Jordan Peele Debunks Popular Us Fan Theory

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Jordan Peele debunks a popular Us fan theory. When Peele first arrived on the scene as a writer/director with his debut horror tale Get Out, audiences and critics immediately took notice. Until then, Peele had been largely known for his comedic sensibilities, with few realizing that horror was his true passion.

One Oscar and two films later, anyone who keeps up with the hottest names in horror - and filmmaking in general, knows exactly who Peele is and what he does best. The phenomenal success of 2017’s Get Out lead to much anticipation for a follow up, with some wondering if Peele’s initial impressive efforts could be repeated. That burning question was unambiguously answered when Peele’s Us landed in theaters. Scoring the highest-grossing domestic tally for an original film in 2019 so far, Us was a complete departure from what Peele had established with Get Out, proving to critics and audiences alike that he was no one hit wonder. Here was a filmmaker with a very powerful knack for social commentary, all while evoking fear, shock, and sparking endless debate regarding his intentions along the way.

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With Us about to be released on Blu-ray and DVD, fans will finally have an opportunity to gain more insight into Peele’s creative choices while making the film. Though neither the Blu-ray nor the DVD will have an official commentary track, other extra features on the discs will still allow some significant insight. One point of interest in particular, as revealed by THR, takes a popular fan theory involving Lupita Nyong’o’s onscreen son, Jason (Evan Alex) and debunks it. Many fans have long believed that Jason was a Tethered himself, but according to Peele, this isn’t the case:

“I have this kinda concept of Jason that he can sorta see through the veil. You can see these moments where he’s observing his mother and he’s meant to be a little step ahead of us, the most clever of us that’s sorta figuring out there’s something more to Adelaide’s story than we see."

Evan Alex as Pluto in Us Movie

When carefully considered, the theory that Jason is a Tethered isn’t a particularly strong one. The entire concept hinges on exactly how and when a Tethered version of Jason would be able to switch places with the actual Jason. Unfortunately, this is the sole aspect of the theory that doesn’t have an answer. It’s easy to connect the dots with regard to Jason’s behavior throughout the film - which might suggest he’s a Tethered, but unlike his mother, there's no specific scene in Us that indicates Jason was in contact long enough with a Tethered version of himself for a switch to be made.

Perhaps then, a more interesting idea is what Peele’s statement seems to suggest - that because Jason is the son of Adelaide (who is in fact, a Tethered), that he would naturally have some Tethered DNA. This could explain why Jason can sort of “see through the veil”, as Peele puts it. That being said, if Jason has Tethered DNA, then so does his sister, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph), who excels at track and field, just as her Tethered doppelganger Umbrae is an extraordinarily fast sprinter. Exactly what’s going on is anyone’s guess, but this ability to keep fans guessing long after Us has left theaters is one of the biggest reasons why audiences can’t seem to get enough of Jordan Peele.

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Source: THR

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