The Vampire Diaries: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

When The Vampire Diaries first aired, it was marketed as the television version of Twilight. The show certainly didn’t disappoint in bringing viewers beloved couples and complicated triangles. After all, the original plotline surrounded the tension between brothers Stefan and Damon who are vying for the affections of Elena. Eventually, vampires and witches get thrown into the mix, making for a very dramatic yet supernatural dating scene.

To this day, there are various couples from the show that fans still love (and hope will sign on for a reboot eventually). With that being said, there are also couples that we wish the show had done without. Some relationships seemed to add nothing to the storyline or prevented things we wanted from happening, like certain characters getting together. Not all the romantic pairings in the show were for the best, which is where this list comes in.

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Keep reading to see five Vampire Diaries couples that we loved to ship and five that we hated from the very beginning. Which one is the worst?

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10 Shipped: Damon & Elena

Arguably the best couple of the entire show was Damon and Elena. Even though Elena started out as Stefan’s girlfriend, as soon as she met his brother Damon fans could feel the sparks flying. We waited seasons for these two to get together and they surely didn’t disappoint when they did.

Fans came to love the emotional maturity between the two, despite starting off as enemies. They constantly proved they had each other’s best intentions at heart, and even when they were separated by distance or magical curses, their love for each other never waned.

9 Hated: Damon & Caroline

Many fans forget that these two characters had a brief tryst in the first season of The Vampire Diaries. Honestly, Damon was mostly doing it to get on his brother and Elena’s nerves, whereas Caroline was compelled for the majority of it.

After the fling, the two immediately began hating on each other and their constant, annoying banter became a hated facet of most episodes. Needless to say, Damon and Caroline have two competing personalities that just don’t get along well together let alone make a cute couple.

8 Shipped: Stefan & Caroline

Some fans felt guilty at first when they began shipping Elena with Damon over Stefan. So, when Stefan started falling for his ex’s BFF (and control freak) Caroline, fans finally felt like Stefan was getting the happy ending he deserved.

To be fair, it was a bit weird when they first got together as no one really saw it coming. But their unwavering love for each other - despite obstacles like Caroline’s pregnancy with Alaric’s resurrected twins - is what won viewers over in the end. We just wish these two got their happy ending earlier on in the series.

7 Hated: Alaric & Caroline

There are a lot of reasons why this romance was weird. First of all, these two met when Alaric was Caroline’s high school teacher and dating her best friend’s Aunt. Needless to say, the age gap makes things a little inappropriate. However, the pair only really got together when it was revealed Caroline was magically pregnant with Alaric’s deceased twins.

The two of them tried to make things work for the sake of their kids, and while we’re supposed to believe they lived happily as man and wife for many years, it’s a hard storyline to sell to fans who just wanted Caroline and Stefan to have their moment.

6 Shipped: Klaus & Caroline

Klaus may have been a bit of an A-hole - after all, there was a time he just wanted to off everybody - but fans couldn’t help but be intrigued by his obsession with Caroline. Something in her goody-two-shoes nature won the hybrid over.

Klaus went all out to try and impress Caroline. Even though her affections were always directed at someone else, we couldn’t help but love the banter between these two. Caroline brought out a side of Klaus that we loved, so we truly wish she followed him to New Orleans.

5 Hated: Bonnie & Jeremy

Even though these two were supposed to have a cute Romeo and Juliet-inspired storyline, things just got repetitive and annoying between Jeremy and Bonnie. It didn’t help that Jeremy was Elena’s little brother. Even when the two went public about their feelings for one another, their relationship always seemed to be more of a burden than a blessing.

Things got weird when we discovered Jeremy was a witch hunter, meaning he’d have to kill his girlfriend. Once they officially broke up (and Jeremy was basically written off the show), things seemed to get better for Bonnie.

4 Shipped: Katherine & the Salvatore Brothers

Even though Katherine was supposed to be villain, fans came to love her edgy and self-absorbed personality, especially when it came to her weird love triangle with Stefan and Damon. She had the two brothers wrapped around her finger and literally made them into the vampires they were.

Although their romances were toxic and unhealthy, we loved seeing the banter back and forth between the two characters. But in the end, we’re glad Damon eventually moved on with Katherine’s doppelganger Elena because he deserved so much better than being Katherine’s second choice.

3 Hated: Stefan & Rebekah

Rebekah was meant to throw a wrench between Stefan and Elena’s relationship, but because so many people were already shipping her with Damon, no one really cared about the threat  Rebekah posed. Some people even hoped she and Stefan would rekindle things.

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Eventually, things felt weird between the characters and it was hard to imagine a time they were every together or compatible. Also, how did he never find out she was an original? The love triangle felt forced and fans weren’t able to truly appreciate Rebekah until her character was transferred over to The Originals.

2 Shipped: Jo & Alaric

Unfortunately, Alaric has never had much luck in the romance department in Mystic Falls. However, the most tragic of his love losses had to be when his fiancée Jo was killed in the middle of their wedding.

The adorable couple was in the middle of their vows when all hell broke loose. It didn’t help that Jo was pregnant with their twins at the time. Although the couple’s twins were resurrected via Caroline the next season, fans never got to see Jo again. And Alaric never really found love again, either. These two deserved so much better.

1 Hated: Stefan & Valerie

Fans just wanted Stefan and Caroline to get together so badly that they were furious when the show writers threw Valerie into the mix to stir up drama. Before he was a vampire, Stefan was in love with Valerie. She even became pregnant with his child, though she later lost it.

When she later reappears in the modern-day, she becomes an obvious issue between Stefan and Caroline, who drift apart. This leads to Stefan and Valerie hooking up. Only when Valerie realizes she can’t change her ex’s feelings for Caroline does she finally back off. The whole story felt unnecessary in the grand scheme of things.

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