The Vampire Diaries: The Best Dressed Characters In Mystic Falls, Ranked

The residents of Mystic Falls know how to dress with style. The supernatural characters of The Vampire Diaries had many ups and downs throughout the series, though they always managed to look their best with trademark clothing choices and stunning vintage pieces that reflected the age and sophistication of the immortal vampires.

Whether it was Damon's leather jacket or Caroline's colorful clothing, each character had their signature style that brought something new and dynamic to the show. Though not all of them met a happy ending, they at least managed to look good along the way. Here are the ten best-dressed residents of Mystic Falls, ranked.

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10 Enzo St. John

Enzo was introduced in the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries and was originally known as the Augustine Vampire. He and Damon were cellmates in the 1950s after being captured by the Augustines, and, in later seasons, he has a romantic relationship with Mystic Falls' resident witch, Bonnie Bennett.

Enzo's clothes reflect Damon's from earlier seasons, as he shares many similarities with the Salvatore brother. Both vampires were no strangers to leather jackets, a staple clothing item in Mystic Falls.

9 Klaus Mikaelson

Klaus Mikaelson was introduced in season two of The Vampire Diaries as the show's Big Bad, but his popularity with fans led to him getting his spin-off show The Originals which focuses on his family's endeavors in New Orleans. The vampire-werewolf hybrid is over a thousand years old and has seen centuries of fashion come and go.

His brother Elijah opts for formal suits but Klaus' wardrobe reflects his wilder nature. Like the Salvatore brothers, Klaus is often seen wearing a leather jacket as well as open shirts and bead necklaces that hint at his werewolf heritage.

8 Stefan Salvatore

The younger brother of Damon Salvatore, Stefan is the show's moral compass. He spends the entirety of the series battling his vampire nature, choosing to feed on animals in earlier seasons to avoid hurting human beings.

Stefan is presented as the angel to Damon's devil and his wardrobe reflects this. Though he can also rock a leather jacket, Stefan wears softer grey colors and hoodies which make him look younger and less threatening.

7 Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert is the primary protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. In season one, both Salvatore brothers fall in love with her, and, despite initially despising Damon due to his actions at the beginning of the series, the show concludes with Damon and Elena together and Delena shippers everywhere rejoicing.

Elena's fashion style is more simplistic than Caroline's and less intricate than Bonnie's, with Elena often opting for jeans and tank tops. She wears several stunning dresses throughout the series, most notably her vintage black and gold gown from season three's Mystic Ball.

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6 Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie Bennett is the resident witch of Mystic Falls and has saved the town more times than we can count. The true hero of the series, Bonnie is a selfless and compassionate woman who saves the day in the series finale by destroying Hell and Katherine Pierce for good.

As with the other characters, Bonnie's wardrobe hints at her identity. She wears flowing shirts and dresses with lace patterns that have a witch chic aesthetic similar to the witches of American Horror Story.

5 Elijah Mikaelson

The Original family was all about style. The first member of the thousand-year-old vampire family that audiences are introduced to is Elijah, who first appears in season two of The Vampire Diaries, originally debuting as an antagonist.

Elijah's wardrobes consist of a multitude of suave and sophisticated suits, giving him an air of grandeur and setting him apart from the more casually dressed Klaus. Like his siblings, his style reflects his true nature.

4 Rebekah Mikaelson

Rebekah first appeared in The Vampire Diaries in season three, after it was revealed that she and Stefan had been lovers in the 1920s before Klaus had neutralized her with a white oak dagger. The youngest of the Original family, the thousand-year-old vampire wasted no time upon awakening in the 21st century acquainting herself with modern fashion.

Rebekah's style retains an air of glamor whilst still being feminine, an amalgamation of the wardrobes of Katherine Pierce and Caroline Forbes. When speaking of Rebekah's green gown that she wears in season three's Mystic Ball, costume designer Leigh Leverett said he wanted the Original to "more sophisticated" than the other Mystic Falls girls, reflecting her age.

3 Damon Salvatore

One of the two main cast male protagonists in The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore is one of the show's most beloved characters. The vampire showed up in season one as an antagonist for his brother Stefan before both brothers began competing for Elena's love.

Damon was always impeccably dressed throughout the series, often in darker colors than Stefan, which eluded to his true nature. His leather jacket is particularly iconic and has stayed with the character throughout the show's tenure.

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2 Caroline Forbes

Caroline Forbes originally debuted in The Vampire Diaries as a side character, the shallow and spoiled frenemy of main character Elena Gilbert. However, Caroline's progression throughout the series, including becoming a vampire and marrying Stefan Salvatore, made her one of the show's stand-out characters.

Caroline always dresses to impress with flowing and feminine clothing with more emphasis on color and patterned fabrics. There is a reason why she voted Miss Mystic Falls in season one, after all.

1 Katherine Pierce

It is hard to stand out when you have several doppelgangers running around town, but Katherine Pierce did a great job. The villainous vampire, originally known as Katerina Petrova, sired the Salvatore brothers and was responsible for the arrival of Klaus and the rest of the Originals in Mystic Falls.

Katherine's voluminous curls set her apart from actress Nina Dobrev's other main cast role of Elena Gilbert. As well as turning him into a vampire, we can assume that Katherine also taught Damon how to rock a leather jacket.

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