Ryan Reynolds Contacts Fan Who Pitched Once Upon a Deadpool on Twitter

Following reports that a fan had pitched Once Upon a Deadpool to Ryan Reynolds on Twitter last year, the actor contacted the person in question. While Reynolds has been a well-known and popular actor in Hollywood since the early 2000s, he didn't truly vault into A-List superstar status until first donning the Merc with a Mouth's signature red and black costume for 2016's first Deadpool film. Both critics and fans loved the film, and Reynolds suddenly became one of the most beloved figures in the superhero community.

To his credit, Reynolds has handled his increased fame well, happily interacting with fans either at in-person events or on social media, and clearly remaining just as big a fan of the Deadpool character as anyone. Reynolds also does a lot of charity work using the platform he's attained playing Deadpool. In short, he seems like a decent guy. With that in mind, it's not really surprising that it didn't take him too long to reach out to the person who pitched the concept of what's now known as Once Upon a Deadpool to the actor via Twitter last December, long before the project was announced to the public.

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Twitter user @MVBramley first pointed out yesterday that he pitched the premise of a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 surrounded by a Princess Bride-esque framing device featuring Fred Savage to Reynolds in December 2017, while Once Upon a Deadpool was made official in September 2018. Bramley didn't accuse Reynolds of ripping off his idea, but did at least express hope that the man behind the Merc would acknowledge the odd circumstance in some fashion. Sure enough, Bramley revealed this afternoon that Reynolds did indeed contact him for a chat, and seemingly assured him that the whole thing was just a bizarre coincidence. Check out Bramley's Tweet below.

While Bramley didn't go into the specifics of his conversation with Reynolds, he does seem satisfied by the explanation offered by the Deadpool actor, and continues to support the franchise's success. It's true that he probably wouldn't have had much ground to build a legal case on - a federal judge ruled last year that celebrities aren't legally liable if they end up making a project similar to an unsolicited social media pitch - but it's still nice to see Bramley (and from the sound of it, Reynolds) resolve the situation in a classy, gracious manner.

With this interaction, Ryan Reynolds preserves his track record of being nice to fans, which - in a world where many celebrities seem to view talking to fans as an inconvenience - is always refreshing to see. After all, he could have easily dismissed the story entirely, and got on with his day. People Tweet things at Reynolds all the time, and it's doubtful he personally views every single message. Instead though, he opted to do the right thing.

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Once Upon a Deadpool arrives in theaters on December 12.

Source: @MVBramley

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