New Valkyrie Pics And Final Trailer

Finally! This film is done moving around and about to come out (I hope).

Yesterday, Coming Soon was given some exclusive images from United Artists for the upcoming WWII movie Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise. In addition to that, the final trailer for the film was released today and it looks great!

This project has been rife with controversy and an ever-changing release schedule so I'll provide a brief background: The first trailer was released an entire year ago for a planned theatrical opening this summer. Then the film was shuffled around the summer followed by being pushed back twice; first into October, then again to next February.

This raised suspicions and doubts about the quality of the film.

Following those date changes, there was a glimmer of hope after hearing that some trusty insiders had seen a very early cut of the film and basically said it was terrific. Shortly after that, there was yet another date change - this time, back into 2008 for a December release date. Apparently, this move by MGM was to make an Oscar run with the film. This raised confidence in the film with talk of the early screenings going very well.

So, all was well from then on. About a month ago, we were presented with a new poster and new trailer which both were pretty cool. Now we have the newest and final trailer for the film as well as some new images.

Take a look and see what you think:

Tom Cruise in Valkyrie

A scene from Valkyrie

Kenneth Branagh in Valkyrie

Eddie Izzard in Valkyrie

For high-res images check out Coming Soon.

And, the trailer:


If you've read my previous article for the last trailer or seen my comments on the prior posts, then you probably know that I liked what I was seeing but was heavily skeptical with Tom Cruise playing his normal self and not pulling off any sort of accent. This problem was compounded by the rest of the cast surrounding him speaking with a variety of other accents and it was really taking me out of the film (or trailers I guess).

I'm happy to say that I've gotten past that. After seeing this new trailer - which is pretty epic - and after re-watching the older ones again and again, it's not so much a problem for me anymore. I think I've gotten used to it and I can focus on the story and scenes more. I have a pretty good feeling about this film now. It also put me at ease seeing some interviews with Cruise where he addressed the accent issue, saying that the crew decided to stop trying to poorly imitate a German accent and instead focus on doing the story justice and portray the emotion and drama properly.

I totally understand that. Thinking back, a similar situation occurred with Enemy at the Gates where we had Jude Law and Ed Harris playing a Russian and German with English and American accents respectively. I enjoyed that movie and the accents didn't bother me there. Then again, I was pretty young when I saw that...

What do you think of the trailer? Will you see Valkyrie this holiday season?

Valkyrie hits theaters December 26th.

Source: Coming Soon

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