10 The Vampire Diaries Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

CW's hit show, The Vampire Diaries, has plenty of memes commemorating it. Here are 10 of the best that will have you dying with laughter.

The CW may still be a relatively young TV network, but it does have some very solid and memorable hits in its vault. One of their best and most successful series is undoubtedly their vampire romance drama, The Vampire Diaries. It was not only one of the CW's most popular TV shows of all time, but it also had one of the most passionate fan bases out of anything on air at the time.

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Just like any TV show that is popular with lots of passionate fans, there are a lot of creative things on the internet in honor of TVD. Of course, it's a popular subject for things like fanfiction, graphics, and videos, but one of the most common and enjoyable homages to any TV show or movie is undoubtedly the meme. The Vampire Diaries has plenty of memes commemorating it that are strewn across the internet. Here are 10 of the best.

10 Even The Bear Knew

Out of the inseparable Salvatore bros, Stefan is certainly the brother with the reputation for being more sensitive and caring. However, Stefan does have a rare occasion when he completely steps in it and makes himself look like a completely inconsiderate jerk.

This particular meme was formed right around the time that Caroline first started developing feelings for Stefan, but it seems like a pretty apt representation of their relationship in general. You'd think that since Stefan actually wound up marrying Caroline (the only relationship he actually made legally official, by the way) he'd be a little more in tune with her feelings, but not so much.

9 Fantasy Vs. Reality

This meme only makes the argument that human life is better spent watching pretty people live out fictional but entertaining lives on TV instead of actually leaving the house and trying to live a life of their own, right? And in fairness to the vast majority of the human population, everyone is going to look like Gollum next to the cast of a CW show.

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Although most people's crushes don't have the looks that Ian Somerhalder does (because literally, who on earth has the looks that Ian Somerhalder does), everyone can certainly relate to that feeling of adoring someone who is completely out of your league too.

8 A Favor For A Friend

This definitely might be the facial expression of a hardcore TVD fan who has managed to indoctrinate their friend into the ways of the Diaries, but what's more interesting is what this meme would be if it was about that person's friend instead.

Would they be happy because they love The Vampire Diaries? Would they be angry because they had no idea how much suffering was ahead of them, but their friend knew and got them hooked on the show anyway? Or would they just be sad, because once they fell in love with the characters they had to spend over a hundred hours of their lives watching them suffer?

7 Conceal, Don't Feel

Honestly, we feel sorry for the people in the world who can just watch a TV show like a normal person and not invest every waking hour to the fandoms that they love. However, clearly, those rational people who use television as an hour of wasted time each week might be a little confused or terrified to see the reaction of a genuine fan.

The feelings are real, but the show is imaginary, so understandably most people who are on the extreme ends of fanboys and fangirls try to hold in their emotions when there are other people around. And then they go to their room and cry themselves to sleep.

6 Mean Vamps

So obviously everyone understands this meme on the surface level, but you know what the real joke is? That Damon would ever really want to talk to someone else if Elena was an option.

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It's nice that over the course of The Vampire Diaries Damon learned to be slightly less fixated on Katherine or Elena and actually managed to expand his friend (or maybe friend is being generous in most instances, let's say acquaintance) circle a little bit. But obviously we can appreciate memes that can get a little meta, so this meme that is kind of a litmus test for a true TVD fan versus a casual is a solid one.

5 TVD Knows Its Audience

Okay, so fans of The Vampire Diaries deserve a bit more credit than this because the show is actually pretty great. However, Ian Somerhalder was understandably one of the bigger draws for people who hadn't heard of the show before or who were just giving it a shot when it first started.

Who knows if it's because they were familiar with his earlier work (clearly when the show started he was the biggest star in the cast) or just because of his piercing eyes and unforgettable face, but the CW understandably used that stunning visage to garner as much attention and as many viewers as possible.

4 Therapy Is Also An Option

To be clear, we do not suggest killing any family members that annoy you, but clearly, Klaus can get away with it, which is why he daggers his siblings more often than most people change their clothes.

There are better solutions to solving problems than just putting them on ice semi-permanently, but in fairness to Klaus, it seems pretty likely that if most people had that option they'd wind up taking it at least once or twice. And that's just most average people, not the absolute lunatic Klaus Mikaelson.

3 Too Soon Bro

You know, Alaric Saltzman is a bit of a train wreck sometimes, but he deserves some props for being able to suffer through the deaths of like 20 significant others and then putting himself out there again in the hopes of finding love.

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Klaus Mikaelson once told Caroline Forbes that he intended to be her last love, but maybe he should have taken some pointers from Ric since he managed to be the last love of everyone that he ever dated. Oh also, how in the world has he never caught the attention of the police or FBI or something? You'd think having someone's partners constantly dropping dead under mysterious circumstances would be a major red flag in the normal world.

2 You Win Some, You Lose Some

I mean, it's The Vampire Diaries, you know? You've got to expect that the character you love is going to die because the proportion of characters who die on the show is just staggeringly high. But there's no need to get too pressed about it either because even once they're dead it seems like they have a 50/50 chance or better of coming back to life at some point too.

Not to drag Alaric Saltzman because he's a perfectly fine dude and at least he is one of the least dangerous/least prone to murdering people characters on TVD, but swapping Damon for him isn't exactly an even trade.

1 At Least They're Pretty

Well no offense, but obviously Katherine and Elena weren't drawn to Stefan and Damon because they were so smart and intellectually stimulating. To be entirely fair, you could make a pretty solid argument that literally every character on The Vampire Diaries probably wouldn't have made it even half as far as they did if they didn't look like an Abercrombie & Fitch catalog come to life.

In terms of actual intellectual power, it's clear that Katherine was far and away smarter than nearly everyone else, hence why she managed to pull their entire lives apart by herself for so long while they all worked together against her and failed.

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