Val Kilmer Career Update

I'm a huge Val Kilmer fan. I think that he is one of the best actors working today. I don't mean that as hyperbole - I mean that as fact!

Kilmer had a brief moment in the mid-to late 90's where he was a major star and I have always been a bit saddened that this was never capitalised on.

Kilmer has a charisma and a work ethic that nobody else in Hollywood seems to have!

Not only has he just wrapped Streets of Blood, the man has Felony coming out this month (US only), the currently filming Thaw in the pipeline as well as his recent attachment to the indie drama The Silver Cord, but the former Batman has also now signed up to the Werner Herzog directed remake of The Bad Lieutenant.

Kilmer will play the partner of Nicolas Cage. The film also stars Xzibit and Eva Mendes.

Over the past several years Kilmer has come under a lot of fire about the films that he makes and the fact the he has put on a bit of weight.

Who cares?

The man is a fantastic actor- delivering incredible performances in a wide variety of films.

I feel that Kilmer is at the most interesting point of his career - he's obviously choosing films for the challenge and not the paycheck - which is rare in Hollywood today.

I'm looking forward to all these films and feel that if we don't give Kilmer some credit soon - then we might - strike that - will regret it in the future.

Oh - and on a total side note - he made a great Batman.

Sources: Val Kilmer and Variety

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