Hadn’t Seen Each Other For 50 Years

Stefan and Damon Bad Relationship

Since they transitioned in 1864, Damon and Stefan saw each other almost half a century later, in 1912, when they returned to Mystic Falls for their nephew’s funeral. Zachariah Salvatore was taken out in 1912 by Samantha Gilbert after she became possessed by the Gilbert Ring. The Salvatore brothers were not only Damon and Stefan. They also had a half-brother whom, with an unknown woman, sired Zachariah.

Zachariah Salvatore was a member of the Founder’s Council until his passing and left a son who continued the Salvatore line. After the funeral, Stefan suggested drinks and catch-up, an idea that Damon resisted but eventually gave in to.


Lillian Salvatore Vampire Diaries

Lillian Salvatore was married to Giuseppe Salvatore and they were blessed with 2 sons, Damon and Stefan. A stain in the family would come in the form of tuberculosis or consumption, when in 1858, Lillian caught the disease. Stefan opted to avoid his very ill mother, instead choosing to walk into Mystic Falls picking her favorite flowers or getting the tea she loved. Stefan pretended that he was caring for his mum, while in essence, he was in denial of the impending passing.

In her last moments, Giuseppe sent her away to a TB ward, where she passed away and Stefan felt guilty for not getting a remedy in time before his father sent his mum away to the ward. It was later revealed that Lillian turned into a vampire, despite her husband being a member of the town council and vampire-hater.


Stefan and Damon Young

In October 1852, Damon broke Stefan’s nose trying to teach him how to throw a right hook. Although accidental, this was wicked. Thankfully for the Salvatore brothers though, this happened when there was no bad blood between them, that would lead to a vampire fight.

This accident happened when they were best friends. Damon dearly loved his brother, Stefan, so much that he used to defend him to their father. Damon described Stefan as his best friend, companion, and the person he trusted the most, well, until Katherine happened!


Maggie James Vampire Diaries

Maggie James was a persistent, yet unlucky woman when it came to the Salvatore brothers. In 1960, as presidential elections were underway, Stefan spotted a lady walking away in the alley, he attacked her, biting her and drinking her blood, then compelled her to forget everything and walk away.  A woman who seemed to know about vampires and who Stefan was, then approached him, introducing herself as Maggie James and asked of Damon’s whereabouts. Stefan warned her against pursuing Damon and attacked her to scare her.

Maggie didn’t learn her lesson and shortly after, met Damon, interviewing her about the Whitmore House fire that happened 2 years back. Maggie tried to inject Damon with vervain, but he stopped her, and when he found out she was an Augustine member, he took her out. He later found out that Maggie was Enzo’s one true love.


Damon At Bar In Vampire Diaries

The 70s marked Damon’s phase for wild parties, illicit behavior and feeding off people. He still had his humanity switch off, feeding on a lot of locals in New York, where he lived. In 1977, he became friends with Will, a fellow vampire and Billy’s Bar owner.

The two had a mutual relationship, where Will allowed Damon to feed on his customers, and Damon would, in turn, steal his victims’ IDs for Will. Stefan had heard about Damon’s new lifestyle, and as a normal worried brother, sent his best friend Lexy to talk to Damon and help turn his humanity back on.


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