Val Kilmer Is Knight Rider's K.I.T.T. Because GM Execs Don't Read Movie Blogs

Now this is pretty damned funny.

NBC's Knight Rider "re-imagining" is only a couple of weeks away from airing, and at the 11th hour the production has had to bring him in to completely replace the voice-over work of Will Arnett.

Arnett was to be the voice of the famous crime fighting car K.I.T.T., but apparently the combined forces of K.I.T.T. and Mike Knight were not enough to beat the supervillain known as...

General Motors.

It seems that Arnett has been doing voice-only commercials for GM trucks for the past 10 years and alas, the car in the show (which used to be a GM car) is now a Ford, who has a heavy hand in marketing and branding of the made for TV movie.

Hellooooo, does no one at GM read movie sites? Arnett's been known to be the voice of the car for quite a while now.

Anyway, there's just a wee bit of a conflict of interest there, so GM told Arnett he couldn't provide the voice of a Ford Mustang.

Scramble, scramble, scramble, and NBC came up with Val Kilmer to do the last minute re-do for the movie.

I find it quite ironic because if the show had gone with a new version of the Pontiac Firebird (the original car used when the show was first aired) as the fans have wanted all along, this would never have been an issue. Yes, I realize there is no current Pontiac Firebird - but there's a brand new retro Camaro that was unveiled in the Transformers movie so you can bet your last dollar that if there's a new Camaro, a new Firebird can't be far behind.

I guess GM would prefer to premiere a new version of that car in something a little more prestigious than a made for TV movie/remake combo.

Oh, and here's the poster for the movie:

BTW, there are some big time unflattering pics of Val Kilmer floating out there right now... I tried to find one that was recent but not as awful as some of the others.

Source: Variety via Rope of Silicon

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