Us International Trailer: Jordan Peele's Horror Film is Full of Secrets

The international trailer for Us reveals brand-new footage from Jordan Peele's upcoming horror-thriller and further hints at its secrets. In the months since Universal started marketing the film last December, fans have had a field day being simultaneously freaked by the Us clips released so far and driven to formulate their own theories about Peele's movie and what's really going on here. The actor turned filmmaker, for his part, has kept his lips sealed and revealed little in the way of details beyond what the trailer establishes, other than to say that Us isn't about racism in America the way his Oscar-winning debut on Get Out was.

Us, like Get Out, was written and directed by Peele and is being produced by Jason Blum, founder of Blumhouse Productions. The storyteller and producer are coming off yet another success in the form of Spike Lee's newly-minted Oscar winner BlacKkKlansman, so they're looking to go three for three with their efforts together here. They've continued to beat the drum loudly for this one over the past month by releasing the "Nightmare" trailer during Super Bowl LII, in addition to a poster that features the movie's Oscar-winning star, Lupita Nyong'o, and firmly nods to its doppelgänger horror storyline.

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While there's still a month to go before Us hits theaters on March 22, it will make its world premiere at SXSW two weeks before then. That means the film's marketing has already entered its final stretch before anyone actually sees the movie and critics get to weigh in with their opinions. This is worth mentioning since the latest Us trailer (posted by Universal Pictures Korea) includes pull-quotes that, if you didn't know any better, might seem like they're lifted from actual reviews, as opposed to articles about the footage unveiled so far. With that in mind, take a look below.

The international trailer doesn't reveal anything particularly new about the film's plot, but it's loaded with even more creepy imagery and hints at the madness to come in the movie proper. At the same time, this preview calls direct attention to the strange coincidences that occur in the film's first half and set its overarching storyline in motion. In doing so, however, it mostly raises more questions about the Wilson clan - the family that's forced to confront bizarre doppelgängers of themselves while taking a summer vacation in the film - and just where their scissor-wielding, blood-thirsty doubles came from, anyway. Not to mention, this trailer yet again includes shots of several rabbits locked away in cages somewhere, for reasons that have yet to be even partly explained.

All things considered, the marketing for Us continues to do a great job of piquing everyone's interests without showing anything that could be deemed unnecessarily spoiler-y. Part of what made Get Out so memorable was that few people had any real idea about what to expect from the film going in, so it's good to see that Universal is doing its part to ensure that audiences can have a similar experience with Peele's second directorial effort. The trailers for Us may raise more questions than they attempt to answer, but with a little luck the payoff will be more than worth the anticipation in the end.

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Source: Universal Pictures Korea

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