The Vampire Diaries & The Originals: 10 Times Klaus Mikaelson Was Actually a Good Guy

Joseph Morgan's breakout character Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaries became such a fan favorite that he even headed up his own spin-off show The Originals. Klaus is the ultimate bad boy who toes the line between villain and anti-hero. As one of the original vampires ever created, he's had thousands of years to commit all sorts of atrocities.

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But Klaus proves that no one is all bad all the time. In all that time on earth, he did right by others at some points. So, here are ten times that Klaus was actually a good guy in the The Vampire Diaries or The Originals.

10 Saved Caroline From a Werewolf Bite

When Tyler bites Caroline, he condemns her to death. As fans know in the Vampire Diaries universe, werewolf venom is deadly to vampires. The cure is within reach, however, as it lies within Klaus's blood as he is the first hybrid. Of course, the only reason Tyler bit Caroline was on orders from Klaus, his sire. It's a bond that can't be ignored and must be obeyed. But Klaus repents when he starts to fall for the neurotic yet sweet Caroline. His capacity for love leads him to make amends and make the right decision.

9 Gave Rebekah the Carved Wood Knight

Long before he became one of the original vampires and before he knew of his werewolf bloodline, Klaus was a normal little boy growing up in Viking country. He was an average big brother who adored his younger siblings. In a flashback to the Mikaelsons history, Rebekah is scared by a nearby thunderstorm. Klaus offers her the wood knight he carved for his father as a symbol of protection. He promises her he will always keep her safe. It took some time to get there, but in the end, he kept his promise to her.

8 Let Marcel Take Him in Exchange for His Family's Freedom

Elijah rips Marcel's heart out, but the murder doesn't stick as the Mikaelson brothers' adopted son already took a potion that turned him into a super hybrid. Seeking revenge, Marcel bites Elijah and Kol, forcing Hayley to put them in coffins to slow down the poison.

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Meanwhile, Klaus agrees to become Marcel's prisoner in exchange for leaving the rest of his family be. For five years, he remains a prisoner so that Marcel doesn't go after the others. But five years is nothing to an immortal as old as Klaus.

7 Double-Crossed Dahlia to Save Hope

The Mikaelsons' long-lost aunt came back to claim Hayley and Klaus's daughter Hope as part of a pact made with Esther thousands of years ago. But Hope's parents each have different views on how to best protect her. Klaus takes matters into his own hands and takes Hope to follow Dahlia as if he will give her up. But everyone, including Dahlia, underestimated how much he loved his daughter. He used the ruse to dagger himself after she had linked her life to his, giving his family time to pull a rescue mission for Hope.

6 Took on the Hollow That Possessed Hope

When an ancient witch power called The Hollow possesses Hope and threatens to kill her, the Mikaelson family fights tooth and nail to free her of the torment. In the end, Klaus and his siblings know there is only one way to save his daughter: they must take on the possession of The Hollow themselves.

Freya extracts the power from Hope and splits it into four pieces within her siblings. To keep it from becoming whole again, the Mikaelsons must say goodbye to Hope as well as to each other.

5 Adopting Marcel

Before the fallout between them, Marcel had become a part of the Mikaelson family. Klaus took him in as a child after freeing him from his slave master on a plantation. Marcel became like a son to him and Klaus felt like he had the chance to be a better father than his own.

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Though it didn't work out in the long run because Klaus was too jealous to share his siblings' affection with Marcel, fans consider the initial act of saving him from life as a slave as a good-guy move.

4 Saves Caroline From Mikael

In The Vampire Diaries, Klaus's father first returns in Mystic Falls by possessing Alaric's body. It is a sinister form of torture for Elena, Caroline, and their friends to be chased by their former teacher and friend. As Mikael goes on a rampage through Mystic Falls, killing any vampire he sees on sight, he corners Caroline in the halls of her high school.

Klaus finds her first and sends her away to safety. Not only does he rescue Caroline at this moment, he faces his absolute worst fear: his father.

3 Protects Elena From Herself From the Hunter's Curse

When Elena kills one of The Five, magical vampire hunters from centuries past, it sets off a curse that leaves her hallucinating. Klaus experienced the curse himself in his early days as a vampire and knows it will lead her to try to kill herself.

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He wants to take her somewhere safe, but the Salvatores want to keep Elena safe themselves. Elena runs out of the protection of her house during one of her hallucinations, and Klaus takes the opportunity to whisk her away to a windowless room so that she doesn't burn if she takes her ring off.

2 Calms Caroline Down When She's Making a Scene

After Elena breaks up with Stefan because of her confusing feelings for Damon following her transformation into a vampire, she and Caroline get into an argument about it. Causing a scene, Caroline yells at Elena for being so foolish to let go of such a good guy.

Klaus steps in and pulls her away to help her calm down. He distracts her from her anger and concern by making her laugh. It's a genuine moment between the two that solidifies his love for her. He understands Caroline's anger comes from the right place.

1 Sacrifices His Life to Save His Family

The Hollow returns more powerful than ever in the final season of The Originals. The Mikaelsons try everything they can to keep it at bay and keep Hope safe from its power. But ultimately, Klaus realizes there's only one solution. He knows that only one person can take on The Hollow and then must be killed to rid the world of its power. He volunteers for the job and sacrifices his life so that his daughter can live in peace. Even though it would leave Hope an orphan, he knows it has to be him.

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