Valkyrie Pushed Back... Again

A WWII thriller directed by an acclaimed filmmaker (who is responsible for two major superhero franchises, no less), starring an international cast (including a box-office super-star turned public punchline) and featuring an awesome trailer.

Is this really a film you want to dump in the "film wasteland" of February?

Apparently, that's the mindset over at MGM/United Artists.

For the second time now, Bryan Singer's Valkyrie has been pushed back; this time to February 13, 2009 where it will face off against Disney's Confessions of a Shopaholic and Sony's Pink Panther 2.

The film was originally slated for an August 8th release, then it was bumped to June 27th before it settled on October 3. But at least that move made sense.

Summer is just too damn competitive for a WWII-themed project to have any real chance of making an impact commercially. On the other hand, October opens up its Oscar-chances as well as box-office potential.

So why the sudden change to next February?

Oh, it's to "take advantage of an opening in the schedule for the President’s Day weekend."

Uh yeah, sure it is.

The film must be terrible. There's simply no other explanation or way the studio can effectively spin this.

Source: Variety

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