Does Us Movie Have An End-Credits Scene?

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Jordan Peele's Us movie is the latest horror/thriller from the writer and director of Get Out - but does Us have an end-credits scene viewers need to stick around and watch? Though most knew Peele as one half of the comedy team behind Key & Peele - along with fellow star Keegan-Michael Key - the writer and director truly made a name for himself in Hollywood with his directorial debut, Get Out. The 2017 movie was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Achievement in Directing, and Peele took home the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Now, Peele returns with his second feature-length film, Us, which he also wrote and directed.

Us follows a family of four - Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong'o), her husband Gabe (Winston Duke) and their children Zora (Shahadi Wright) and Jason (Evan Alex) - while they're on vacation along the coast of Southern California. However, one night while they're at their beach house, the family is attacked by a group of strangers who look exactly like them. What follows is a horror thriller that unravels the mystery of the Tethered, what they want, and how they're tied to the Wilson family.

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Now that Us is hitting theaters around the country, after a successful premiere at SXSW earlier this month, viewers may be wondering whether the movie has any extra scenes or teasers after the credits. Us does NOT have an end-credits scene, so fans shouldn't be expecting anything extra during the credits. While the credits of a movie are always worth watching to gain an appreciation for those involved in the making of a film, Us doesn't have any scenes or teasers to stick around for.

Us not having a post-credits scene makes sense since it appears to be a largely standalone film. Certainly, there's likely room for a sequel, if Peele decides to go that route, but there isn't an explicit setup for another film in Us. Further, this falls in line with Peele's previous movie, which additionally didn't feature a post-credits scene. There was an alternate ending to Get Out that Peele and other members of the creative team discussed in the time after the film released. It may be that Peele had an alternate ending in mind for Us as well, but that remains to be seen, and in any case, it isn't included in the movie as a credits scene.

What comes next for Peele remains to be seen. The writer-director has teased he's working on a sequel to Get Out, though he has a number of other projects in the works as well. These include The Twilight Zone reboot for CBS All Access, a Lovecraft Country TV series adaptation at HBO, the Candyman movie remake and the Nazi Hunters drama The Hunt for Amazon. Peele has plenty to keep him busy in the wake of Us, but given the success of Get Out and the positive early reactions to Us, fans will no doubt be clamoring for his next film. Until then, fans checking out Us in theaters just need to know there's no end-credits scene to watch.

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