The Vampire Diaries: Hilarious 10 Katherine Memes That Only True Fans Will Understand

TVD villains came and went, but Katherine Pierce was the most iconic villain in The Vampire Diaries. And these are 10 memes in her honor.

Some people can't help but fall in love with the bad guy. Or this case, the bad girl. Katherine Pierce is one of the best femme fatale characters we've ever had on television. Despite The Vampire Diaries being over for a couple of years now, Katherine still reigns as one of the best villains on The CW and a fan favorite.

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Even now, there are plenty of TVD fans who wish that Katherine would come back in some way on the currently airing Legacies, or even in a spin-off all her own. But since we can't have new scenes with Katherine, we can still look at some hilarious memes of her.

10 Elena couldn't make worrying look as good

In one of the later seasons of the series, Katherine gets hit with the vampire cure that turns her into a human. Due to her age when she takes it and the weird tricky mythology of the show's "cure rules," Katherine begins aging at an accelerated rate as a human.

She has to worry about things like being mortal, getting gray hair, and even wrinkles. Still, for the fans who loved Katherine way more than Elena, it's funny to think that Katherine is somehow "hotter" than her doppelganger and would be able to pull off wrinkle worries better than her descendant.

9 Everyone gets a doppelganger

When The Vampire Diaries began, the only doppelgangers we knew about were Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert. Elena was the main character, but we frequently heard about her doppelganger Katherine throughout season one. Eventually, Katherine appeared in Mystic Falls to cause her own type of trouble by the end of the first season.

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In passing, we also heard about Tatia, the supposed progenitor of this particular line. Later, we learn that there is yet another doppelganger named Amara. And not only that, but then Stefan starts to get his own line of doppelgangers. It's kind of crazy, and this meme is the perfect joke to make about the many lookalikes on the series.

8 First step to any murder

This text post meme is pretty funny to consider when you look at the photo and understand what's going on in the scene. At this point, Katherine was threatening Bonnie, and the text post is meant as a joke to prepare for killing someone.

"The first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself." If anyone has fun with killing people, it's Katherine. She loves to play with her prey more so than most vampires do. It's also similar advice given to people who want to know how to make friends or be introduced to a new setting.

7 Kai introduces Katherine

The panel in the lefthand column of this meme is actually a real moment that occurred on the series. Kai Parker hinted at Katherine's return in the final season by building her up as the legend and the baddest of all villains on The Vampire Diaries.

Katherine started as the initial villain on the series, so it only fitted that she would be the final villain in the series finale. She rose from Hell just to terrorize Mystic Falls one last time, and this user put together a nice side-by-side tribute to the vampire vixen.

6 If Katherine was in other TV shows

This meme helps present the many different sides of Katherine Pierce. If you ever wanted to imagine her on a different television series then, it would be easy to do so just given the different outfits and scenes we see her in throughout the series.

The first image shows Katherine in her traditional vampire form. The second picture has her with black eyes akin to something demonic from Supernatural. In the third picture, Katherine is human and looks rough, like a survivor (or even a zombie) from The Walking Dead. The final image is Katherine, while in Elena's body, she seems extra prim and fashionable like a teenager on Pretty Little Liars.

5 Katherine will not return, or will she?

Katherine's storyline was technically completed back in the fifth season of the series when she became human and eventually stole Elena's body. After that, they were finally able to get rid of Katherine and banish her to Hell for a while.

The writers stated that we wouldn't see Katherine again, but many fans continued holding on to hope that she would eventually return. At the end of the series, we finally get to see Katherine once again when she returns for the finale.

4 No time for studies I have a show to watch

Have you ever had your mom pressure you to do your homework even though you wanted nothing more than to continue watching your favorite television shows? If so, then this moment with Katherine Pierce probably resonates with you.

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Why do homework when you could instead focus on watching the best series ever, a.k.a., The Vampire Diaries? Katherine's reaction at this moment is perfectly fitting for what the vampire queen would think.

3 When you and your friends have different ideas on what's fun and what isn't

Elena and Katherine share a fair amount of time down in the tombs during the second season of the series. Even though the two were never going to become friends, this text post is kind of hilarious if you take it out of context.

Katherine would certainly be the type of person to think it frustrating that her friends don't condone murder or any of the things she enjoys doing, and would instead prefer to sing in a field of daisies than to indulge in bloodsport.

2 You can be tough and still have emotions

What happens when someone as strong and fierce as Katherine Pierce actually begins to feel powerful emotions? It's not easy to hold it in. Sometimes you're going to be sad, but you can still be tough and confident too.

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There were a few times, generally around Klaus Mikaelson, where Katherine was pushed to a breaking point and tried to hang on to her resolve rather than be reduced to tears.

1 The Vampire Diaries is over it's time to move on

The Vampire Diaries came to an end a couple of years ago, but it's not easy to let it go. If it's your favorite series, then you can't simply forget it and move on.

Even if part of you thinks about moving on, another part of you will remember some of the amazing characters such as Katherine, Stefan, Elena, Bonnie, and more. Plus, there are all the great romantic relationships to consider too. Can you ever really move on from Mystic Falls?

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