15The Red Bee

The Red Bee

First appearing in Quality Comic's Hit Comics #1 back in the early 1940's, The Red Bee never quite achieved notoriety but did find new life upon transitioning to DC over a decade later. In nearly every iteration, however, this character was pretty useless. The original alter ego of The Red Bee was

none other than Richard Raleigh. Rich was a district attorney in Superior City, Oregon, and when he was not found opposing injustice in a court of law, he was fighting crime in the streets with the help of trained bees.

The original iteration of the character had no powers to speak of, but did use a special "Stinger Gun" and was able to train trusted sidekicks, bees. His grandniece (who later sported the red spandex), however, contained enhanced physical attributes and the ability to "mark" opponents for future tracking. Rich's aforementioned grandniece Jenna Raleigh was much more of a superhero, but due to an unfortunate mutation, is no longer fighting crime in the line of duty. Suffice it to say, The Red Bee is about as irrelevant as it is useless.

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