Vampire Diaries: 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed

From September 10, 2009, when The Vampire Diaries premiered on the CW network, to March 10, 2017, when the last episode aired, this supernatural series ruled the airwaves, with 171 episodes spread across 8 seasons. The series was a hit, hooking a massive loyal audience from the pilot episode. While fans kept following the love triangle that was Elena, Damon, and Stefan, the cast worked harder to bag an impressive number of awards. Notably, The Vampire Diaries received numerous nominations, winning many awards.

The cast and producers were proud recipients at different levels, of 6 People’s Choice Awards, 28 Teen Choice Awards, 3 Saturn Awards, 4 Satellite Awards, 3 Young Hollywood Awards, 1 Critic’s Choice Awards, 2 Leo Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and 2 Scream Awards among others.

Fans were caught up with the evolving relationship between Stefan and Elena, Damon and Elena, Bonnie and Jeremy, Jeremy and his exes, Stefan and Caroline, Caroline and Klaus, Tyler, Matt etc., and also the wars between supernaturals in Mystic Falls that included werewolves, vampires, witches, witch-vampire hybrids, vampire hunters, vampire-werewolf hybrids, and ghosts, living within a clueless majority, of the danger that lurked within. Also, not forgetting the politics of the town that was in form of the Founders’ Council. Vampire Diaries was a fan magnet for impressively balancing horror, soap opera, and drama by serving a rich story, which sometimes became confusing with new preternatural solutions. The major downside is that we never took some passings seriously as along the season, there would be a solution.

Here are 20 Mistakes Fans Completely Missed In The Vampire Diaries

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20 The Originals Were not the First Immortals

When the Originals first appeared in the Vampire Diaries, they were introduced to the audience as the first immortals. Commonly known as the Originals, the original vampires are a group of extremely powerful vampires who were the first of their bloodline, and the first vampire generation. As a result, they are the oldest, fastest, most powerful, and strongest vampires.

In the series, the Originals consisted of the Mikaelson family, namely Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus, and Kol. These vampires were also immortal unless stabbed by the White Oak Stake. Fans kept up with this theory until season 4 when Silas was introduced, and we realized that the Mikaelsons were not the first immortals. Silas was an ancient witch, who took the immortality portion thousands of years before the Originals, making him a much older immortal.

19 Limited Vampire Knowledge

Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore were introduced to the series as 162-year old and 168-year old vampires respectively. Despite their old age, the Salvatore brothers were clueless about vampires, their own kind! Being over 160-years old, we expected the brothers to have encountered several supernatural beings and be in different supernatural situations to understand how their world operated, and the kind of politics that went around, especially with regards to the Originals and Katherine Pierce.

Somehow, the two were always caught off-guard, endangering the life of their friends. For example, had they anticipated Katherine’s visit in Season one, Caroline would not have turned a vampire. Sadly, this ignorance was not only confined to Katherine and her intentions. These two siblings couldn’t quite figure out the originals, witches, vampire hunters or werewolves, and the magnitude of the threats they posed.

18 Jeremy Does Not Reach Out

Initially, Elena was a teenage girl with a younger sister, Margaret Gilbert, who was only one-year-old when their parents passed away. Jeremy Gilbert was loosely based on Margaret, a move, writers, in my opinion, found more interesting to pursue than Margaret’s story.

That aside, throughout the series, we see a bond between Elena and Jeremy, especially after their parents died, although there are a few technicalities once supernaturals get into their lives and Jeremy gets into questionable behaviors. That notwithstanding, Elena was a protective sister and it was only fair that when she went into a coma, Jeremy would have visited. The writers seemed to have ignored this, not even scripting a letter to Elena from Jeremy. Really odd!

17 Damon’s Ability To Produce Fog And Crows

Damon was introduced into the Vampire Diaries as the perfect villain. He was also shown in the pilot as a vampire with interesting mystical skills.  In the pilot episode of the series, we are acquainted with Damon, who is able to produce fog, followed by the appearance of crows of thin air. We immediately identified him as the mysterious, scary and unpredictable Salvatore brother.

Unfortunately for us, this stunt did not see another episode. Understandably, producers use the pilot episodes to test the waters and see fan reactions with the introduction of characters and situations.  However, in the Vampire Diaries, the Damon in the pilot episode, who used mystical skills to scare and confuse his victims could have been a great storyline to follow.


The Mikaelson family would have rather had Klaus gone. Klaus had a werewolf gene, that made him the ‘black sheep’ of the family. His own birth parents wanted him out of the picture. As a result, he became reclusive, with a myriad of trust issues. Luckily for him, he had an option, starting a family line of his own hybrids.

His lineage of hybrids became so important for him as it was his second shot at having a real family. Things worked quite well until Tyler decided to turn the hybrids against Klaus, also seeking to break his bond from Klaus. This was very heartbreaking, sending Klaus on a rampage, as his way of dealing with the pain of loss. What shocks us is the lack of compassion Klaus had, despite longing for this family for such a long time.

