'Storm' Trailer: Uwe Boll Returns to (Bad) Form

Every time that a new Uwe Boll film comes out, I watch it hoping that this will be the film in which he succeeds in blowing me away; I haven’t had that happen yet. Sure, his next release, Rampage, looks like it may be his finest work to date - but that is like saying a small bag of garbage is better than a large bag of garbage. Our buddies over at /Film have pointed out a new trailer for Boll’s next film titles Storm, or Final Storm if you check out the IMDB page.

To be honest, with Boll's track record of video game movies, I fully expected Storm to be about the new Blackberry phone; however, the only synopsis I could find for Storm was on IMDB and it looks like I I'll have to wait for that Blackberry film:

“A stranger named Silas flees from a devastating storm and finds refuge with Tom and Gillian on their farm. While struggling with the Storm, Silas seems to be the only one who can help Tom and Gillian to find their son but there are other more dangerous forces out there, that are waiting for the three.”

Storm stars former Beverly Hills 90210 hunk Luke Perry (8 Seconds) and former Mrs. Jim Carrey, Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) along with Steve Bacic (Good Luck Chuck) and Cole Heppell (The Fog). Boll usually writes and directs most of his films but in this instance, Storm was written by Canadian Tim McGregor, whose previous credits you most likely have never heard of.

Watch the trailer after the jump:

The trailer feels a little off to me. The dialog is delivered OK (I suppose) and maybe the film is edited better, but the trailer feels slapped together. To me it seems like a series of scenes pasted together and doesn’t do anything to explain the story. The trailer starts with floods and TV signals going off air but then a stranger staggers into their home in the middle of nowhere and the next 45 seconds or so are dedicated to the family just hanging out at the house.  Then out of the blue a bunch of people are attacking them in a town. Huh?

Because I’ve made it one of my life’s goals to watch every film made by Uwe Boll, then I will be seeing this (most likely on DVD since I doubt it makes it to theaters in my town) but based on the trailer I don’t have very high hopes that Boll has surpassed or equaled the mild success he achieved with Rampage.

Oh well, there is always his next attempt Blackout which according to Wikipedia, “Boll is now offering the opportunity for anyone to "co-produce" his upcoming film Blackout. In exchange for a gift of 33 euros ($49 U.S.), a donor will receive a limited edition DVD of the film and a signed certificate from the cast and crew.”

On the flip-side, I am hearing good things about his German film Max Schmeling, the true story about the real life German boxer.

What do you think about Uwe Boll’s latest movie Storm?

Storm is supposed to release 2009 according to IMDB but I was unable to find an official release date.

Source: /Film

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