New Valkyrie Trailer And Poster

Today we have a look at the first poster for Valkyrie as well as a brand new trailer. The first trailer was released last November (I cannot believe it's been that long already). I didn't really see much hope for the film from that trailer and I certainly do not buy Tom Cruise's character... especially since he sounds and seems to act like he does in all of his other films with that American accent.

The poster is pretty stylistic and fits the film adequately. The one thing I find is that it looks a little too "techie" with the grey box-lines everywhere. But really, there's nothing really good or bad to say about it.

Take a gander at the poster:

Official Valkyrie poster starring Tom Cruise

Valkyrie stars Mr. Couch-jumper, Tom Cruise and was subject to some negative press due to many problems during its production (Germany vs. Scientology and such). Early on, this film appeared to be a disaster in the making and its release date was constantly shuffled around. Some of these scheduling decisions gave rise to some pretty negative expectations.

Later, we found some hope for the film and juggled the possibility of it actually being good due to some insiders seeing an early version and praising director Bryan Singer's work on it.

To complete the 180-degree reversal on the expectation front, we saw yet another scheduling change of the film. This time, it was brought back into 2008, for a Christmas release. Why you may ask? Well, apparently the test screenings went so well, MGM studies wanted the film presented for the holiday season and to take a little run at the Oscars.

And here's the new trailer - take a look and see what you think:


I think the new trailer is a big improvement and it certainly makes me more excited to see the film. We get a much better feel for the tone and style of the movie, and even a glimpse into how Cruise's character acquired the need for an eye-patch.

With that being said, I still am not buying into Tom being a German in the 1940s and every time he speaks, it takes me right out of the film (or trailer I guess). This is especially noticeable in combination with other actors having entirely different accents. I also don't think its just his accent (or lack thereof), I think its just the manner in which he's speaking. It's a little too modern and as good as Cruise is in most of his films, it just doesn't fit well here. To me, he's basically the same guy from Lions for Lambs.

What do you think about the poster and trailers? Will this film be any good and will it do any good at the box office?

Valkyrie is due out this December 26th.

Source: Firstshowing

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