Once Upon A Deadpool Includes 20 Minutes of New Footage

Once Upon a Deadpool will have 20 minutes of new content, as revealed by a brand new promo clip for the film. Everybody's favorite Merc with a Mouth played by Ryan Reynolds will be back on the big screen just in time for the holiday season with a tamed down version of Deadpool 2, so families, and especially kids, can finally see the movie. Announced shortly after the sequel's box office run was finished, the upcoming flick will be available in theaters for a special two-week run.

Despite people's excitement over Once Upon a Deadpool, the new Fox project is not without controversy. Last month, it was revealed that the idea for the film was pitched by a fan to Reynolds on Twitter in 2017. The actor has since reached out to said fan, but details of their conversation remain private. Nonetheless, it seems like everything's good between the two. With that sorted out, marketing for the new flick continues with a brand new video.

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Fox (via Comic Book) has released a brand new promotional clip for Once Upon a Deadpool featuring Julian Dennison, who plays Russel Collins/Firefist in Deadpool 2. Similar to the first trailer for the special release, the video shows the Kiwi actor reading a Christmas bedtime storybook (covered with the upcoming film's official poster) providing an explanation to why the altered version of the sequel is necessary. He also revealed that it'll have "more than 20 minutes of new footage, new jokes." Watch it below:

It makes sense that Reynolds and his team would add that much new footage, considering that the original cut was gory and full of expletives. Since Once Upon a Deadpool will have a more kid-friendly rating, they would need to replace or reshoot a good chunk of the film. Parts which cannot simply be reworked to suit its brand new target audience need to be replaced by fresh content that'll suit its PG rating. As previously reported, the cast and crew shot the new material at the end of summer. So far, the trailer for the film has already given the public a tease of what to expect, which includes a parody of UP with an old couple resembling Ellie and Carl, as well as the reveal of Fred Savage following his poster debut.

Aside from Once Upon a Deadpool being a brand new way to rack up revenue for Deadpool 2, it's also a litmus test with regard to whether or not a toned down Deadpool film can actually work. Gauging people's perception of the film will be a good indicator as to how Disney and Marvel Studios can tackle the property once rights to its characters (alongside the X-Men and Fantastic Four rosters) return to Marvel. Unlike the main X-Men film saga, there's a good chance that Kevin Feige will adapt Reynolds' established lore, what remains to be seen is how it's going to be handled moving forward.

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Source: Fox (via Comic Book)

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