The Vampire Diaries: 10 Worst Things Rebekah Mikaelson Has Ever Done

Original witch Esther Mikaelson (Alice Evans) gave birth to seven children, and when she turned five of them into vampires, she sowed some very bad seeds. While her son Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is arguably the most diabolical destructive force to reside in Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries, his little sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) isn't exactly made up of sugar, spice and all things nice.

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A beautiful blonde vixen who Damon (Ian Somerhalder) nicknames both "Barbie Klaus" and "Sexy Beks," Rebekah is the original mean girl. Desperate to be liked by others and loved by her family, Rebekah is prone to violent acts when she feels slighted or doesn't get her way. Like her brothers, Rebekah arrives in town and finds herself at odds with the home team. Here are the 10 most horrible things Rebekah Mikaelson has ever done.

10 She Helps Klaus Turn Tyler Into A Hybrid

After spending 90 years with a dagger in her back, Rebekah finds herself part of Klaus' mission to create an army of hybrids -- half-vampires half-werewolves. The vow of  "always and forever" often means Rebekah serves as Klaus' minion.

Rebekah willingly snaps Caroline's (Candice King) neck and kidnaps Tyler (Michael Trevino), overly eager to torture people she doesn't know to placate Klaus. Chalk Bek's cooperation up to family loyalty, indifference to the victims, or just a way to avoid another prolonged nap. Whatever her motivation, Rebekah shows zero remorse.

9 Rebekah Attempts To Rip Out Elena's Throat

The necklace Stefan (Paul Wesley) gives Elena (Nina Dobrev) belongs to Rebekah -- a mystical trinket of Esther's. When Rebekah learns Stefan regifted it to Elena, she reacts in typical Rebekah fashion: she bites Elena. If Elena wasn't such a precious commodity to Klaus, this one-sided girl fight would end with one dead doppelganger.

At the root of Rebekah's bad behavior is jealousy. Elena has everything Rebekah wants, including attention, friends, family, her ex-boyfriend and a pulse.

8 She Plans To Kill Matt To Get Back At Elena

Once the Original family is reunited, Esther throws a party to introduce them to the who's who of Mystic Falls, Elena is off-limits so Rebekah recruits Kol (Nathanial  Buzolic) to kill Matt (Zach Roerig). Not only is Matt the only member of Elena's inner circle with no supernatural powers and no way to protect himself, but he also happens to be Rebekah's date.

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It turns out Rebekah is a sucker for a quarterback with a sweet streak. But if Matt wasn't quite so chivalrous, and Rebekah so desperate for male attention, Matt would have become collateral damage in the war between Beks and Elena.

7 She Tries To Murder Elena

Being vulnerable never ends well for Rebekah, and when she awakens after being daggered by Elena, the first item on her to-do list is vengeance. By killing the doppelganger, Rebekah gets revenge on Elena while foiling Klaus' plan to make more hybrids.

But when it comes to getting rid of Elena, Rebekah has to go through both of her big brothers, and this time it's Elijah (Daniel Gillies) who stops his baby sister. Rebekah's denied her payback, but she's not one to forgive or forget which means this isn't her last run-in with Elena.

6 Rebekah Holds Elena Hostage

When Elijah learns Esther plans to kill all of her children, he enlists Damon and Stefan to stop her or Elena dies. Held captive in the caves on the Lockwood property, Elena is guarded by Rebekah who doesn't need any excuse to kill Elena. Being able to do it with her brother's blessing is just the icing on the cake.

Rebekah can't decide what's more appealing: being saved from certain death or getting the chance to kill everyone's favorite damsel in distress. Either way, Rebekah uses the quality time to terrorize Elena, including threatening to set her on fire. All because Elena hurt Rebekah's feelings by literally stabbing her in the back.

5 She Kidnaps And Tortures Damon

Elena isn't the only girl in Mystic Falls with boy troubles. Mutually agreed upon hate sex is one thing, but Rebekah is not okay when Damon exploits her weaknesses. Specifically, he and Sage (Cassidy Freeman) extract valuable information from Rebekah's mind by luring her into a threesome.

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Beks decides the best revenge against Damon involves animal traps. bloodletting, mind games and general torture. The outcome is to compel Damon to kill either his brother or Elena. Rebekah proves to be part feminist and part sociopath. She's not about to let a man take advantage of her, but her response to Damon's shady scheme is far from proportionate.

4 She Causes A Fatal Car Accident

Rebekah's most reprehensible and villainous act is simultaneously ending the lives of two beloved characters. Convinced Klaus is dead and fearful of the ongoing threat of vampire hunter, Alaric (Matthew Davis), Rebekah decides to send Matt's truck over the edge of the Wickery Bridge, leaving him and Elena to drown.

Rebekah can't let the fact Elena daggered her go, and Rebekah has never been a fan of the doe-eyed Elena, so killing her is a no-brainer. But Matt is the only guy in town who was ever nice to the Original sister: he's maybe the only nice guy left in Mystic Falls, and Rebekah sends him to a watery grave.

Rebekah feels some remorse for her actions, offering to buy Matt a new car. But as far as Elena's miserable eternity as a vampire goes, Rebekah's attitude is sorry, not sorry. Klaus can't make any more hybrids, the vampire killer is no longer a threat and Elena is no longer human. It's a win-win-win situation for Rebekah.

3 She Plays Mind Games With Elena And Stefan

After being daggered once again (this time by Stefan), Rebekah awakens with a new purpose: get herself back in the running for the cure. Her interrogation gets personal, targeting the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle. Elena learns she's been betrayed by Caroline, and Stefan learns his dream girl is in love with Damon, and he's been banished to the friend zone.

While the Original siblings excel when it comes to straight-up torture, death and dismemberment, their real weapon is going after who and what their victims love the most. After surviving a sadistic father, a vindictive brother and 1,000 years of family dysfunction, Rebekah knows what buttons to push. Rebekah sometimes acts out spontaneously, but in this instance, she's thinking big picture. Stefan's "eternal pain" is her revenge.

2 She Compels Tyler To Transition Into A Werewolf

In the immediate aftermath of Carol Lockwood's (Susan Walters) death, Rebekah offers Tyler her half-hearted condolences before using him for personal gain. Tyler is Klaus' toy, but that doesn't mean Rebekah can't play with him, compelling Tyler to turn into a werewolf. Wolfy Tyler can't control his actions which is bad news for Caroline, Stefan and Elena who are trapped with him in the deserted high school.

For someone so desperate for friends, Rebekah has no remorse about killing the only people with the potential to fill that void. Tyler's still mourning his mother, and Rebekah attempts to compound his grief by having him kill the girl he loves. Rebekah is willing to end three lives and destroy another in order to accomplish three things: improve her chances of finding the cure, to exact some vengeance on Stefan and simply to amuse herself.

1 She Breaks Stefan's Neck So She Can Find The Cure

Try as she might, Rebekah just can't seem to play well with others. Teaming up with Stefan is her best bet to get the cure for vampirism, but when she finds out there's only one dose, Beks has to get rid of the competition. This means breaking Stefan's neck.

Not only is Stefan a loyal partner, but he hangs out with Rebekah even though she's the main reason Elena is A) a vampire and B) no longer his girlfriend. Whenever Rebekah manages to snag an ally, she turns on them usually because of her own paranoia and selfishness.

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