20 Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Vampire Diaries Couples

The Vampire Diaries has no shortage of romantic relationships, but that doesn’t stop fans from inventing new ones. It seems there is no limit to the possible combinations of characters viewers want to see together. In some cases, the pairings make a lot of sense, and others require we use some imagination. Either way, fan art like drawings and edits help us envision what these relationships would look like if they really happened on the show. Talented artists and editors redesigned these characters and transformed them into unusual couples.

None of the following pairings have a true romance, but some have come close. Fans naturally root for those with close friendships and those whose relationships have slowly evolved over the long series. What’s most surprising are the relationships that have never even crossed your mind. Some have such antagonistic interactions that it’s almost impossible to picture them together. A few have almost non-existent relationships to begin with, so it’s intriguing to visualize what could have been.

Unfortunately, some of the characters who could have worked out best as a couple are on entirely different television shows. There are so many TVD characters, but fans still look elsewhere for romantic connections. Whether you would love to see the following duos become canon or think they’re a little too out there, at least the images are gorgeous and intriguing. And remember, anything goes in the world of fantasy@ Keep reading and make up your own mind about these unexpected pairs.

Here are 20 Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Vampire Diaries Couples.

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20 Rebekah and Caroline

Fans termed this fun pairing "Team Vampire Barbie" for obvious reasons. They hate each other on the show, but Caroline and Rebekah are actually extremely similar. Their platinum blonde hair and Barbie doll looks don’t discount them from being headstrong, or even physically strong. FakeF’s image manipulation shows us what it would look like if they got together. Rebekah’s head rests in Caroline’s lap and she finally seems happy not to be so alone.

They both crave popularity, but Caroline naturally had it in high school while Rebekah had to compel herself friends. It would be nice if the two dropped the hostility and built a genuine bond instead.

19 Elena and Elijah

This chibi style art by psychodoll-behindyou captures the adorable potential of an Elena and Elijah pairing. Their big eyes seem to drink each other in as they hold hands. It’s no surprise the two never got a chance together given the show’s preoccupation with the Stelena vs. Delena debate. It seems some fans have latched onto one small moment between them and ran with it.

Elijah was briefly in love with Katherine, although she was using him. When Elena pretends to be Katherine to get information from him, they share a kiss. Tragically, this ends with him attacking her upon realization that she’s not his beloved. Still, this didn’t stop fans from pairing the original vampire with the show’s protagonist.

18 Bonnie and Damon

Lunaaltare on Tumblr created a beautifully sharp depiction of Bonnie and Clyde –er, Damon, that is. The picture makes us wish the two really did have a rebellious romance, or a romance at all. Though this coupling never happened, Damon and Bonnie became easy for fans to root for after they got trapped together in a deserted prison world.

Though Bonnie saw no redeeming qualities in Damon for the first few seasons, they built a genuine friendship in the end. Bonnie’s kind nature had made her no fan of the way Damon treated Caroline-- or Elena, for that matter. It’s bittersweet that she does see through his snarky facade in the end, but nothing intimate comes of it.

17 Caroline and Enzo

Enzo has been known to flirt with Caroline, but she was having none of it. This drawing depicts a different reality where Caroline thinks he’s “not so bad.” They’ve had to work together at different points in the series, but always remained frenemies. It’s true that Caroline’s sunny nature doesn’t necessarily fit well with Enzo’s snark.

However, don’t dismiss this pairing completely. Fans are head over heels for Caroline and Klaus, which is a canon pairing that has the same unbalanced dynamic. It seems many want to see a relationship in which Caroline warms the heart of some cynical older vampire. This picture definitely gives us that impression as well.

16 Damon and Jessica Hamby

Moondust131 proves Jessica from True Blood)and Damon would be quite the power couple. They stand together commandingly, and seem to know the extent of their supernatural abilities and influence. Though Jessica grew up sheltered, her vampire transformation brings out her more rebellious qualities. She doesn't deny her vampire nature, breaking up with Hoyt to explore more relationships. Vampirism brought out this side of Damon, too.

The two use their abilities to compel humans in order to get what they want, and are definitely not opposed to drinking human blood. Though Jessica has more of a conscience than Damon, their similar qualities could make them an interesting pair. If only there had been a crossover between the two shows!

