V-Day Reality Check: 7 Disney Films As Episodes Of 'Maury'

In celebration of everyone’s favorite manufactured holiday, Valentine’s Day, I found it only fitting to combine two of the world’s greatest influences on relationships: Walt Disney & Maury Povich. For years Disney has shown little girls around the world that it is possible to be a princess, find your Prince Charming and live happily ever after - while Maury has helped bring things back to reality to show those little girls just what that "happily ever after" might actually mean.

After all the singing dishes, dancing mice and fairy godmothers are gone, who’s going to help you find the 6 fathers of your 18 children? That’s right… Maury. And what are you supposed to do when your overweight 2yr old won’t eat anything but fried chicken and root beer (don’t lie, you’ve seen that episode)? You can’t just sing root beer and fried chicken away. Maury will not only get rid of the KFC and A&W, he’ll also make you sleep in a jail cell overnight.

We'll show you some behind the scenes info on what's really going on with Ariel, Snow White, Pinocchio, Belle and more.

Now, before you say that I’m ruining your childhood and Disney films have nothing to do with Maury, take a closer look. You’d be surprised what crazy things are included in your favorite animated features...

The Little Mermaid

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