ABC's V Officially A Remake (Duh) & Shooting Paused

Not sure if you've been following or heard the news, but there were some legal rumblings in regards to what ABC's new take on their remake of V was going to be.

The issue was that the Writers Guild (WGA) couldn't decide of V was a remake or not.

Warner Bros. had recently taken the stance that V wasn't a remake.  If it were deemed to not be a remake, Ken Johnson, the original creator wouldn't see his name in the credits of this new version or get any royalty payments based on the new series.

This stance forced the WGA to go into "Remake Arbitration."  As it stands, the WGA ruled that the new pilot is indeed a remake.  Now they need to determine the specific credits that the original creator, Ken Johnson, would get.

Um, of course it's a remake.  How could it not be a remake when it uses the same premise, story and whatnot.

I'm a bit confused as to why Warner Bros was trying to say it wasn't a remake.

Filming Held Up?

Yes, Warner Bros TV has put the filming of V on hold.

The specific reasons behind the filming pause has not been divulged by the studio, but insiders have been saying that the quality of the season episodes were not on par with the premiere episode, and the studio wanted to revisit this issue.

Is it just me, or does it sound worrisome that even the studio is worried about the quality of the episodes being filmed?

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