15 The Doppelgangers Idea Was Overdone

Doppelganger is the word that caused excitement among monsters in the Vampire Diaries, consequently leading to unusual coalitions. Amara, who was first introduced to the audience at TVD season 5, was the original Petrova doppelganger and Silas’ former true love. Tatia, also a Petrova doppelganger, was the reason the original vampire family existed, thanks to her blood. Even though she was only introduced in The Originals, she is still worth mentioning. Katherine was another Petrova doppelganger, whose blood became useless to Klaus when she turned into a vampire.

After years of running from Klaus, to escape his wrath, Katherine learns of the existence of another Petrova doppelganger, Elena Gilbert. Let’s also not forget Stefan, who is Silas’ 3rd doppelganger.

14 Caroline Beats Damon In A Fight

In the vampire world, it goes without saying that the older a vampire, the stronger it is. This explains why the originals sent everyone scattering whenever they were around and anyone who wronged them had to spend an entire lifetime on the run, just like Katherine ran from Klaus until she had a plan to appease him-Elena!

It is against this backdrop that we fail to understand how Caroline could possibly beat Damon, a vampire over 170 years, in a fight, yet she was a toddler in vampire years! In season 3 of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline, in a bid to save her father, fights Damon and wins! Why establish the age vs strength rule, only to break it for convenience?

13 Bonnie Broke The Curse

There are a lot of things about Bonnie that did not make sense, but the thing that stood out the most to us was the fact that Bonnie broke a super strong curse that bound Elena to her.

Usually, TVD fans were treated to explanations of how particular spells worked, why and what needed to be done to keep them working. Well, this changed when Bonnie figured a way to break a curse by Kai, that tied Elena to her. Elena was stuck asleep as long as Bonnie was alive. We understand the complications that Nina Dobrev’s exit from the show after Season 6 had on Elena, but writers should have found a better way of explaining how Bonnie broke the curse.

12 THE Relevance OF Whitmore College

Whitmore College is a puzzle that fans have yet to figure out. How these vampires got past high school, scored good grades and got to Whitmore College is a wonder. But, we will deal with that later on.

From the start of season 5, Elena and Caroline were students at Whitmore College, and writers used this chance to further develop and mature the ladies. We expected the new setting, away from the usual Mystic Falls to generate new conflicts and introduce new vampires. When we are taken back to Mystic Falls halfway through the season, we are shown that season 5 could have still happened in the usual setting. So, why Whitmore at all? To show us that partying and feuding vampires can still get good grades? I guess not!

11 Jenna Was Not On The Other Side

Jenna played a critical role right from season 1, as she was Elena and Jeremy’s guardian. Jenna, who was a maternal figure for the Gilbert siblings, played a key role in the first two seasons of TVD, hence the devastating and emotional loss her ending was in season 2. This was the last we ever saw of Jenna in the show, unlike other characters who still appeared despite being gone. Well, this is not really a mistake.

What fans can’t get around their heads is how Jenna was not on the other side. Jenna passed away as a vampire, after Klaus eliminated her, turned her into a vampire, and destroyed her on the same day, for his hybrid ritual. Yet, we never once saw her on the other side like other key vampires in the show.

10 Vervain Is No Longer Rare

Vervain was one of the vampires’ worst enemies, thanks to its ability to protect users from compulsion, and weakening of vampires. Vervain was a rare anti-vampire herb, whose supply was well guarded by the town council for emergency use.

After a few seasons, Zach Salvatore no longer seemed to be the go-to guy for vervain supply, as it had become common. People could now sport vervain jewelry, enough for personal use to sip into drinks and foods, and even sufficient enough to be sneaked into the town’s water supply at one instance. Who was the new supplier or was there an easy cultivation method?

9 Elena’s Diary Relevance

The Vampire Diaries season 1 episode 1 shows us a teenage girl, Elena, busy scribbling on her diary, putting into perspective the name of the show, that details the diary. In fact, Elena and Stefan first met as a result of their diaries, promising us a show whose progression would be the result of the two journals.

Elena had a unique standpoint on the activities and incidents in Mystic Falls, giving TVD a great charm. This is who we naturally followed the show until emphasis on the journal-keeping habit waned off. As the show evolved, we were introduced to so many characters, new conflicts, unusual alliances, passings, and new spells, that the writers seemed to have lost interest in the relevance and importance Elena’s journal had in the show.

8 Unclear Rules On The Cure

Other than doppelgangers, ‘the cure’ was huge for TVD. The fact that one was able to cure vampirism brought about interesting storylines and unexpected twists. For example, whoever thought that Damon would ever be human again and have a happily ever after? When we first heard of the cure in season 4, we understood that there was only one dose, which was meant for Silas, but Elena shoved it down Katherine’s throat. As expected, this was supposed to be it! However, it turned out it was not.

