• 25 Characters Vampire Diaries Wants Us To Forget

    Over the course of eight seasons, there were plenty of characters that came and went on The Vampire Diaries. Some were memorable and had meaningful connections or relationships with the main characters and also advanced the plot in entertaining and exciting ways, but that wasn't the case for everyone. In some cases, characters were so entwined in forgettable or lousy plots that you wanted to forget they existed. It even seemed like the show wanted to pretend they were never around.

    Whether a character lost his or her life, or had left town, someone could have mentioned him or her at a later point in time. Instead, in many cases, it was “out of sight, out of mind,” which leads to the assumption that TVD wanted it that way. Even when someone could have been alluded to, or that problem could have been addressed, he or she wasn't. Maybe doing so would have reminded viewers of a time when a favorite character was less than hero-like, or maybe, doing so would have meant bringing up a storyline that dragged on for too long or never should have happened in the first place: like the Travelers or ghost-cheating. Whatever the reason, these characters did exist, and sadly, they're not as forgettable as the CW series might have wanted them to be.

    Here are 25 Characters Vampire Diaries Wants Us To Forget.

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    April Young

    April was just one of the humans who got caught up in the supernatural happenings in Mystic Falls. At first, April ended up in the middle of everything because she was looking into her father's disappearance... He was a vampire hunter*. Despite multiple compulsions, she eventually found out the truth thanks to a vervain bracelet from Jeremy.

    Not only did it seem that the series wanted its fans to forget about her, the show did as well. She had a past with Elena, which was a great way to connect her to the group in the present, however, after her last appearance, no one mentioned her again. Viewers can only assume she left.

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  • 24 / 25
    Professor Atticus Shane
    The Vampire Diaries Atticus Shane

    Shane's one purpose was to introduce Silas. His own goal was understandable, he wanted his family back and he thought Silas could accomplish that, but he was also the main characters' antagonist.

    Once Silas was free, there was no more need for Shane or to mention him again. Shane had done what he needed to do and the show moved on to its next problem. Silas wasn't that great of a villain, though. Just like The Vampire Diaries moved on from him, it quickly forgot how that storyline started: with Shane.

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  • 23 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Anna

    It's not just that the supernatural series wanted fans to forget Anna, it wanted them to forget what she did to get her mother back. She had a softer side, but fans only saw that in her interactions with Jeremy; however, they also saw him cheat on Bonnie with her.

    Jeremy and Bonnie were able to move on from that and were together again, though it didn't last, but it was clear that The Vampire Diaries wanted to forget about Anna because she should've been a bigger problem than she was for that relationship moving forward.

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  • 22 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Nadia

    There were at least two major reasons why Nadia faded from everyone's memory on the show. First of all, she was Katherine's daughter, and she was really only important to her, so it wasn't like the others cared that much about the Petrova family.

    Then, there was also her connection to the Travelers, a group of people that everyone wishes they could forget. TVD didn't even bother to address Nadia's fate when the Other Side came down, which says it all. Fans can only assume what happened to her, but does anyone really care if the series obviously doesn't?

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    Dr. Wesley Maxfield
    The Vampire Diaries Wesley Maxfield

    Dr. Maxfield (or Dr. Frankenstein, as Damon called him) experimented on vampires. Though he wanted to save humans from being vampires' food sources, he wanted vampires to destroy their own kind and his experiments went on for much longer than they should have.

    But for all that he did, like most recurring antagonists, no one really remembered him after he was gone. The series moved on from him relatively quickly for all the pain he caused multiple characters, including Elena and Damon. He even teamed up with the Travelers at one point, which was enough for the show to want to forget he existed.

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  • 20 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Qetsiyah

    Qetsiyah was part of some of the weakest storylines of the series: Silas, Amara, and the Travelers.

    Though you would think that's something that would be remembered even after they were gone — Stefan and Elena's doppelgängers! — the series was all too happy to forget anyone connected to them existed. Her only purpose was her connection to, and love for, Silas. Sure, she was important because she created the first immortality spell, but that was about it. Her story started and ended with Silas, and if the series had cared about her, you would think that wouldn't be the case.

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    Liv Parker
    The Vampire Diaries Liv Parker

    Considering how important Liv was at one point, it says something that it takes a moment to remember her. She was present for several key events: the Other Side collapsing, trying to save Bonnie from a prison world, and re-triggering Tyler's werewolf curse.

    Still, after she allowed Tyler to take her life so he could become a werewolf again and heal, the show promptly forgot about her. Even though the Gemini coven remained part of the series, and now Legacies, does anyone even remember that Liv even existed? She may have been the least important member of the Parker family.

