ABC Is Bringing Back 'V'

Original V TV Series

Another classic television series, V, is set to come to us re-envisioned and hopefully will be another nice dark hit like some other re-imagined series we all know and that I'm trying to resist mentioning.

Another Remake On The Horizon

Do you remember V?  No, not V for VendettaV the television series.

Well, in case you thought your fuzzy distant memories were nothing but that, think again gang.  Back in October of '08 ABC gave the green light to a remake (yes, yet one more remake) of the old show.  What?  You don't remember V?  That's fine.  Nothing to be ashamed of.

V was about rodent-eating lizard aliens that showed up on Earth and though they said one thing, they had their eyes set on our planet's water.  It starred Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Balder, Michael Ironside, Robert Englund & Lane Smith, to name a few.

It's been said that the original series was an allegory for the Holocaust.

Who's Tapped To Head The Project?

Scott Peters, the co-creator of The 4400 has been tapped to write the pilot for V and will executive produce alongside Jason Hall.

The new remake will be about Homeland Security agent Erica Evans, whose son comes in contact with the aliens. Of course, the aliens say they come in peace.  WHEN WILL WE LEARN?  Well, as you are probably guessing, we'll find out that they don't come in peace.  Has anyone not seen Mars Attacks?  Blast them before they run around going nyah nyah nyah from inside their fish bowls!

What Can We Expect From This Remake?

I think we can expect something out of the norm for a remake.  Remakes are all about re-imagining the original series.  If Peters applies his experience from being behind the camera of The 4400, Jericho, Burn Notice and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. we just might get another butt kicker of a "remake."

If he can take the best of these other shows and mix and match it just right, this could actually be quite the gem of a new show.  Yes, I said new show.  Like another show that has been successfully re-imagined, using dark themes about humanity, it could be a hit.  Or, it could be another Knight Rider.  (Sorry Knight Rider fans, that wasn't a jab at KR.).

Are There Any Other Remakes On The Horizon At ABC?

Knowing how much you get excited about the ideas of old ideas being made into new ideas from someone's idea that they think is a great idea, guess what?  Someone got the idea to do a pilot for Eastwick. Hmm... that will be based on the Jack Nicholson movie, Witches of Eastwick.  Well, it's not exactly a remake but I had to get that in there.

For now, I haven't seen any news on the cast for V but as soon as we find out, you'll find out.

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