We then see Damon and Elena wanting to share the cure, but where did it come from? Was it even a smart move? That aside, how was one supposed to ingest ‘the cure’, and how was it sourced? Remember when Bonnie used a needle to get it from Elena? Did it mean that it could come directly from the victim? Urgh! Too many unanswered questions for something that valuable to the show!


Mystic Falls was a beehive of supernatural activity. If an old vampire was not running from the originals, a sacrifice was taking place, witches were in some cave or forest performing rituals, or vampires were busy fighting. Other residents like Tyler were busy getting turned into hybrids and vampire hunters were busy hunting. There was also a group looking for ‘the cure’ and others trying to revive passed vampires, all in the same locality.

What was surprising was that despite this heavy activity, only a few residents of Mystic Falls were privy to the happenings. Of course, a large percentage of these residents were the vampires themselves, and the Founders’ Council.  Under normal circumstances, we should have seen at least a schoolmate outside Elena’s circle who noticed something weird and tried to follow up.

6 Isobel’s Phone Number Was Shown

Usually in movies and television series, when a phone number has to be shown, it is almost certainly a fake.  These numbers usually start with 555, a prefix held back for fictional use. Producers do this because there is a tiny percentage of the population that thinks it is fun to call any number we see on the screen. Unfortunately, for the owners of the numbers, this is not funny at all, as the nuisance is frustrating.

It was, therefore, a mistake, when in season 2, episode 12 of TVD, Isobel’s phone number, 919-399-2507, was shown. Curious fans called this number and were treated to recorded messages from Stefan, Damon, and Elena. TVD producers should have known that a phone number with a 555 prefix was an invitation to cheeky fans to punch digits!

5 Pastor Young ENDING The Founder’s Council

Throughout TVD, we had the impression that the town vampires were left to play by their own rules, feuding as much as they wanted. Well, there was a group in place, The Founders’ Council, that worked to keep Mystic Falls residents out of harm’s way. The council was comprised of long-standing members from the original founders of 1864- when Katherine first came to Mystic Falls.

Later in season 4, we saw Pastor Young’s new and more aggressive town council, which only managed to detain Rebekah, Stefan, and Elena for a short time, before Pastor Young incinerated this new council in his own home! What was the plan again Pastor Young?

4 The Brotherhood Of The Five

For a long while, The Vampire Diaries was focused on the town’s vampires and their immense fear of the originals. They were the ultimate villains, and a possible end to Mystic Falls’ vampires, until the announcement of The Originals, the prequel to Vampire Diaries. Consequently, Klaus and the rest of the Mikaelson family had to bow out, prompting TVD writers to find a new antagonist.

This was the birth of the Brotherhood of the Five. Known as ‘The Five’, in short, this was a group of five supernaturally gifted vampire hunters.  When Connor first hit the screen, he was the promise of suspense, ruthlessness, and fear, only for Elena, a newly turned vampire to kill him. How could she kill such an experienced and skilled vampire hunter? Later, the plot changed to just a way of releasing Silas, causing fans to wonder what the hullabaloo for ‘The Five’ was all about!

3 Turning Alaric Into An Original

When the original vampires are introduced in the series, we get to understand how they came about. After her youngest son, Henrik, was eliminated by the neighboring werewolf family, the powerful witch, Esther, decided to turn her family into original vampires. Performing an occult blood ritual using Tatia’s blood, her five remaining children, Niklaus, Elijah, Fin, Rebekah, Kol, and her husband, were turned into original vampires. Making them stronger and harder to kill than normal vampires.

In Alaric’s case, however, he is turned by Esther Mikaelson, using the immortality spell, an altered version of what she used on the Mikaelson family. Suddenly, we did not need a doppelgänger! Seems magic was an all fix remedy for TVD writers.

2 How Did Elena And Caroline Get To College?

Elena and Caroline were first introduced in the series as teenage best friends attending high school. With the infiltration of vampires in TVD, and their direct involvement with them, as well as also turning into vampires, one wonders how these two students passed their exams and got to Whitmore College. My guess is maybe the compelled admissions office to let them into college, or their high school teachers to fake their exam results.

Their time in college is also spent partying and with supernatural activities. They found mysterious professors who knew all about vampires and ran experiments on them. Thank God the college storyline was cut off, otherwise, we’d see them graduate, and wonder how that happened, the second time.


Not only was Elena’s and Caroline’s educational progress and shock, but also the rest of the cast members. They are also students at the same school, and we rarely see them in class, well, unless we have to see Stefan in the same class hitting on Elena, and meeting in the hallways. The rest of the time we see them planning parties and attending them, building and breaking-off relationships.

After all the parties, dances, rituals, becoming vampires and a Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle, we see these ladies and gentlemen graduating high school. We should have at least seen the do a math’s test or meet up to do homework as other students do!


Did you catch any other mistakes in The Vampire Diaries? Let us know in the comments!

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