US Olympians Wear Marvel Superhero-Inspired Suits

A new photo shows off the Marvel Comics-inspired bodysuits the US Olympic Team is wearing to the 2018 Winter Olympics. This year, the male athletes are sporting bodysuits inspired by Captain America's costume whereas the female athletes are dressed in outfits based on the Carol Danvers' version of Captain Marvel.

Designed and manufactured by Spyder Active Sports LLC., the superheroic bodysuits were produced as part of a licensing deal between Marvel Comics and Spyder, who are the official sponsor of the US Ski Team. The two-year deal was signed in early 2017. The special superhero suits were first seen last year at the 2017 Alpine World Championships held in St. Moritz, Switzerland, which was the last major global winter sports competition before the 2018 Winter Olympics.

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The picture, seen below, was posted by Ski Racing Media on Twitter. It shows two members of the US Ladies' Ski Team gearing up before hitting the slopes. One can clearly see the distinctive modern Captain Marvel costume design here, with a yellow star in the center of the chest emitting yellow lines that separate the red and blue portions of the suit. Curiously, the ski suits include blue boots as opposed to the red boots Carol Danvers wears in the comics.

The two-year deal is proving mutually beneficial to both companies. Though Marvel Comics hardly needs the publicity given their status as the number one comics publisher in the world, the licensing deal is still a good public relations move for the company, as it places their characters front and center in the middle of an international event. The deal is presumably boosting Spyder's sales as well, though the company claims their main motivation behind the new suits was paying tribute to America's heroic athletes by dressing them as two of the superhero world's most fantastic and popular figures. One wonders if the athletes themselves feel any more powerful in their new outfits?

Either way, the presence of Captain America and Captain Marvel at the 2018 Winter Olympics is good publicity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is already off to a banner year with the upcoming Black Panther movie having shattered all the records for advanced ticket sales for a superhero movie. Comics fans everywhere are also eagerly awaiting this May's release of the third Avengers movie, AvengersInfinity War. It remains to be seen how this increased visibility may boost the stock of Captain Marvel, whose solo film - the first one headlined by a female superhero from Marvel Comics - is due for release in 2019. Hopefully her example will push American athletes to fly high in their quest for a gold medal.

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Source: Ski Racing Media

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