15 Klaus and Stefan

Klaus and Stefan have known each other for almost a century. Considering how Klaus came after Elena for her doppelgänger blood, there was no longer much room for anything but animosity between them. Iluvsbkevin paints a very different picture in which the guys’ primary love interests stand by the sidelines. Elena seems less impressed with Klaus and Stefan holding hands, but Caroline doesn’t seem to mind at all. Ironically, she’s still wearing the dress Klaus gave her for the ball.

It also might be slightly awkward that Stefan dated Klaus’ sister back in the 1920s. Though this pairing doesn’t seem too feasible, anything is possible in the imaginative world of fan art.

14 Damon and Alaric

The best buds and drinking partners could have been so much more according to this sketch by LinART. Damon and Alaric give each other playful sideways glances with Damon’s arm swung over Ric’s shoulder. This relationship could definitely have worked, given how much time the two spent together. Damon was obviously stuck on Elena the entire series, but his friendship with Alaric was enough of a foundation for fans to build on.

After Alaric’s passing, Damon mourned him more than anybody. Their relationship doesn’t go beyond one of the most solid friendships of the series, but fans aren’t making up their very real connection.

13 Klaus and Elena

Hanatarie paints a gorgeous picture of Klaus and Elena as a couple. The artist portrays Elena as an Angel of Darkness complete with dark wings, a tattoo, and the romantic symbol of a rose. It seems Elena would have to change in order to be involved with Klaus, given that her sympathetic nature is always at odds with his vicious manipulations. We see her as a much darker version of herself in this interpretation, which would help her connect on a different level with Klaus.

Klaus himself looks brooding and slightly menacing as always, but Elena shares this exact expression. Maybe they are an unexpected pairing, but this image makes it seem like real potential is there.

12 Damon and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers would probably be the stuff of nightmares for Damon Salvatore. Justdailyjenns still paired them together, and to be fair they don’t make a bad couple, at least appearance-wise. Buffy looks like someone Damon would date, but it might be a problem that she’s a literal vampire slayer. Damon also happens to be one of the most in-your-face and sinful vampires around.

If they could get past these major setbacks, though, their personalities line up in other ways. Damon is known for his snark, and Buffy also consistently uses sarcasm for comedic relief. They both love to crack a joke during intense moments. It’s just too bad they’d undoubtedly be on opposite sides of any battle.

11 Klaus and Katherine

Some fans, like artist badromance194, can overlook the fact that Katherine spent centuries running from Klaus. They wear medieval clothing here, which places them in period when Klaus discovered he needed Katherine’s blood to break his hybrid curse. They were certainly not together at this time, as Klaus destroys Katherine’s family and she willingly turns herself into a vampire to avoid capture. However, it’s nice to imagine a scenario in which all of this is erased and Katherine met Klaus on good terms.

She might even have remained human had they been romantically involved and if Klaus wasn’t after her precious blood. In the end, though, Klaus was more interested in accessing his werewolf abilities than finding love.

10 Caroline and Elijah

This skilful image manipulation by HallieSanford gifts us an intimate moment between Caroline and Elijah that never actually happened. It’s never even really been hinted at on the show, but Caroline and Elijah could be a great match. Here, they lean in for a kiss that reminds us of what could have been.

The only problem is Caroline’s involvement with Klaus, Elijah’s brother. This relationship is a fan favorite, so it didn't make much sense to build that kind of conflict. Besides, with Damon and Stefan on the show, there would have been no room for yet another brothers’ feud over a girl. In an alternate universe where Caroline doesn’t meet Klaus, she and Elijah might have worked out. He’s perhaps the softest original vampire, and probably the closest to sharing Caroline’s values.

9 Meredith Fell and Damon

Meredith is a minor character, but she does have many interactions with Damon and the two had a certain level of friendship. Though she’s only a human, she saves Damon’s life in season four when he gets caught in a trap. As a doctor, she’s clever and a pretty tough cookie who can’t be taken advantage of. Damon usually uses human girls, but maybe fans who ship Damon and Meredith want to see him in a normal relationship with a human.

The edit by Pridipdiyoren is a change of pace from Damon’s usual ways. Their handholding is sweet and sincere. It seems random at first, but it is an interesting ship that makes sense if you think about it.

8 Bonnie and Kol

This stunning digital portrait captures an intense look between Bonnie and Kol, a member of the Original vampire family. It’s difficult to say where this ship came from, especially since Kol is a more minor Original than Klaus or Elijah. Kol and Bonnie are adversaries and don’t interact much beyond discussing supernatural pursuits. They are typically on opposite sides of conflicts, and Bonnie is definitely more interested in maintaining a moral high ground.

