Jordan Peele Reveals New Us Poster - And It’s Pure Nightmare Fuel

The latest poster for Jordan Peele's Us was released online. The new movie from the Get Out filmmaker centers on the Wilson family who are enjoying an idyllic summer getaway when they’re confronted by mysterious figures at their vacation home. As for the poster itself? It's pure nightmare fuel.

Expected to be one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Us is set along the iconic Northern California coastline. The film stars Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o as Adelaide Wilson, a woman returning to her beachside childhood home with her husband, Gabe, who is played by Black Panther’s Winston Duke, and their two children for a summer vacation. A teaser poster was released in December to drum up anticipation of the film's first trailer. That official trailer was released Christmas day to huge viewership and genuine excitement. Most recently, the film has continued its marketing with a second trailer Peele posted on Reddit. The latest poster features Nyong'o in one of the most unsettling designs to come around in a while.

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Shared by Peele on Twitter, the new poster features Nyong’o's character and plays on the classic comedy and tragedy theater masks with the doppelganger theme front and center. Nyong’o removing her “normal” face to reveal her creepy double underneath is particularly unsettling. The poster continues to perfectly sum up Peele's new nightmare, both its themes and tone. Social media reactions to this new poster have been resoundingly positive. The big consensus is that the poster chooses to feature an actual actor as its main draw. Not only is Nyong'o featured heavily on the poster, but it communicates an actual performance to create a feeling of genuine dread. Check it out below:

The former comedic frontman continues to be one of the busiest people in Hollywood. Peele is gearing up to produce a remake of director Bernard Rose’s 1992 horror film Candyman and is also busy working on the series Weird City for YouTube Premium and HBO’s Lovecraft Country. During this year's Super Bowl, Peele appeared in a new teaser trailer for his CBS series remake of The Twilight Zone to huge buzz.

Audiences at SXSW will get the first look at Peele's latest before Us opens nationwide. However, for now, this poster will have to suffice for almost everyone else. Given that it's suitably creepy all on its own - not to mention expertly crafted - that's more than enough for us. It's a testament to the marketing of the film that so many people are already terrified of seeing a movie before its release.

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