If Uruguay Wins the World Cup, We Get Fede Alvarez's Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead Trailer (2013)

Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Álvarez made a deal with a Twitter user that if his home country wins the World Cup, he will make Evil Dead 2. The horror genre has gotten its fair amount of remakes and reboots in recent years, with Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead getting the remake treatment in 2013 with Fede Álvarez behind the camera.

His version of Evil Dead is considered a “soft reboot” more than a remake (though it features a storyline similar to the original) and a continuation of the franchise, being the first film without Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams in a major role. Although Álvarez announced at the film’s premiere back in 2013 that a sequel was in the works, nothing came to fruition and instead we got the TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. Still, there are some fans who haven't lost hope on a sequel to Alvarez’s film, leading one fan to make a deal with the director.

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Now that the 2018 FIFA World Cup has officially begun, a Twitter user made an offer to Fede Álvarez: If Uruguay wins the Cup, we get Evil Dead 2. The director simply replied with “DEAL”, giving fans a slight ray of hope – and a reason to root for Uruguay during the Cup.

Evil Dead – which was Álvarez's directorial debut – is the fourth installment in the franchise, following Sam Raimi’s trilogy of Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead II (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992), all featuring Campbell’s legendary character Ash Williams as the lead character. As previously mentioned, Alvarez’s film has a similar storyline to the original with some tweaks here and there, the main one being that instead of following Ash, it introduced a new protagonist named Mia Allen, a heroin addict on the path to recovery.

Álvarez went on to direct Don’t Breathe in 2016 and most recently The Girl in the Spider’s Web, based on David Lagercrantz’s book of the same name and which serves as a reboot of the Millennium film series, which began in 2011 with David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Supposing Álvarez and company decide to move on with Evil Dead 2 (whether Uruguay wins or not) fans shouldn’t expect to see Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash, as he has officially retired from the character after the cancellation of Ash vs Evil Dead. Still, the story and characters introduced by Álvarez have the potential to carry on with the franchise, without having to remake Raimi's Evil Dead II.

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