Valve Launches A Website Teasing 'Top Secret' New Games

Half-Life 2 Gordon Freeman

Fans of Valve's back catalog of games have a reason to get excited, as the developer has teased the development of some top secret titles. The studio, which is best known for its development of the Half-Life games and the creation of the Steam distribution platform, had spent a relatively large time in the wilderness in terms of major game development, instead building its hardware and platform enterprises while keeping games such as Team Fortress 2 ticking.

However, things have started to change of late. Valve announced that it was going to start developing games again, other that the somewhat-maligned Artifact, while the developer also bought out indie studio Campo Santo to help expand its game development side. It was clear, then, that Valve was getting back into game creation in a big way.

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Now, things have started to get even more interesting. Valve Software has launched a new website, and with it comes some exciting if cryptic quotes from the developer. Of particular note to long-term Valve fans is some of the wording seen on the new website's About section, which points towards some secret projects. "We have some new games in the works, too. A couple have been announced, while others remain top secret."

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The company's job vacancies also give an idea of what sort of projects Valve is working on. The company is looking for a level designer with an expertise in "building the game world in 3D," as well as a focus on creating  "cinematic sequences of gameplay." Given that Valve's recent outings have steered clear of these kind of priorities, it could mean that those gamers who enjoyed the likes of Portal and Left 4 Dead could have a reason to celebrate.

On top of that, Valve is also looking to hire writers for "cinematic and narrative video game writing," meaning that at the very least there is likely to be more of a narrative drive in some of these new games to boot. It's unlikely that this means fans will get to see the end of the Half-Life story, but hopefully this means something of a development shake-up overall.

Exactly what these games will be remains to be seen. Previously, Valve had shown an interest in developing games with a VR focus, although it's up in the air as to whether there's going to be a greater level of accessibility overall. Whatever Valve has planned, it's going to be intriguing to see them back in the world of game development.


Source: Valve Software

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