V for Vendetta TV Series Rumored To Be In Development

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A new rumor states that a TV series based on the V for Vendetta graphic novel could be in the works. While Alan Moore has long been regarded as a genius in the world of comics and graphic novels, his work hasn't always done well outside off the page. Film adaptations of From Hell and League of Extraordinary Gentleman were almost universally despised, while even takes on Watchmen and V for Vendetta haven't quite hit the mark for many fans. But perhaps the problem is in the medium.

Due to the constraints of film, Moore's sprawling and complex stories are fairly difficult to translate to film. Instead, TV has always seemed a more appealing platform for telling versions of his tales. And as networks look for any acclaimed comic to adapt in hopes of landing the next The Walking Dead, some books are being revisited.

Bleeding Cool has a new rumor that a V for Vendetta series is being eyed by Channel 4. While the report should be taken with a grain of salt, it does offer some exciting possibilities.

V Posing in V For Vendetta

Though the Wachowski's take on V for Vendetta has its fans, many readers of the original story weren't pleased with the changes made to the source material. From an updated government threat to a feel-good revolution at the end, a number of the marks were missed when it came to Moore's condemnation of Thatcherism and public disengagement from civic and political action.

With a TV series, the complexities and nuance of the original series can be better explored. And with the right creative team, the show could be a hit. Channel 4 also has a solid track record, with genres fare like Misfits and Humans proving they're up for the task. If some of the social bite and character work from those shows can be brought over to a retelling of Moore's story, V for Vendetta could make for a powerful series.

The possibility of a V for Vendetta series isn't the only television adaptation of one of Moore's comics. Last month, HBO officially ordered a pilot for a Watchmen TV series from Damon Lindelof (LostThe Leftovers). With the heroes playing a prominent role in the current DC Comics, it makes sense to try and bring them back into the world of live-action. And while the film hit pretty much all of the beats of the original series, DC has proven over the past few years that the characters have plenty more stories to tell. When it comes to V for Vendetta, the same might prove true.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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