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  • 18 / 25
    Luke Parker
    The Vampire Diaries Luke Parker

    Really, the only thing fans and the series remember Luke for is making Liv stop the spell for everyone to return from the Other Side. After that, The Vampire Diaries forgot about Luke as easily as Kai absorbed him in the Gemini coven's merge ceremony. Sure, Kai had some of his more sympathetic traits after the merge, but he was still Kai.

    Luke didn't really have any connection to any of the main characters for his memory to live on after he was gone. He should have, given that the Gemini coven lives on in Legacies, but he just doesn't.

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  • 17 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Valerie

    The main reason The Vampire Diaries wants to forget Valerie existed was Stefan's relationship with her. The fact that they were together in the past wasn't the problem, however, it was the fact that they rekindled their relationship in the present. Once she ended their relationship because of his feelings for Caroline, Valerie might as well have stopped existing.

    After she disappeared from his life, she disappeared from the show. It's unknown what happened to her, which makes it seem like the series couldn't care about honoring who she was outside of Stefan.

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  • 16 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Beau

    Did Beau ever matter as an individual outside the group of heretics? The others were given their own stories and relationships, while Beau was pretty much in the background. He was forgettable even when he was on-screen.

    It wasn't that he couldn't speak, he had a formidable presence and his scar gave him a different backstory from the others, but once he passed away, that was it. Without any real connection for others to remember him, he just faded away from everyone's memory on the show and of those who watched it.

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  • 15 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Julian

    Julian was responsible for many problems in season 7. Imagine how much better the series would have been if he'd stayed in the Phoenix Stone or if he hadn't been able to use it to cause pain to others. Julian was the one responsible for Stefan and Valerie losing their unborn child, which made him irredeemable.

    When his end came, he was alone since his friends couldn't see what was happening, which prevented them from saving him. It was a case of “out of sight, out of mind,” and once he was, that described him on the series as well.

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  • 14 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Rayna

    Does anyone want to remember the Huntress storyline? The Vampire Diaries pretty much erased it from existence, which said it all. Rayna ended up transferring her life's essence to Bonnie, who became the huntress in her place. That didn't last long, though, and as soon as that part of Bonnie was gone, so was the storyline.

    Rayna also essentially came with a built-in countdown clock. A number of shamans transferred their lives to hers in order to make her the huntress. After those, that was it. She was never someone the others would want to find a way to save.

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  • 13 / 25
    Logan Fell
    The Vampire Diaries Rayna

    The Vampire Diaries left the Town Council behind years before the series ended. Fortunately, it also left Logan Fell behind, even though he could have technically came back or someone could've mentioned him when the Other Side was coming down.

    There wasn't anything special about his storyline, even before and after he became a vampire. He sought revenge, he went after people he knew when he was human, and he eventually lost his life. His passing was covered up, just like all vampire-related crimes were, and it's doubtful anyone in Mystic Falls remembered him by season 2, which says a lot since he was a reporter.

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  • 12 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Harper

    Harper could have been an interesting character. The series could have explored what it was like for him to be in the 21st century, but instead, his story was tied to Pearl's. He was also one of John Gilbert's casualties, just as he was getting interesting.

    Since Pearl was Anna's mother and Anna was still around, her end was the one that had the bigger impact. While fans saw Pearl again, with Anna two seasons later, the series never bothered to check in on what happened to Harper. You can make of that what you will.

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  • 11 / 25
    Luka Martin
    The Vampire Diaries Luka Martin

    Despite being part of the Klaus and Elijah storyline in season 2, as well as being connected to Bonnie as she learned magic, did anyone remember Luka after his life ended?

    That would be a no. Luka was never much of his own character, which showed what TVD thought of him. Furthermore, Damon callously ended his life, and considering how the show turned Damon around by the end, that's not something it wants anyone to remember. Luka wasn't a bad guy, he was just naïve and misguided because he did what his father wanted him to.

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  • 10 / 25
    Dr. Jonas Martin
    The Vampire Diaries Jonas Martin

    Nothing says a show wants to forget about a character more than making every single thing they did be for nothing after they've passed. That was the case with Dr. Jonas Martin, who thought he and his son were working towards saving his daughter, Greta; however, it turned out that Greta was willingly working for Klaus.

    As a result, everything Jonas did, everything he had his son do, everyone he hurt or whose lives he nearly ended, his son's demise, and even his own demise, were all for nothing.