The artist of this image (Iza-chan) has the potential to change the perception of this pairing with an intriguing portrayal. The two make an attractive couple, and the urgent look they share hints at a star-crossed love.

7 Enzo and Damon

Enzo and Damon spent years together imprisoned as vampire experiments for Dr. Whitmore. As guinea pigs for humans to learn more about the supernatural, the pair was tormented and kept in cells. This situation would be enough to bond anybody for life. Enzo and Damon’s shared pain gives them a genuine friendship, and it could easily be more according. RoltsSomething represents them as “bad boys,” and it’s true they are both loveable anti-heroes on the show.

The artist even includes Enzo’s signature scarf and Damon’s common fanged state. It’s clear why many fans wanted to see them together, but Enzo and Damon were both occupied by other relationships.

6 Bonnie and Kai

Chibi versions of Bonnie and Kai seem to automatically make this pairing cute. ShadowDark1 does a great job of making us forget the evil deeds Kai has committed with this bright-eyed version of him in a Mystic Falls high school t-shirt. He seems to be blushing at the sight of Bonnie, but she’s walking away from him and is clearly not as interested. Ms. Cuddles, her magical bear from the prison world where she meets Kai, also makes an appearance.

Bonnie and Kai spent so much time together in the prison world that it’s easy to see why fans root for them. However, it became impossible for them to become canon when Bonnie trapped  Kai in a prison world of his own. In reality they had no chance, but at least we have this adorable image.

5 Kol and Jeremy

Fatal-Drug’s drawing shows Kol with his hand on Jeremy’s shoulder, maybe alarmed at a text he’s sending. This could represent the tension the two had during the series. Kol had to spy on Jeremy while pretending to be his friend, which was a scenario that likely started the fan support for them as a couple. Later, when Jeremy becomes a vampire hunter, there was no room even for friendship. Their relationship ends with Jeremy destroying Kol for good.

That doesn’t stop viewers from seeing more in this combination of characters. There must be something to be said for antagonistic relationships transforming into loving ones, because many fans latched onto this one.

4 Rebekah and Eric Northman

This pair makes us desperately wish Rebekah and Eric Northman (from True Blood) were on the same show. Charmingangel22’s beautiful vignette of the two looks painstakingly real, making it even more tragic that we will never see them together. With an alarmingly similar history, this couple almost feels natural. They are both vampires over a thousand years old and from the Viking period. They also have quite a bit of power and influence, as Eric is a vampire sheriff and Rebekah is an Original vampire.

The blonde duo looks very attractive together in this image. Beyond appearances, it makes us wish Rebekah really had this opportunity to connect with someone of the same rare background.

3 Jeremy and Tyler

This manip by Eclyps gives us an idea of what Jeremy and Tyler's romance would look like. Fans watched their friendship evolve over several seasons. They knew each other since childhood, like most main characters in Mystic Falls, but mutual loathing came about in high school. It doesn’t help when you’re both chasing the same girl.

However, they put this rivalry aside and became allies during later seasons. They eventually even lived together and both become vampire hunters. With such a complex history and a great deal in common, this couple starts to make a lot of sense.

2 Klaus and Bonnie

Niklaus Mikaelson on Amino provides an astounding image of Bonnie and Klaus together in what appears to be either a frame or a mirror. Bonnie looks unhappy in this relationship, which is not far off from how she interacts with Klaus on the show. It’s hard to see this one working out when Bonnie hated Klaus with a passion. She didn’t exactly have a clean slate either, as she contributed to Klaus’ brother’s demise.

It might be an added complication that Caroline and Klaus were such a prominent focus, especially for fans. Caroline would not have appreciated her best friend Bonnie hooking up with her potential love interest, no matter how inconsistent her own feelings were. Bonnie and Klaus were at times adversaries, and at other times they had to work together.

1 Katherine and Mick St. John

Another crossover relationship portrayed by charmingangel22 lets us fantasize about what could have been. Mick from Moonlight is a vampire like Katherine, but their differing personalities provide some added interest. After all, opposites attract. Mick is a private investigator who not only fights crime, but also subdues his vampire nature for moral reasons. It goes without saying that Katherine is a criminal herself; she is widely considered evil even amongst other supernatural creatures.

While Mick only drinks human blood from blood banks or criminals, Katherine has no qualms about destroying human life. Maybe fans who root for them believe Mick could somehow change her. It would have been fascinating to see what these two would have meant to each other had they been an authentic couple.


What unexpected couple from The Vampire Diaries are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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