Once Upon A Time: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

We might have finally closed the book on Once Upon A Time, but that doesn't mean fans have completely forgotten the show that gave our beloved childhood stories a whole new life. The premise of the series was brilliant, and even though it went through some troubled times and some questionable plotlines, we're happy to say it holds a special place in the heart's of every true fan out there. After all, how can anyone remain indifferent to a show that brought back all the characters we grew up with?

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Many people will agree that it was more than the time we said goodbye to the magical world of Once Upon A Time. But even though that's true, we aren't prepared to completely put it to rest. Fortunately, there is more than enough room for a couple of rewatching sessions. And, of course, memes! Let us all remember the magic and laugh at the same time while we take a look at ten hilarious memes only true fans will understand!

10 Mr Grey AKA The Huntsman

Way before Jamie Dornan was making half of the world population go crazy with his role as the enigmatic Mr. Grey in the much-anticipated movie Fifty Shades of Grey, he was gracing our small screens. His role as the huntsman was short-lived, but it made enough impact to make some fans really mad when he died.

Considering that the show lasted seven seasons and he didn't even make it past the first one, we say there's a good reason to be mad. It's not like his character was vital to the story or anything. He didn't even have that much dialogue. But he. Was. So. Hot. it just seems a little bit unfair, but maybe it's time to get over it. Or not.

9 Does My Hair Look Okay?

Yes, yes - we know she wasn't actually checking out her hair for fashionable purposes. The girl just wanted to make sure she was in the right reality. You know, as opposed to the one with unicorns and women with tails. But it's still pretty funny to assume that the first thing Regina would do after waking up from a dark curse would be to check her haircut.

Mostly because that is so Regina. Both this Regina and Regina George. Maybe it's a name thing? Either way, say whatever you want about the woman, but one thing is for sure - she has her priorities right!

8 Pun Intended

Remember Peter Pan? Not the cutesy, lovable child our parents used to tell us stories about. Rather the one who was Henry's great-grandfather, Bae's grandpa, and Rumpelstilskin's dad. If you think your family tree is messed up, watching Once Upon A Time will probably make you thank the heavens for what you got in the cards.

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Either way, Peter Pan was an idiot. He was a full-blown villain, that made for a very confusing, albeit very entertaining third season. It's like he actually made this joke, but you know what? He might as well have because it's not exactly out of character for him to be extremely annoying. Do us a favor and never leave Neverland. Thanks!

7 Who Wore It Better?

Rumpelstiltskin was one of those characters you both love and hate. You know, sometimes you love to hate him, other times you hate to love him. And that friends, is a great example of both amazing writing and a fantastic performance. Even though everyone is Storybrooke managed to be some measure of messed up, Rumpelstiltskin takes the cake.

But one thing's for sure, the man knows how to be stylish. Even when his skin is green and full of weird marks, he still delivers some iconic fashion moments. Even more iconic than Prince Charming himself who, let's face it, is a tad bit boring. Maybe hire a stylist?

6 I Have The Perfect Solution For You!

If you've never been slightly obsessed with a television show before, chances are, you're not human. Slightly is already a very tame term, considering just how overboard some fans can go when it comes to defending their favorite series. Or talking about it. Or loving it in general.

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The thing about Once Upon A Time fans is that you can't rest assured they are all very peaceful souls. They just happen to enjoy a sprinkle of magic in their lives, and that a-okay. Just be careful not to insult the show too much. After all, you never know when a poisoned apple might make its way towards you...

5 Go Emma!

In all honesty, our hearts will always go out to Emma. Jesus, the woman has been through some serious hardships in her entire life. Not only did she have to give up her child for adoption, she has to deal with him coming back years later. Along with the revelation that she is Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter, of course!

However, through it all, Emma has somehow managed to stay sane and thrive. She eventually accepted her fate and found a middle ground to co-parent Henry with Regina. Plus, how much cooler can a mom get than Emma Swan? That's straight-up impossible, so congratulations to our good boy Henry!

4 Hey, I Just Met You...

How many variations of this song have we all heard by now? Probably thousands. But we're willing to argue that none of those hit the mark quite as this does. Where else could you find such a perfect situation, that it's both implausible, tragic, and hilarious in its ridicule? Leave it to Once Upon A Time!

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Let's all take a second to make sure we show Emma Swan enough love and appreciation. What would any of us do if we heard and witnessed the things that she did? Probably consult several therapists. Not Emma though! She embraced all the craziness around her, and thanks to that, we got seven awesome seasons.

3 Bae?

Call your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife. You can even call you pets. Just be sure to let them know that they are officially canceled because the one and only Bae is in town! Remember him? Henry's father, Emma's first love of sorts, Rumpelstilskin's son before he went all dark mode?

We would truly like to know if the name choice was intentional or not. Probably not, considering that at the time the expression "before anyone else" still wasn't mainstream. But it's just one of those rare instances int he universe where everything aligns so perfectly...and it's all in a name!

2 Just Shut Up, Snow

It's probably one of the longest-running gags amongst fans of the show. Snow White is a lot of wonderful things, okay? No one can deny that she loves deeply, fights for the well being of others, and is braver than most heroes out there. Plus, she's at the center of one of the most beautiful love stories ever depicted on television.

But the woman can't keep her mouth shut. To the point where it's detrimental to others, and to the point where it actually brought about her own near destruction. For the love of all that's holy Snow, put an Apple on it. Or just kiss Charming. Anything but letting sounds get out of your mouth.

1 BuT I'M a MoNSter!!

Rumpelstiltskin is the ultimate sad boy. It's not like we can't sympathize with him, he did go through some pretty horrible things. But wasn't there a better way to deal with it? Either way, that's beside the point. What matters here is that he actually thinks no one can love him, even when someone does. Clearly.

Do you know who really does love you, Rumpel? Despite every horrible thing you did throughout the course of the show? Your fangirls, Rumple. Your fangirls love you. Three clicks on the Internet are enough to prove it- - maybe consider bringing that self-deprecating tone down a notch?

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