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  • 9 / 25
    Andie Star
    The Vampire Diaries Andie Star

    Neither Damon Salvatore nor his brother Stefan treated Andie well and it's doubtful TVD wants its fans to remember what they did to her. First, Damon used her for companionship and food supply. He kept compelling her to keep it up and then he used her to try to find Stefan in season 3.

    However, because she was in Damon's life, Stefan used her by compelling her to end her life. Andie was part of dark times for both brothers, but in order for fans to forget what they did during those times, move forward, and eventually see them as heroes, it's easier for their casualties to be random people, not those who were significant parts of their lives.

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  • 8 / 25

    Maddox's only purpose was to be around long enough to help Klaus as needed. Like pretty much everyone else by Klaus' side in season 2, once he had served his purpose, that was it.Since he was working for Klaus and intimidating the others, there wasn't anyone to care about him after he lost his life. Klaus certainly didn't.

    Klaus used people (and witches and vampires and werewolves) to get what he wanted. Maddox was just one of his puppets doing whatever Klaus wanted, even hurting or ending the lives of innocents.

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  • 7 / 25
    Connor Jordan

    Connor was a member of The Five, and pretty much everything about him and his storyline is best filed under “never should have happened.” He was a vampire hunter, who unfortunately, didn't even go away after Elena ended his life. Instead, she experienced hallucinations because of what she did and the Hunter's Curse. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was one of the ghosts that returned when the veil to the Other Side fell.

    Vampire hunters were just never that interesting on The Vampire Diaries. Maybe it's because the vampires he was hunting were the main characters and they cared more about innocent lives than he did.

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  • 6 / 25
    Galen Vaughn
    The Vampire Diaries Galen Vaughn

    Galen was the least interesting of the vampire hunters in The Five. That could be because no one could end his life without experiencing the infliction known as the Hunter's Curse. Galen had a connection to the Silas storyline, which was clearly one that the series wanted to forget after it wrapped up.

    Considering Galen's initial demise came off-screen and had to be inferred when he showed up as a ghost, that pretty much says what the series thought of the character. It's just too bad he ever showed up again after everyone left the island (and him on it).

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  • 5 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Jesse

    Jesse had the unfortunate luck of befriending Elena and Caroline at Whitmore College. If he never had, he could have lived a nice, normal, human life. Instead, he ended up on Dr. Wes Maxfield's radar, and he became the professor's guinea pig, and eventually, an Augustine Vampire). Once Maxfield got his hands on him, his end was inevitable. He was just an innocent person who got caught up in all the drama and chaos and suffered for it.

    In short, he lost his life when Elena had to end it in order to save Damon's.

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    Aaron Whitmore
    The Vampire Diaries Aaron

    Aaron never stood a chance. There was his connection to Dr. Maxfield, the fact that he was a Whitmore and the fact that he befriended Elena. Then, there was the fact that Damon ended his life and struggled with confessing it to Elena. He only did so once he realized she thought she had been the one who was responsible for ending Aaron's life.

    Aaron never really mattered as a character on his own, and then once he was gone, he was just another one of Damon's casualties; something the series wanted to move on from in the later seasons.

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  • 3 / 25
    The Vampire Diaries Ivy

    Ivy was a meaningless love interest for Stefan in season 6, but she didn't matter so much as what she represented for him. Stefan used her when he thought his brother was never going to come back to life. Then, once Enzo turned her into a vampire, she only mattered as one of Tripp's casualties. Stefan didn't even try to help her as a vampire, leaving that job to Caroline.

    Is it any wonder why she was pretty much forgotten after that? Why would the series want to spend any time remembering a temporary love interest or just another vampire whose life Tripp ended?

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  • 2 / 25

    Trying to help Greta was the entire purpose of Luka and Dr. Jonas Martin's existences, however, what they didn’t know was that she was helping Klaus out of her own free will. She was never even in a scene with her family.

    Greta's only purpose was to help Klaus break the hybrid curse. Who she was outside of a witch didn't matter for that, in fact, she's more memorable for being the target of Jenna's attempt to end the sacrifice. Greta was disposable, though, to everyone on both sides. Once the curse was broken and Damon ended her life, did anyone even remember she once existed?

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    The Vampire Diaries Markos

    Oh, if only everyone could forget the Travelers storyline. Markos was pretty much the physical representation of the entire thing as the group's leader. He just kept coming back, passing through Bonnie when she was the anchor. Really, the only time worth seeing him was when Lexi kept him from passing through Bonnie again and sent him into the darkness.

    Fortunately, that was the end of the Travelers and Markos. Despite being a major antagonist, the fact that he was quickly forgotten shows what the series thought of the character.


    Honestly, did any of you even remember some of these TVD characters? Sound off in the comments below!

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